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#125398 Phrabricator build 2016.05 breaks Sprint extension Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#102142 Odd error whilst navigating to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/sprint/burn/1113/ Unbreak Now! 3 - resolved
#222585 Call to undefined method SprintProjectProfilePanelEngine::buildNavigation() - when accessing "Burndown" Needs Triage - duplicate
#183740 not path "/srv/phab/phabricator/bin" to install sprint extension Needs Triage - invalid
#177051 "Call to undefined method" error due to using setFilterPHIDs instead of withFilterPHIDs Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#165187 After installing sprint plugin, cannot create sprint: Returns dict Errors Needs Triage - invalid
#157137 Access level to SprintProjectProfilePanelEngine::getItemURI() must be public (as in class PhabricatorProfileMenuEngine) Needs Triage Paladox resolved
#154499 Sprint extension broken due to renaming all ProfilePanels into ProfileMenuItems Needs Triage Christopher resolved
#147195 Phabricator sprint extension error "Call to undefined method SprintListController::buildApplicationPage()" Needs Triage - duplicate
#144671 Error when opening "/conduit/method/project.search/" Needs Triage Sulhan resolved
#144295 Fatal error opening /project/sprint: Call to undefined method SprintListController::buildApplicationPage() Needs Triage Christopher resolved
#142729 Sprint extension is still inserting "Story Points" field on tasks Needs Triage - invalid
#139338 Creating sprint causes call to undefined method setContentSourceFromConduitRequest() Needs Triage Christopher resolved
#136531 Undefined class constant 'TYPE_PROJECT_COLUMN' Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#132239 "UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR" when viewing burndown chart: "Undefined class constant TYPE_PROJECT_COLUMN" Needs Triage pdilyard resolved
#130717 How can I remove "old" points custom field? Needs Triage - resolved
#125972 Call to undefined method PhabricatorProjectColumnPositionQuery::withColumnPHIDs() Needs Triage - resolved
#125892 Clicking on a project creates error: undefined method ProjectBoardTaskCard::setProject() Needs Triage - resolved
#125776 Synchronize production branch with Phabricator's stable branch Needs Triage - declined
#125775 PhabricatorProjectColumnPositionQuery::withColumns() is undefined Needs Triage - resolved
#125440 Error when attempting to access sprint page Needs Triage - duplicate
#125206 Sprint extension fails with last Phabricator changes with PHUIIconView::setIconFont Needs Triage - resolved
#124385 Burndown Charts throwing Fatal Error on Latest Phabricator Revision Needs Triage - resolved
#123949 sprint extension not working with upstream master 18.01.2016 Needs Triage - resolved
#123946 Can't create a task from the sprint board Needs Triage - resolved
#123635 Feature Request: Expose board column names to Maniphest and Differential rules in Herald Needs Triage Fransham invalid
#122745 Bad getter call: getURI - After Update Needs Triage - resolved
#122486 Add task/edit task not functional from sprint workboard Needs Triage - resolved
#122451 UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR After update Needs Triage - resolved
#120276 Let's all stay in the loop on the Projects V3 update Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#120247 Regression: Sprint projects now display project board instead of sprint board by default Needs Triage - resolved
#107197 Sprint extension doesn't scale to thousands of tasks in a single sprint: burndown page exceeds max execution timeout on visual editor project Needs Triage 2 - declined
#106903 Bad alignement with new phabricator design Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#105453 (Exception) CSS file 'phui-object-box.css' has unknown variable 'fontfamily' Needs Triage - declined
#101910 Update JQuery to 1.11.3 Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#101096 Workboard CSS partly unresponsive in the narrow mobile view Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#100772 Failed to display projects and tasks with phabricator-extensions-Sprint Needs Triage - duplicate
#100535 Points field in task description should not accept arbitrary non-numeric input Needs Triage - resolved
#100438 Make display of points OPTIONAL on task cards in workboard Needs Triage - invalid
#99949 workboard and other project pages: hamburger has wrong menu items when browser narrow (and left sidebar hidden) Needs Triage 3 Christopher resolved
#97873 Fatal error when clicking on any burndown - Call to undefined method ManiphestTaskQuery::withAnyProjects() Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#97470 Unrecoverable error when clicking on a project tag: undefined ManiphestTaskQuery::addWithAllProjects() Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#96386 Error in Sprint extension with latest Phab version with PHP < 5.4 Needs Triage - resolved
#95191 Fatal error when clicking on tag which doesn't yet have workboard created Needs Triage - resolved
#95079 Add conduit methods for Sprint Creation Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#94203 Pie charts for points allocation is half off the screen, with no scrolling Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#91516 Manually setting sprint start/end date not intuitive, easy to forget Needs Triage 1 - resolved
#91437 Inconsistent workboard views Needs Triage - duplicate
#90830 Toggle lines displayed on burndown chart Needs Triage - invalid
#90827 Allow work to happen on weekends Needs Triage - invalid
#90826 Questions about arithmetic in burndown Needs Triage - resolved
#89876 Long task names do not wrap in DataTable column for Task table Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#89859 When "Is Sprint" is checked, start and end date should appear Needs Triage 1 - resolved
#89306 In Burndown view, BLOCKED is displaying for BLOCKING tasks as well Needs Triage - duplicate
#89282 Add exception handler for sprints without boards Needs Triage 1 - resolved
#89278 Implement Javascript table sorting Needs Triage 6 - resolved
#89249 Integrate sprint UI into projects Needs Triage - resolved
#89006 EXCEPTION: (AphrontParameterQueryException) Array for %Ls conversion is empty. Query: phid IN (%Ls) at [<phutil>/src/xsprintf/qsprintf.php:252] Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#88727 Remove Sprint Burndown Chart Dependency on Maniphest Task Status Needs Triage 21 Christopher resolved
#88486 Add label support like in Trello Needs Triage 8 - declined
#87362 Add Sprint Validator to Board View Controller Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#87357 Check task and subtask status before showing Blocked and Blocker labels Needs Triage 5 - resolved
#87335 Can't run storage upgrade if using sprint extension Needs Triage - duplicate
#87281 Bugzilla reference number appears in Sprint field Needs Triage - duplicate
#87229 Replace Special Character '§' Designation Requirement for Sprint with Custom Field "Is Sprint" Needs Triage 6 - resolved
#87020 Add customfield index to where clause for getStoryPointsForTask query Needs Triage 3 - duplicate
#86913 Implement new IconNavView in Sprint board Needs Triage 8 Christopher resolved
#86775 Blocker tasks show as blocked in Sprint Task List Needs Triage 4 - resolved
#86773 Disable storage workflow check for schema in SprintQuery (SprintDAO-LiskDAO) Needs Triage 2 Christopher resolved
#86295 Sprint Workboard is timing out Needs Triage - duplicate
#86279 Burndown chart displays incorrectly Needs Triage 4 - duplicate
#86105 Some tasks have trouble with Story Points Needs Triage 0 - duplicate
#78255 List of #phabricator pseudo-sub-projects outdated Needs Triage Qgil resolved
#125832 Exception: No config value for key 'sprint.phragile-uri' trying to access sprint workboard High mmodell resolved
#120176 Random error after phabricator upgrade High - resolved
#104455 [Phragile] [Story] Show error page with the possibility to create a new sprint when calling a sprint-page that does not exist High 8 Jakob_WMDE resolved
#85060 Sprint Extension Raise Error with the newest Phabricator High - resolved
#78828 On a sprint workboard, using the pencil (Edit task) to add or remove a project doesn't work High 1 Christopher resolved
#78679 Sprint projects load slowly High 5 - resolved
#78208 https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/tag/XXX/board/ times out High 2 Christopher resolved
#817 Free alternative to Google Charts for Phabricator burndown charts High Christopher resolved
#127348 Phabricator sprint extension links result in 404 post upgrade Normal greg resolved
#123947 Error when accessing a project from the sprint board Normal - resolved
#117213 [Phragile] [Task] Can we make link to phragile configurable so it can be used outside of WMF Normal 1 - resolved
#109042 Set 'sprint.enable-phragile' to true Normal 1 mmodell resolved
#107015 Call to a member function setObjectURI() on a non-object (NULL) Normal - duplicate
#106816 Implement conduit method to set and get "is sprint" Normal 3 - resolved
#106815 Implement conduit method to set and get start and end dates Normal 3 - resolved
#106012 UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR - Call to a member function setObjectURI() on a non-object Normal 1 - resolved
#104454 Have a link to Phragile in Phabricator projects Normal 2 Christopher resolved
#102936 Provide configuration options for Sprint extension Normal 3 Christopher resolved
#102606 Unhandled Exception ("RuntimeException") when accessing /project/sprint/report/history/ Normal 2 - resolved
#98464 Maniphest Task Query from Sprint Board is showing Tasks from all Projects Normal 3 mmodell resolved
#91213 BurnUp Chart does not load on phabricator.wikimedia.org (unfiltered data stream to the D3 JS too large) Normal 2 - resolved
#91207 Missing Sort Arrow images for DataTables Normal 3 mmodell resolved
#90906 Deprecate Phabricator Sprint extension Normal - open
#90828 Provide key for labels on burndown chart Normal - declined
#90661 Sprint extension may be causing weirdness with task views (open vs. all) Normal 1 mmodell resolved
#89843 Edit Task from Sprint Board missing Status Field Normal 3 Aklapper resolved
#89305 Descoping a sprint should move the orange line down rather than the blue line Normal 2 - declined
#87359 Create Browser Tests for Phabricator Normal 8 dduvall resolved
#87358 Update documentation for Sprint extension Normal 2 - declined
#86778 PhabricatorProjectQuery()->withDatasourceQuery(SprintConstants::MAGIC_WORD) does not work when special character is not at beginning of string Normal 5 - resolved
#78758 Reopened tasks cause an incorrect points remaining Normal - resolved
#78585 Accessing sprint project URLs requires being logged in Normal 3 Aklapper resolved
#78384 Create SprintProjectUIEventListener to return unique project tag links for Sprint boards Normal Christopher resolved
#78361 Make story points available in tasks that aren't yet in a sprint Normal - resolved
#78263 Subtasks do not appear in Tasks for this Sprint List Normal 3 Christopher resolved
#78127 Use SprintFactDaemon to record and aggregate Maniphest Transactions related to points and status changes. Normal 4 Christopher declined
#77621 Limit or reduce x axis chart label for long Sprints Normal 4 - resolved
#77614 Correlate number of Tasks in Sprint with number of Starting Tasks to set a !task removed! qualification about potential invalid calculations Normal 4 - resolved
#77602 Closed Tasks added to Sprint and not reopened add points to points remaining Normal 4 - resolved
#77577 Default Total Behavior is to NOT add points to Sprint Start Total "Baseline" Normal 4 - resolved
#77424 Inaccessible Transactions Record Removing a Sprint Project from a Task Normal 4 - resolved
#77015 Create "Phabricator-Sprint-Extension" Normal Christopher resolved
#1322 Deploy Phabricator Sprint Extension in Production Normal 0 chasemp resolved
#147 Scrum for Phabricator: what is really missing? Normal Qgil resolved
#96953 Have Story Points field on the "Create New Task" modal Low - declined
#94171 move phabricator/extensions/Sprint repository to phabricator/extensions/sprint Low - declined
#91529 Turning the sprint flag on should apply the expected icon and color to the project Low 2 - resolved
#91441 move from forked copies of upstream files to some extension mechanism Low - resolved
#91042 The icons for Sprint Board and Burndown view don't display an active blue on gray state. Low 2 mmodell resolved
#90770 The new default workboard view of projects does not highlight the workboard icon Low - duplicate
#89275 Implement serialization for Sprint Data Low 3 - declined
#86947 Improve sprint extension's burndown exception error page with name and link Low 3 - resolved
#85902 "Sprint List" displays "Burndown List" Low - resolved
#85901 Typo in Sprint/Burndown List intro text. Low - duplicate
#78262 Add Side Navigation Bar to BurndownDataView Low - duplicate
#78259 Create parent-child project identifiers to relate Sprints to Backlog Projects to facilitate navigation Low 8 - declined
#78251 Tasks with points removed from a Sprint project seem to lose their points Low 3 - resolved
#1141 Add Acceptance Criteria/Checklist feature to Phabricator tasks Low 4 Qgil declined
#222586 Call to undefined method SprintProjectProfilePanelEngine::buildNavigation() when accessing Burndown since 2019.16 Lowest Vlaza-servoy-com resolved
#206538 Wikimedia Phabricator sprint extension uses removed ManiphestEditStatusCapability Lowest - duplicate
#206489 Unhandled Exception ("PhutilMissingSymbolException") Lowest - open
#187988 "persistent chat" prevents e.g. burndown chart from loading Lowest - open
#170154 "Points Closed Today" presents wrong value Lowest - open
#158977 Burndown chart ends on incorrect day Lowest - open
#155648 Error: "Policy identifier is an object PHID (''), but no object handle was provided. A handle must be provided for object policies." Lowest - open
#147208 Installing the Sprints extension results in an error if you don't have any Sprints yet Lowest - open
#139364 Sprint Extension should hide Archived Sprint Projects in List Lowest - open
#133622 Burndown chart can be scaled up but never down Lowest - open
#132906 'Today's reopened points' gone missing Lowest Christopher doing
#132571 Sprint project has no obvious link to its Burndown chart Lowest - open
#117249 Support custom "open" maniphest statuses Lowest - open
#116545 Sprint strikes entrys at burndown, if there are not "open" Lowest - open
#96941 Prints could be hidden when every story has a value of 0. Lowest - declined
#90829 Display trend line for velocity, or average rate of burn Lowest - open
#85455 show avatar of assigned to field on cards displayed in workboard Lowest 3 - resolved
#85255 Show Phabricator tokens on workboard Lowest - declined
#819 Restricting modification of tasks when they enter sprints Lowest 4 Aklapper declined