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#89646 Notify existing Sprint Projects about new Sprint extension upgrade changes Unbreak Now! - resolved
#118024 When deleting StructuredDiscussion content, attribute the deleted content to its author nor the sysop that deleted it Unbreak Now! - open
#91916 Database error on Flow history page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#85201 Flow reply_moderation browser test has erroneous selector for "3rd comment on the topic" Unbreak Now! - declined
#101926 terbium does not have luasandbox Unbreak Now! - doing
#104689 Fatal error ThanksHooks::onBeforePageDisplay Unbreak Now! - resolved
#107170 Flow: Data Model JavaScript, including tokens, appears in TextExtracts and HoverCards Unbreak Now! - resolved
#108145 Flow CAPTCHA integration broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#107945 [betalabs] "Uncaught ReferenceError: mw is not defined" on any Flow Talk page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#107846 Flow is breaking the Topic namespace on en.wv Unbreak Now! - resolved
#107540 Argument 6 passed to Flow\\Model\\WikiReference::__construct() must be an instance of Title, null given at /srv/mediawiki/php-1.26wmf16/extensions/Flow/includes/Model/WikiReference.php:35 Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#107203 [Regression wmf16]: Mention inspector gets stuck Unbreak Now! - resolved
#107173 Fix broken FlowMention items on PT, CA and other affected wikis Unbreak Now! - resolved
#106750 [Regression] Cannot view topic versions from 'View history' Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#106618 Flagged (progressive/destructive) mw-ui buttons in Flow become illegible on hover Unbreak Now! - resolved
#108409 mwext-Thanks-qunit-mobile is failing on unrelated commit Unbreak Now! - resolved
#108317 paraminfo for flow submodule view-topic-history fails Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#108279 Board history pagination controls are missing Unbreak Now! - resolved
#124828 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class CallbackFilterIterator when linting (pre-deploy) on mira Unbreak Now! - resolved
#145382 "TypeError: moment is undefined" when using Echo Unbreak Now! - resolved
#145144 Echo breaking MobileFrontend unit tests / causing fatals Unbreak Now! - resolved
#144507 Wiki Loves Monuments Deutschland banner appears on top of notifications flyout Unbreak Now! - resolved
#152479 Maintenance script causing failed DB updates on Beta Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#162621 Flow Nuke integration is broken for non-existent users Unbreak Now! - resolved
#161869 Notifications overlap large area of content in Monobook skin with Internet Explorer Unbreak Now! - resolved
#161837 Class undefined: LoggerFactory in Event.php Unbreak Now! - resolved
#167922 [Regression wmf.5] On enhanced watchlists, boldness styling shows regardless of diffs being seen, and a gadget is broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#165011 Global default 'hard' is invalid for field oresDamagingPref Unbreak Now! - resolved
#161225 Wikidata RCFilters integration causes error on Recentchanges Unbreak Now! - resolved
#159999 1.29.0-wmf.15 regression: notification popup misaligned, partially off-screen in RTL Unbreak Now! - resolved
#157053 Fix notification of users when nominating an article for deletion through the Page Curation Tool Unbreak Now! - resolved
#154548 Rendering of Flow history pages broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#151233 [betalabs-regression] Flow board - switching to VE produces "TypeError: this.parseHtml is not a function" Unbreak Now! 0 - resolved
#146324 Unable to view notifications in Echo Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#142042 Notification badges are REALLY big in IE10 Unbreak Now! jmatazzoni resolved
#119204 [beta] Special:Log errors out with a Flow exception Unbreak Now! - doing
#114174 [Regression 1.27.0-wmf1] Posting Flow topics / replies incredibly slow on testwiki Unbreak Now! - invalid
#113702 History link is broken on French Wiktionary Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#110219 Clicking "reply" on specific posts in Flow, will open multiple edit-areas Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#108972 InvalidDataException on support desk Unbreak Now! - resolved
#108966 [Regression pre-wmf19] Inspectors insta-close on open due to OOUI breakage Unbreak Now! 8 - resolved
#108639 [betlabs] switchEditor is missing Unbreak Now! DannyH resolved
#105572 Flow page content replaced by {"flow-workflow":"segnjausu2xemu7d"} Unbreak Now! - resolved
#105260 Moving wikitext page into Flow occupied namespace immediately breaks it due to default content model changing Unbreak Now! - resolved
#105245 <flow-action-unsupported> on any action Unbreak Now! - resolved
#105089 Talk:Sandbox only showing 20 topics Unbreak Now! - resolved
#104740 Function: MergeUser::mergeDatabaseTables Error: 1146 Table 'mediawikiwiki.wikilove_log' doesn't exist ( Unbreak Now! - resolved
#104421 Fix "PHP Fatal error: Argument 1 to setTitle() must be Title, null given" from View.php:455 in OutputPage.php:993 Unbreak Now! - resolved
#103716 EnableFlow broken (shows blank page) on MediaWiki.org Unbreak Now! - resolved
#103054 Escaping error in old URL format Unbreak Now! - resolved
#103053 History of old topic is broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#102874 Using Special:EnableFlow on a French Wikiproject page has broken the page completely Unbreak Now! - resolved
#100716 flaky test: MWException: Diff not implemented for Flow\Content\BoardContent; override generateContentDiffBody to fix this. Unbreak Now! phuedx resolved
#99857 Flow's SpamBlacklist test breaking core commit Unbreak Now! - resolved
#99278 Special:EnableFlow fails to enable on existing page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#98931 Echo: Mark all as read doesn't work on MW.org Unbreak Now! DannyH declined
#98745 flow: could not format data for row Unbreak Now! - resolved
#98408 Posting a Flow message on MediaWiki.org is really, really slow Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97821 Infinite scroll fails with "An error occurred while contacting the server." Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97820 Change topic sort order fails with "apiRequest already in progress" Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97744 Rendering messed up on nojs reply page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97702 "Browse topics" returns error "apiPreHandler returned false" Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97664 A18. Moving Talk:Search to Talk:Search/Old gives a fatal exception Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97624 First topic of new page not rendered properly due to missing mw-content-ltr/rtl Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97493 Parsoid code is exposed when switching to wikitext editor Unbreak Now! - resolved
#97364 Fix GettingStarted browser tests Unbreak Now! - resolved
#96951 Recover Flow data on officewiki Unbreak Now! - resolved
#96930 Unhide comment from History produces error message Unbreak Now! - doing
#96910 undefined Flow history Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#96306 Bold/italics icon is missing on Beta Unbreak Now! - resolved
#96192 Undefined class in Special:Flow Unbreak Now! - resolved
#96112 Walk rev_parent_id chain to fix remaining nulls Unbreak Now! - declined
#96098 User without advanced permissions is unable to see normal Flow topics at new pages Unbreak Now! - resolved
#95869 Fix RevisionStorage::update() Unbreak Now! - resolved
#95773 When editing post as wikitext, result is returned as wikitext, so can't be correctly re-rendered. Unbreak Now! - resolved
#95581 Flow board creations do not create entry in core's page and revision tables Unbreak Now! - resolved
#95580 Flow data missing on Wikimedia production wikis Unbreak Now! - resolved
#95187 Flow unit test needs update for Gerrit change 183315 Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94895 Flow: Cancel button for moderation actions does not work in the page history Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94815 Hidden post Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94800 Flow error: Template handlebars/flow_moderate_post.handlebars not found in module ext.flow.templating Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94692 a Flow post appears in contributions and can be viewed separately, but doesn't appear on the topic page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94632 Unknown column 'topic_root_id' in 'where clause' Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94405 The header of User_talk:Amire80 in he.wikipedia cannot be edited Unbreak Now! - resolved
#94025 Make tests pass with wikitext storage Unbreak Now! - resolved
#93979 Fatal exception for diff link in Flow Special:contributions Unbreak Now! - resolved
#93956 Flow's ConfirmEdit integration no longer passes unit tests Unbreak Now! - resolved
#93502 Problem with navigating between topics with TOC Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#93492 Fatal in getUserLinks for a revision that undoes a suppression Unbreak Now! - resolved
#93463 Database field 'workflow.workflow_wiki' too short (not compatible with mediawiki's iw_wikiid) Unbreak Now! - resolved
#92906 beta-update-databases-eqiad hasn't completed in 22 days because of (?) FlowUpdateRevisionContentLength:version2 Unbreak Now! - resolved
#92536 Fatal error: clone called on non-object in Flow/includes/Formatter/RecentChanges.php on line 181 Unbreak Now! - resolved
#92460 Reply button missing label at mediawiki Unbreak Now! - resolved
#92451 Flow file links use /w/ instead of /wiki/ when seen via index.php URLs Unbreak Now! - resolved
#91967 Update to Pimple 2.x in Flow broke merge pipelines for Thanks, VisualEditor Unbreak Now! - resolved
#91220 Pass MEDIAWIKI_CAPTCHA_BYPASS_PASSWORD in on Jenkins so GettingStarted browser tests pass Unbreak Now! - resolved
#91199 Flow history page - Fatal exception of type Flow\Exception\FlowException Unbreak Now! - resolved
#90461 Wikiproject banners at enwiki are subst'd (?) when saved Unbreak Now! - resolved
#90285 Undefined property cuc_id in Flow onSpecialCheckUserGetLinksFromRow hook Unbreak Now! - resolved
#182834 Argument 1 passed to FlowHooks::onSpecialCheckUserGetLinksFromRow() must be an instance of CheckUser, SpecialCheckUser given Unbreak Now! - resolved
#191366 [regression - wmf.28] The bookmark icon for Saved filters is missing Unbreak Now! Etonkovidova resolved
#191335 InvalidArgumentException from line 13 of EchoIcon.php: The trash icon is not registered Unbreak Now! - resolved
#187853 Wikilove generates broken image thumbnails Unbreak Now! - resolved
#187757 Thanks thanking the wrong edit Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#186618 PHP Fatal Error: Class undefined: MediaWikiServices - ThanksHooks Unbreak Now! - resolved
#184559 Could not determine title for page ID X and revision ID Y (RevisionStore->getPreviousRevision via EchoDiscussionParser) Unbreak Now! - resolved
#182936 [wmf.12 -regression] ORES filters do not work Unbreak Now! - resolved
#182318 New filters for edit review on Watchlist can't be opt-out on wikis Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#180577 [Regression] Recent Changes on MediaWiki.org doesn't display more than 50 past edits Unbreak Now! - resolved
#180115 [regression] ORES filters are not available on French Wikipedia anymore Unbreak Now! - resolved
#178313 Recover Echo Notification Blacklist from Backup Unbreak Now! - invalid
#177825 No on-site Notifications received for certain type of actions Unbreak Now! dbarratt resolved
#176236 PHP Warning: Attempted to serialize unserializable builtin class Closure$ChangesListSpecialPage::__construct#28;1852 Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#176228 Special:RelatedChanges with edit filters has query error due to missing join on page table Unbreak Now! - resolved
#174248 Notifications do not work at Mac OS for Mates@cswiki Unbreak Now! - invalid
#172236 NotificationsOverlay broken on mobile beta cluster Unbreak Now! - resolved
#87396 Non-Flow pages can be moved to the Topic namespace, and cannot be moved back Unbreak Now! - resolved
#85300 Don't use jQuery's live method in MoodBar Unbreak Now! - resolved
#84996 Buttons requiring a rationale on Curation toolbar appear to be broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#78592 EchoTitleLocalCacheTest::testGet fails when tests are run with other extensions Unbreak Now! - resolved
#78360 Clicktracking breaks thanks button Unbreak Now! - resolved
#77956 Flow Notifications for New Topics are not visible in the flyout Unbreak Now! - resolved
#77929 Thanks button not loading on mobile Unbreak Now! - resolved
#73318 Add topic broken for anons Unbreak Now! - resolved
#71879 Flow is creating notification links that go to ?action=edit, which cause exceptions Unbreak Now! - resolved
#70004 Argument 2 passed to Flow\Content\Content::onFetchContentObject() must implement interface Content, null given Unbreak Now! - resolved
#67062 Flow: can't create new topics Unbreak Now! - resolved
#67060 Flow: can't reply to posts Unbreak Now! - resolved
#63715 Flow: title of suppressed topic and username of poster of suppressed topic are still visible in page histories Unbreak Now! - resolved
#62985 Fatal error at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Notifications Unbreak Now! - resolved
#62417 Flow: "fetchSubtreeNodeList() on a non-object" errors viewing history of some topics Unbreak Now! - resolved
#62218 Flow: Can bypass any protection and blank pages Unbreak Now! - resolved
#61755 Flow not respecting spam blacklist on mediawiki.org Unbreak Now! - resolved
#60705 Flow is breaking OAuth login Unbreak Now! - resolved
#60455 Flow: & in wikilink triggers exception, Flow doesn't render Unbreak Now! - resolved
#60016 Flow: Suppression redacts the wrong username Unbreak Now! - resolved
#59868 Flow: events not showing up in Special:Contributions Unbreak Now! - resolved
#57629 Right to left languages: Notification fly-out box runs off the screen Unbreak Now! - resolved
#55569 [Regression] Echo: Sending 2 e-mails for user talk page notification (1x HTML, 1x old style plain text) when you watch your own talk page Unbreak Now! - resolved
#50183 Show diff link when appropriate on talk page notifications Unbreak Now! - resolved
#49922 Unregistered users no longer receive any notification of talkpage messages Unbreak Now! - resolved
#49912 Visiting your own talk page should mark user talk page notifications as read Unbreak Now! - resolved
#47016 Echo Dismiss feature should disable notifications both on web and email Unbreak Now! - resolved
#42146 New Pages Feed: Change Top Line for Full Release Unbreak Now! - resolved
#40938 Mark as reviewed flyout text prompts Unbreak Now! - resolved
#98413 betalabs: 'Create a new topic' displays two text areas Unbreak Now! - resolved
#156813 MWContentSerializationException in Konkani Wikipedia (gomwiki) Unbreak Now! - resolved
#146883 "Thank action failed (error code: invalidrecipient). Please try again." when trying to thank MassMessage extension bot Needs Triage - duplicate
#160267 Write unit tests for Thanks JS modules Needs Triage - open
#136048 Thanks logs page id 0 Needs Triage - open
#66583 Flow abuse filter hits not being logged Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#101035 Mobile thanks button misplaced in MobileDiff Needs Triage Jdlrobson resolved
#100996 Unable to see both the wikitext and the HTML preview on Flow pages Needs Triage - duplicate
#100829 When editing description in separate tab, formatting dropdown is cut off Needs Triage - resolved
#100824 Background for description editor should be consistent between wikitext and VE Needs Triage - resolved
#100338 Warning "You are not logged in.." temporarily hides under side rail Needs Triage - duplicate
#167338 Flow: Fix action=info handling of {{/Header}}-style relative transclusions Needs Triage - open
#125889 Update code (extractors, converters) that uses data-mw to deal with separate components Needs Triage - open
#125886 Run migration script (HTML => wikitext => page bundle) in production Needs Triage - declined
#125888 Write migration script (HTML => wikitext => page bundle) in production Needs Triage - declined
#124837 Update Flow for Parsoid changes re data-mw Needs Triage SBisson doing
#125890 Figure out how to get page bundle from Flow VE Needs Triage - open
#124876 Flow doesn't render <gallery> correctly Needs Triage - open
#119967 Parsoid 503 when trying to edit Flow board description Needs Triage - invalid
#100101 No JS experience on mobile due to non-mobile dependencies Needs Triage - resolved
#171624 Investigate making Mute cross-wiki Needs Triage 5 dbarratt resolved
#99662 Changing User preferences does not get reflected in "Thanked"(French) Needs Triage - invalid
#99647 Missing actual diff for edited Flow posts Needs Triage - invalid
#98989 Misleading error text when you try to delete a topic that is already deleted Needs Triage - duplicate
#98917 mediawiki: CE area has no indication of VE or wikitext mode Needs Triage - resolved
#98889 Show first unread Echo notification as top drawer on first page view Needs Triage - open
#48550 If web notifications are turned off the yellow bar of death does not return Needs Triage - resolved
#48316 Echo: Email notifications don't give a clue of what they're about Needs Triage - resolved
#48215 "All notifications" and "Preferences" links need RTL tweaks Needs Triage Nischayn22 resolved
#48051 mentioned users are saved as object in database Needs Triage - resolved
#47592 EchoEditFormatter::formatLink() is unused. Use or remove Needs Triage - resolved
#47591 Inconsistent returns in EchoNotificationController::notify() Needs Triage - resolved
#47128 Wikilove keeps trying to edit [[API]] Needs Triage - resolved
#47068 Trying to post or answer a moodbar-comment always triggers <moodbar-abuse-title> Needs Triage - resolved
#47067 Amount of characters left not properly resolved Needs Triage - resolved
#46752 PageTriage: error appearing as edit summary Needs Triage - resolved
#45641 Limit notifications about pages I create to namespace 0 Needs Triage - resolved
#45629 NS_MAIN isn't the only content namespace Needs Triage - resolved
#45622 Use page in Echo, not article Needs Triage - resolved
#45213 Notification payloads should not include wikitext Needs Triage - resolved
#44333 Project-neutral interface Needs Triage - resolved
#44074 All notifications… is sometimes unnecessary Needs Triage - resolved
#43971 Inconsistent Title display in Echo Needs Triage - resolved
#43968 Echo notification popover has broken text overflow Needs Triage - resolved
#43913 Parameter missing from "deleted after a previous deletion discussion" Needs Triage - resolved
#43830 Notifications list is broken and less capable Needs Triage - invalid
#43713 If your name is mentioned on your talk page, it should not trigger the mention action Needs Triage - resolved
#43438 Name of delete function is incorrect Needs Triage - resolved
#43332 Formatter warnings on Special:Notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#43279 the green "reviewed" icon sometimes does not show upon page load Needs Triage - resolved
#42801 Preview failing on FeedbackDashboard Needs Triage - resolved
#42729 Allow sysops to delete items from FeedbackDashboard Needs Triage - resolved
#39669 notification-edit-talk-page request for clarification Needs Triage - resolved
#39624 Width of the dialogue changes when "What's this" is clicked. Needs Triage rmoen resolved
#98416 Echo: the sorting order of displayed notifications should remain the same after 'Mark as Read' Needs Triage - invalid
#98097 loadMoreTopics handler is called on scroll up if you are scrolling from the last topic Needs Triage DannyH declined
#98075 Should we specify Talk topic in the topic history? Needs Triage - duplicate
#98016 Mass messages on Flow forum blocked by spamfilter in ruwiki Needs Triage - duplicate
#97987 Flow should show a clickable link to talk page in each topic Needs Triage - duplicate
#97985 Flow should support indenting and outdenting of messages Needs Triage - duplicate
#97984 Flow should support moving messages Needs Triage - duplicate
#97749 flowApiTransformMap not transforming right values Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#97747 Message not rendering correctly on a deleted Flow page Needs Triage - duplicate
#97696 Watch icon is inconsistent Needs Triage - duplicate
#97660 Links in preview don't link correctly (Flow boards on subpage) Needs Triage - duplicate
#97557 Document DB schema better Needs Triage - duplicate
#97100 Use Parsoid v2 API in Flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#96804 Flow message "flow-board-notification-subscribe-description" doesn't recognize user gender Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#96076 Patrolled Flow edits Needs Triage - duplicate
#96021 IE8 shows un-rendered templates for newly created topics. It is fixed after a full page refresh. Needs Triage - duplicate
#96027 "Browse topics" menu shows topics that have not been loaded yet. Clicking them doesn't do anything. Needs Triage - duplicate
#95859 users should be able to delete their own Flow posts Needs Triage - declined
#95834 Flow's Table of Contents working intermittently Needs Triage - duplicate
#95524 Flow: jumping text when Visual editor Needs Triage - duplicate
#95444 Flow reply VE toggle uses constructive styling incorrectly Needs Triage - duplicate
#192852 Button with "oo-ui-icon-fullScreen" icon has extra space Needs Triage Volker_E resolved
#190397 Notifications popup: Remain with header/footer size or amend? Needs Triage Volker_E resolved
#175893 RCTopSection toplinks gets two times tabindex=0 applied, keyboard focus only needed once Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#95260 Flow: wrong message in the preview header Needs Triage - declined
#95226 Flow shows "Rendered topic not found when attempting to scroll!" when I try to select a previous topic in the TOC Needs Triage - duplicate
#95190 Allow for mentions to autocomplete outside the current thread Needs Triage - duplicate
#95169 Echo events not validating on EL Needs Triage - resolved
#95121 Flow Exception Caught: DB connection error: Can't connect to MySQL server Needs Triage - invalid
#95112 Flow Error: Unknown column 'topic_root_id' in 'where clause' Needs Triage - resolved
#95109 Update flow page on Mediawiki.org with current roadmap Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#95093 when editing a Flow message with a bullet list, a tab character is inserted before each asterisk Needs Triage - duplicate
#95083 Links to flow topics are sometimes shown as red links Needs Triage - duplicate
#95005 The color of the 'Switch to VE' button is too similar to the submit button Needs Triage - duplicate
#94962 Flow entries in Recent Changes and Contributions should link to the actual additions Needs Triage - duplicate
#94955 Echo should allow users to disable (red) notifications for a few minutes/hours Needs Triage - duplicate
#94942 When post/reply is hidden deleted (or otherwise inaccessible) echo notification for the inaccessible content should be removed if unread Needs Triage - duplicate
#94940 Flow errors are confusing and kinda threatening Needs Triage - duplicate
#94797 Flow: Watchlist entry for header shows the name of latest post when it should show something more general Needs Triage - duplicate
#94771 Flow should notify users about new messages in the topic or talk page currently opened Needs Triage - duplicate
#94759 Flow visualeditor should have its own preference (or none at all?), not visualeditor-enable. Needs Triage - resolved
#94706 Flow: purge or null edit Needs Triage - duplicate
#94676 There should be no switch buttons if the editor being switched to isn't supported Needs Triage - resolved
#94650 Somehow two VEs created when switching Needs Triage - invalid
#94437 Flow: does not change message in a response field after renaming Flow-topic Needs Triage - duplicate
#94418 Narrow page of history topics Needs Triage - duplicate
#94376 After renaming the page board remains Needs Triage - duplicate
#94371 Flow header was out of date until a null edit was made Needs Triage - duplicate
#94282 Way for VE to run on Flow without changing wgVisualEditorNamespaces Needs Triage 0 - resolved
#93521 a confusing email is sent after flowifying a user talk page Needs Triage - duplicate
#123155 [EPIC] Echo notifications on Wikipedia mobile apps (Android & iOS) Needs Triage - open
#90081 Add a dropdown for the reason when deleting Flow posts (filed as bug 70922) Needs Triage - duplicate
#90080 Tooltip notifications not implemented with mobile in mind Needs Triage - duplicate
#90079 Thank/Echo - undo Needs Triage - doing
#90078 Add a "view wikitext" link [bug 60465] Needs Triage - doing
#90076 G-7. Spike: Figure out how to add Flow Topic search to site search [bug 60493] Needs Triage - doing
#90074 Always send notification to the user being replied to [bug 68790] Needs Triage - doing
#90073 H-9. add Undo/Rollback links to board history on "edited" items Needs Triage DannyH declined
#90072 Figure out what to do for new topics on watchlist when you've watched a board Needs Triage - declined
#90068 Protection issues Needs Triage - resolved
#90062 Preference to ignore messages from specific users ("killfile") Needs Triage - duplicate
#90061 Automatically turn a link to [[Topic:UUID]] into a human-readable link Needs Triage - duplicate
#90060 Creating branching thread as a separate topic Needs Triage DannyH declined
#90059 Make WhatLinksHere work for topic pages -- pics and templates [bugs 57512, 68343] Needs Triage - duplicate
#90052 Edit-tools in wikitext Needs Triage - duplicate
#90051 User name highlight is missing [bug 68137] Needs Triage - duplicate
#90050 No tooltip on watchlist star [bug 69811] Needs Triage - duplicate
#90041 Expanded width toggle - needs design Needs Triage - doing
#89565 In Flow on mobile web thanks should not require confirmation step, like on desktop Needs Triage - doing
#89055 Implement oversight for MoodBar Needs Triage - declined
#88147 Evaluate Flow dependencies listed on the Extension:Flow page (Translatewiki) Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#88113 Make links to MediaWiki pages clickable in summary from the topic or talk (Translatewiki) Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#85558 Flow TOC leaves gap on Firefox Needs Triage - invalid
#78577 Clicking topic titlebar or post Reply link warns "Validation error against schema FlowReplies: Unrecognized property: schema" Needs Triage - resolved
#78568 Flow TOC first release (tracking) Needs Triage - doing
#78564 Flow TOC jumps from 100 to 111 Needs Triage - invalid
#74601 Can not thank for block Needs Triage - resolved
#73775 Echo: badge count and Flow messages both zero despite unread Flow message notification Needs Triage - duplicate
#72765 Thanks should hide the thanks link in diff and history views when contributor disabled notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#72533 unable to embed webm Needs Triage - duplicate
#72489 In RTL wikis Flow topic titles have wrong right margin Needs Triage - duplicate
#72290 Echo notification for new Flow topic does not give the title of this new topic Needs Triage - resolved
#71850 flow-board-notification-subscribe-description needs GENDER support Needs Triage - resolved
#71352 404 errors for Wikilove images from static-1.24wmf15 on Portuguese Wikipedia Needs Triage - resolved
#71320 Flow: Flow board doesn't indicate when a page redirects to it Needs Triage - duplicate
#71146 Validation error for 'echo-subscriptions-email-flow-discussion': not a valid preference Needs Triage - resolved
#101351 Flow post being edited using Wikitext reverts to Visual Editor if previewed Needs Triage - duplicate
#101337 Use TextInputWidget in ext.flow.editors.none.js Needs Triage - resolved
#102908 Load more button not displaying icon Needs Triage - resolved
#102871 Create flow_workflow_update_timestamp index Needs Triage - resolved
#102837 Flow: TOC disappears when you click on the arrows Needs Triage - resolved
#102677 "npm test" not actually running jshint for Thanks Needs Triage - resolved
#102676 Cancel confirmation is displayed even if board description was not modified Needs Triage - duplicate
#102651 Flow blocked merge of unrelated change Needs Triage - resolved
#102622 Flow\Tests\Import\TalkpageImportOperationTest.testImportDoesntCompletelyFail fails under HHVM/MySQL when $wgDBserver = '' Needs Triage - declined
#102413 Flow doesn't auto-switch to mobile view with index.php URLs Needs Triage - resolved
#102283 Get Echo notification when someone emails you Needs Triage - duplicate
#102093 Flow: Reply textbox does not expand when switching from VE->wikitext if table cell is selected Needs Triage - duplicate
#106081 Allow setting flow in any page without having to set it in localsettings.php Needs Triage - declined
#106065 Activate Flow on the Whedonverse portal/project talk page Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#105658 Strange Flow message at Special:NewMessages Needs Triage - duplicate
#105478 ApiFlowUndoEditTopicSummary uses incorrect module name Needs Triage - resolved
#105470 Notifications system has an error with notifications of deleted edits Needs Triage - duplicate
#105444 WikiLove tagging is not showing up in recentchanges Needs Triage - resolved
#105312 flow: No way to know when a comment was added in mobile Needs Triage - duplicate
#105139 Convert https://test.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Pywikibot_test to Flow Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#105106 'Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist' creates double entries Needs Triage - duplicate
#104875 Missed Notifications due to gray colour Needs Triage DannyH declined
#104294 Flow: MediaWiki message delivery comes to 3 times Needs Triage - duplicate
#103935 Echo notifications ignore ?uselang= setting Needs Triage - resolved
#103666 Documentation missing : Add Echo notification to preference Needs Triage - resolved
#106402 Weird behavior of Link Editor in Flow's VE post editor Needs Triage - duplicate
#106296 Internal links on history page are designed as external links Needs Triage - duplicate
#106237 Icons on wrong side in NavigationWidget if content direction != interface direction Needs Triage - duplicate
#106211 Needs a more descriptive description Needs Triage - resolved
#110801 Existing Flow topic appears as red link and with no link to history on Special:EditWatchlist Needs Triage - duplicate
#107221 Asks if I want to discard changes, even though there are none. Needs Triage - duplicate
#110699 Split notification-mention and notification-mention-flyout messages Needs Triage - declined
#106805 Notification redirect/copy for multiple users Needs Triage - duplicate
#110387 Keyboard shortcut for "Reply" Needs Triage - duplicate
#106737 Update BlueSky to use current Echo api Needs Triage SamanthaNguyen resolved
#110308 Provide feedback when you mention an other user Needs Triage - duplicate
#110999 Add Arabic (ar) translation of the new namespaces for Arabic Wikipedia (arwiki) Needs Triage - resolved
#110259 Change the </> button in Flow to something more intuitive, perhaps a text label for the button Needs Triage - duplicate
#110211 Permalink mw-ui-icon-link button displays tooltip(s) in lower case Needs Triage - duplicate
#110145 Problems with custom color themes Needs Triage - duplicate
#110872 Edit on wikitext button on the right column of a Flow board is hidden by text. Needs Triage - duplicate
#109978 Page container different width for topic-page between js and no-js Needs Triage - resolved
#109767 Indicate in the page title that an edit is ongoing Needs Triage - duplicate
#109741 'Mark as resolved' requires 'Update summary' Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#109684 Make Flow respect VE's opt-out preference and not show any trace of it to the user Needs Triage DannyH declined
#109353 Cancel new topic keeps focus in topic title field Needs Triage - resolved
#109211 Flow search: "Topic" namespace on Special:Search returns no results Needs Triage - resolved
#109165 Deleted page link links to [Unknown probably deleted page] Needs Triage - duplicate
#113241 Issue with Matanya's talk page Needs Triage - duplicate
#113230 Cite a topic title by using a magic word Needs Triage - duplicate
#113138 Editing a topic title and saving it without making any changes, records it as a change Needs Triage - duplicate
#113103 [Regression-betalabs] Error on View history of User talk page after second opt-in Needs Triage - duplicate
#113041 there is an overflow on narrow screens when adding a template Needs Triage - duplicate
#112858 When you post a message and then go back to the previous page, the message seems to be lost Needs Triage - duplicate
#112716 Flow's editor won't finish loading at Enwiki or at mw.o Needs Triage - resolved
#112510 Inactive badge colors not compliant with accessibility guidelines Needs Triage - duplicate
#112494 The ooui-UI echo-icons looks like they are dfferent size Needs Triage - invalid
#112483 Enable the option to thank users for log entrys Needs Triage - duplicate
#112406 [RPED] Fatal error: Call to a member function getNamespace() on a non-object (NULL)' in RPED/RPED.hooks.php:24 Needs Triage - resolved
#112254 'Preferences' button should take you to the notifications tab of the preferences page Needs Triage - resolved
#112234 Flashes and blinks with echo splitted icons Needs Triage - duplicate
#112215 Icons in the notifications bar flash black while page is loading Needs Triage - duplicate
#112196 Icons fuzzy due to font size Needs Triage - duplicate
#112194 Empty alert box shows a blank item which throws an exception when clicked Needs Triage - duplicate
#112168 Notification icon flashes from white to black to white Needs Triage - resolved
#112125 No indication to user on Protected Flow pages Needs Triage - duplicate
#112108 Don't show a bell if there is only one Echo icon in personal toolbar Needs Triage - declined
#112107 Re-merge the split Echo icons if I disable Flow mentions Needs Triage - declined
#112004 Ctrl+click (or middle click) should open notifications in a new window Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#111918 Rename page in ruwiki Needs Triage DannyH resolved
#111871 Revert echo back to one button on personal bar Needs Triage DannyH declined
#111868 Echo Alert popup misaligned in Cologne Blue skin Needs Triage - resolved
#111825 Weird spacing around links in Echo flyout in Modern skin Needs Triage - resolved
#111821 Echo flyout icon flashes color change from white to black in MonoBook skin Needs Triage - resolved
#116787 If page content is a group of templates, talk page conversion to Flow does not archive the old content Needs Triage Trizek-WMF invalid
#116783 Allow to get Flow user contribs through API Needs Triage - duplicate
#116769 regression: "Page link" notification appears for link added by the article creator Needs Triage - duplicate
#116744 Add a post title variable to AbuseFilter Needs Triage - open
#116689 [betalabs] Safari displays a blue line when editors switched Needs Triage - open
#116642 Allow multiple groups for a single filter Needs Triage - open
#116573 Touching fields with rounded corners Needs Triage Volker_E resolved
#116567 Better distinguish rich text (VE) from code (wikitext) modes in Flow Needs Triage - open
#116326 Hide all actions connected to deleted boards from RC and watchlist Needs Triage - open
#116243 Offer system tray area desktop notifications Needs Triage - stalled
#116187 "Insufficient permissions to execute this action." error message shown for delete conflicts Needs Triage - duplicate
#116085 History: 'undo' for topic summary still uses the old editor system (has the old-style icon) Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#116079 Flow should use standard delete messages dropdown messages from [[MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown]] Needs Triage - open
#116076 Allow pinnable tabs for important announcements on Flow boards Needs Triage - open
#116057 Special:NewPages doesn't show pages in Topic namespace Needs Triage - open
#115971 Topic namespace can't be (de)selected in recent changes Needs Triage - open
#115963 Categories always arranged in alphanumeric ascending order Needs Triage - open
#115910 Track references in topic titles Needs Triage - open
#115832 People tend not to notice new messages highlights on a Flow board Needs Triage - doing
#115808 Button in HTML emails don't look good on iOS Needs Triage - open
#115727 Delete button on VE link inspector is not easy to use Needs Triage - duplicate
#115696 Fatal exception of type "Flow\Exception\DataModelException" Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#115690 Add a customizable field for text or template on top of Flow boards Needs Triage - declined
#115680 FlowHooks::onMessageCacheGet() should not have Wikimedia-specific code Needs Triage - resolved
#115581 Notification panel: Mark read notifications back to "unread" Needs Triage - duplicate
#115553 Determine secondary action data for all existing notification types Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#115526 Flow should not use core parser unconditionally for SpamBlacklist integration Needs Triage - open
#115519 Add Wikidata items for Flow's templates Needs Triage - open
#115518 Delete unneeded LQT/Flow templates from wikis that didn't have LQT Needs Triage - open
#115421 Allow secondary actions to have icons and subtitles/tooltips Needs Triage - resolved
#115507 [betalabs]Opening VE produces dmDoc.getNearestCursorOffset is not a function Needs Triage - invalid
#115501 [betalabs] this.board.setCategoriesFromObject is not a function error - any Talk page is inaccessible Needs Triage - resolved
#115357 Adding/removing categories to Board description requires additional page refresh Needs Triage - resolved
#115316 Better organisation of the Notification Page Needs Triage - open
#115209 Not possible to moderate a resolved topic without reopening Needs Triage - duplicate
#115202 Cannot see Flow entries in Recent Changes Needs Triage - open
#115116 Flow: Topic Titles can't wikify Needs Triage - duplicate
#115111 On Flow activation, do not create an archive page when the page exists but is empty Needs Triage - invalid
#115052 Formatting of footer in Echo notification drop-downs is messed up in Firefox Needs Triage - resolved
#115043 Patrolling: Discrepancies in displaying 'Mark this page as patrolled' option Needs Triage - open
#115012 U+FFFC displayed on a Flow topic title Needs Triage - open
#114996 Impossible to filter Topic namespace on the contributions search form Needs Triage - open
#114991 Cannot scroll up to top of page when replying in Chrome and when window width >1150px Needs Triage - open
#114794 Apostrophes and citation marks used on wikitext are not separated enough to be distinguished on Flow wikitext interface Needs Triage - duplicate
#114792 Not possible to collapse the notification field by pressing the "notification"-icon again [Regression?] Needs Triage - duplicate
#114467 Remove usernames blocked at will from the mention search on Flow. Needs Triage - open
#114433 Can I Flow-vert a page with 10k+ revisions? Will it break? Are we sure? Needs Triage - resolved
#117010 Notifications on added links should exclude links made by the user herself Needs Triage - duplicate
#116999 Flow UI does not allow replying to the last comment (it only allows reply-to-topic in that case) Needs Triage - doing
#116971 Special:Watchlist takes 23 seconds to start loading on mediawiki.org Needs Triage - open
#117635 Echo: flyout jumps right when talk label changes after viewing user-edit-talk notification Needs Triage - open
#117616 Allow config of archive page title formats for LQT conversion using MediaWiki namespace config page Needs Triage - open
#117576 An image used on a Flow message is not listed on Global usage section on the Commons file page Needs Triage - open
#117531 Echo DB writes on page views Needs Triage - resolved
#117528 Special:Watchlist contains &curid=0&diff=0&oldid=0 "diffs" Needs Triage - open
#117500 "Edit summary" separate page is broken for JS users and uses old editor Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#117432 Quick opt-in opt-out fails Needs Triage - open
#118782 [betalabs] js errors when scrolling a page during re-sorting Needs Triage - open
#118779 "Thank"ing someone for a flow comment on mobile takes me to a dead end page Needs Triage - invalid
#118722 Better control how notifications get marked as read when visiting a page Needs Triage - open
#118686 Thanks button not hidden for bot edits on mobile Needs Triage - resolved
#118680 Flow: Provide more relevant error message if internet connection is lost Needs Triage MtDu resolved
#118652 Make Flow blocked message more useful Needs Triage - resolved
#118645 Spurious "User is blocked" on creating thread summary Needs Triage - invalid
#118552 reverting a talk page shouldn't send Echo mentioning notification Needs Triage - open
#118506 Reopen topic - Console error: Could not find .flow-board Needs Triage - duplicate
#118503 Implement new Echo notifications API Needs Triage - duplicate
#118502 Special:Log/ hist link for Protected Flow board produces 'Unable to find specified offset in query results" Needs Triage - open
#118488 Get rid of wgEchoConfig hack for qunit tests Needs Triage - resolved
#118425 'Edit title' in a different browser tab results in Error Needs Triage - duplicate
#118342 Special:Notifications FOUC due to More Info | Preferences changing into icons in Vector/MonoBook skins Needs Triage - resolved
#118270 With Mention notifications turned on, but Flow notifications turned off, no notification sent when mentioned on a Flow page Needs Triage - open
#118220 Investigate echo_notification identical timestamps (notification_timestamp and notification_read_timestamp) Needs Triage - open
#118115 Flow should allow users to respect CC-BY-SA license by citing the authors in the history of a topic when copying content Needs Triage - duplicate
#118075 Loss of data when click on link Needs Triage - duplicate
#119391 Notifications arrives in wrong language Needs Triage - duplicate
#119378 Avoid pure black icons in the Notification Panel Needs Triage Haritha28 resolved
#119374 Styling adjustments for the Notification Panel Needs Triage - open
#119334 Enabling Flow after disabling it does nothing Needs Triage - open
#119253 Remove BatchRowUpdate from Flow and Echo and use the one in MediaWiki core instead Needs Triage Sn1per resolved
#119250 Add username to dumps just for non-import uses Needs Triage - open
#119241 Allow autoconfirmed users to report edits to oversighters Needs Triage - open
#119234 Change deleted topic titles to be consistently visible and reflect this in permissions system Needs Triage - resolved
#119156 Delete topics/board while another user tries to edit - a user gets confusing error messages Needs Triage - open
#120195 As a user on [[mw:Flow]], I want to find out what's planned for Flow and who works on it Needs Triage - open
#120011 Document Flow backend data architecture Needs Triage - open
#120567 Flow edits considered deleted on Special:Contributions Needs Triage - open
#120543 Investigate write mode flag cleanup for Flow API modules Needs Triage - resolved
#121784 [betalabs] minor formatting issues on Notifications page Needs Triage - open
#121726 Misleading 'No notifications' displayed in Alerts Needs Triage - open
#121520 Raw HTML shown in the header Needs Triage - duplicate
#121486 patch-reference_wiki.sql patch does not handle database prefix Needs Triage - resolved
#121453 Please add "unread watchlist items" to notifications Needs Triage - open
#121369 Thanks: Take advantage of new parameters passed to HistoryRevisionTools and DiffRevisionTools hooks Needs Triage Mhutti1 resolved
#121327 Some Echo messages probably don't need {{GENDER:$2}} Needs Triage - open
#121275 [betalabs-cawiki] User intro for enabled "Flow on user talk" displays {{GENDER: $ 1 |}} in the popup Needs Triage - resolved
#123298 Offer choice about where a new topic notification should be displayed (watchlist or notification) Needs Triage - open
#123277 Protection for Flow board description only Needs Triage - duplicate
#123251 Make an "Add section" tab for Flow boards Needs Triage - open
#123160 Echo counter styling broken after CentralAuth autologin Needs Triage - open
#122986 workflow_page_id can be string in FlowUpdateWorkflowPageId.php? Needs Triage - open
#122887 Discussions vanished on update Needs Triage - open
#122862 Primary link (including for email) should be to topic page (Topic:) when single topic was created Needs Triage - duplicate
#122758 Pasting in rich text with external links into Flow VE creates double anchor Needs Triage 1 - resolved
#122654 Flow shows "you are not logged in" even though I'm logged in Needs Triage - open
#122580 [[MediaWiki:Notification-header-edit-user-talk-with-section/ksh]]: Parameter $3 is superfluous Needs Triage - declined
#122579 [[MediaWiki:Notification-header-edit-user-talk/ksh]]: Parameter $3 is superfluous Needs Triage - duplicate
#122577 [[MediaWiki:Notification-bundle-header-edit-user-talk/ksh]] i18n issues Needs Triage - duplicate
#122536 Users with expired user session should be warned that their IP address will be recorded Needs Triage - duplicate
#124416 Evaluate the designs for the Notification Page Needs Triage - resolved
#124396 Allow moving to draftspace and tagging accordingly Needs Triage - open
#124256 cross-wiki: the tooltip in ellipses menu has large font Needs Triage - open
#132116 Numerous Notification Tracking Graphs Stopped Working at End of 2015 Needs Triage - resolved
#107353 Define performance indicators for the Collaboration team Needs Triage Neil_P._Quinn_WMF declined
#141319 [REQUEST] Which features of RecentChanges are most often used? Needs Triage Neil_P._Quinn_WMF resolved
#152037 Research what anti-vandalism tools are most commonly used Needs Triage Neil_P._Quinn_WMF resolved
#138025 Find top 50 Twinkle Users Needs Triage Neil_P._Quinn_WMF resolved
#119455 Change "read" field in Echo notifications API (and db) to boolean Needs Triage - declined
#115275 Replicate Echo tables to analytics-store Needs Triage jcrespo resolved
#144331 Instrument how often various filters on Special:Recentchanges are used Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#124067 [betalabs] Edit post - minor issues when VE is default editor Needs Triage - open
#124707 echo role may not work unless centralauth role is explicitly enabled Needs Triage - open
#125121 Re-evaluate Flow user locators (who gets notified) for notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#125117 Should get notified for board description change on your own user talk Needs Triage - duplicate
#125951 Omit the user-talk namespace on notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#125936 Echo notifications are cluttered Needs Triage kaldari declined
#125893 Investigate usability of dot-dot-dot menu (...) Needs Triage - open
#125885 Switch Flow storage to store a page bundle blob instead of HTML Needs Triage - declined
#125872 Flow\Data\Storage\BasicDbStorage::find Unknown column 'workflow_last_update_timestamp' in 'order clause' Needs Triage - duplicate
#125859 Opening the notifications flyout fairly consistently crashes Opera 12 Needs Triage - invalid
#125857 Change propagation for Flow Needs Triage - open
#125849 Notify when a watched non-existent page is created Needs Triage - open
#125847 Notify when a page linked at a watched page is created Needs Triage - open
#125831 Notification link text overflows out of the main notification popup Needs Triage - open
#125728 Document technical aspects of cross-wiki notifications (for non MediaWiki-Vagrant users) Needs Triage - open
#125722 Wikidata broken on branch REL1_25 causing other extensions to fail. Needs Triage - resolved
#125682 Notifications have nested click targets Needs Triage - open
#125653 Create new types of notifications Needs Triage - open
#125537 Notification sent for an edit that never happened Needs Triage - open
#125515 Search and replace box overflows links fly-out Needs Triage - open
#125321 Mobile splitted notifications do not show numbers properly Needs Triage - open
#125264 Notifications - talk-page-bundle - the number of messages left by $1 Needs Triage - open
#125180 Research: How Many Users Get a Lot of Notifications? Needs Triage Neil_P._Quinn_WMF resolved
#124973 cross-wiki Notifications: short and long Notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#124659 Push page down key while typing a message breaks the style Needs Triage - open
#124532 Thanks extension breaking all history and diff pages Needs Triage - invalid
#124483 Raise space between Icon and text of "Show changes" secondary action Needs Triage - open
#124454 Flow is not displayed on Beta Android app Needs Triage - duplicate
#123866 Notify users about deletion tags being added to pages they created Needs Triage - open
#126286 Tool to convert pages to Flow should be friendlier/more forgiving Needs Triage - open
#126258 'Mark as read' in notifications needs a tooltip Needs Triage - resolved
#126229 flow-create-board for bureaucrats?, global renamers? stewards (done) (and "Global rename script" ?) Needs Triage - open
#126186 Flow formats timestamps in my local timezone (possibly identified from my browser) instead of the timezone in my wiki preferences Needs Triage - open
#126803 Update enwiki customizations for page triage notification Needs Triage - open
#126738 Show descriptions for the actions under the "..." menu on notifications Needs Triage - open
#126719 Use smart quotes in notifications Needs Triage - declined
#126656 Add a date stamp to summaries Needs Triage - open
#126614 Remove IP addresses from watchlist notification emails Needs Triage - open
#126603 Running Notifications/NotifiedUsersTest.php fails with "Flow\Exception\InvalidInputException: Unknown input to UUID class" Needs Triage - resolved
#126602 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$template in /var/www/wiki/w/extensions/Flow/includes/Import/TemplateHelper.php on line 49 Needs Triage - open
#126601 Notice: Undefined index: enwiki-unittest_:flow_revision%3Adescendant:22a73aadb8fbe08c3779c684bea374a4:4.8 in /var/www/wiki/w/extensions/Flow/includes/Data/Index/FeatureIndex.php on line 343 Needs Triage - open
#126600 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/wiki/w/extensions/Flow/includes/Data/ObjectLocator.php on line 112 Needs Triage - open
#126560 [betalabs] 'Welcome' notification icon is different in wikidata Needs Triage - duplicate
#127049 Flow shows the same topic twice Needs Triage - duplicate
#127040 Beta cluster update database is broken because of Flow db patch db_patches/patch-ref_target_not_null.sql Needs Triage - resolved
#126986 Provide a user group right to protect Flow descriptions Needs Triage - duplicate
#127311 Echo congratulations thresholds shouldn't be hard-coded Needs Triage Haritha28 declined
#127257 Use of Notifications survey Needs Triage - resolved
#127244 oo-ui-tool-name-flowSwitchEditor button overflows flow-ui-wikitextEditorWidget-input area Needs Triage - resolved
#127242 cross-wiki: If a user sees Alerts and marks as read Messages in local wikis, then the cross-wiki bundle displays 'There are no notifications' Needs Triage - resolved
#127202 Update Page Curation icons to make them consistent Needs Triage - open
#127193 Translators should be notified using Echo Needs Triage - duplicate
#128268 [[MediaWiki:Notification-body-flow-summary-edited/en]] i18n issue Needs Triage Trizek-WMF resolved
#128228 Improve how transactions work for board moves Needs Triage - open
#128215 Creating new topics with existing comments Needs Triage - duplicate
#128398 Have the home-wiki first on Cross-wiki Notifications Needs Triage - declined
#128379 Session failure when you want to "mark as patrolled" a diff on Flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#128373 Cross-wiki notifications inform me of very old replies Needs Triage - invalid
#128505 Flow should respect uselang Needs Triage - open
#128504 Duplicate revert notification received Needs Triage - open
#128488 flow talk page on android app only show "false" Needs Triage - duplicate
#128452 touch.py on user talk should not notify user Needs Triage - duplicate
#128446 LTR conversation should be easily marked as LTR on RTL wikis (and vice-versa) Needs Triage - duplicate
#128445 "Reply" and "Thank" buttons are right floated on RTL languages Needs Triage - open
#128359 Please set up the Flow extension on the Konkani Wikipedia (gom) Needs Triage - resolved
#128148 Notification that is shown in special page but not in flyout Needs Triage - invalid
#128094 Echo (Notifications) popup controls should be moved to the top of the list Needs Triage - open
#128088 Flow editing toolbar should be at the top of the edit window Needs Triage - open
#128051 Fix disabled Flow browser tests Needs Triage - open
#128024 Page Curation: User talk messages regarding A10 speedy tags do not correctly include the name of the duplicated article Needs Triage Swpb resolved
#128020 [betalabs] "Thank action failed" message Needs Triage - resolved
#128013 default VE makes board description/post blink when opening for Edit Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#129321 Have post content on Flow email notification Needs Triage - open
#129299 BadMethodCall in PersonalUrls Needs Triage - resolved
#129172 Clean up HTML output and CSS for Special:Notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#129126 Flow 'Add topic' button is unexpectedly grayed out on mobile (Android Chrome) Needs Triage - duplicate
#129103 Have a Community Notification Board Needs Triage - duplicate
#130363 Adjust notification badge prominence for cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage - open
#130355 Enable Flow on Kazakh Wikipedia Needs Triage Trizek-WMF resolved
#130319 [mobile] Cannot add a new topic on Flow pages Needs Triage - invalid
#128903 Role echo throws errors at vagrant Needs Triage - invalid
#130313 [mobile] No padding for text in topic titles Needs Triage - open
#130309 [mobile] History/topic pages do not use mobile interface - Notification panel displayed blank Needs Triage - duplicate
#128848 Combine Flow resolved and summarised events when they are part of the "mark as resolved" workflow Needs Triage - open
#130246 Text excerpts display letters with descenders cut off Needs Triage - open
#130172 [betalabs] issues with Pasting Flow board specific links Needs Triage - open
#130157 [betalabs] edit-user-talk notifications do not display text excerpts/references to sections Needs Triage - open
#128711 Remove double emphasis in UI strings Needs Triage - open
#130109 Set minimum width on action labels Needs Triage - open
#130655 Enable cross-wiki notifications by default Needs Triage - resolved
#130636 Cross-wiki notifications: Make cross-wiki API requests server-side Needs Triage - resolved
#130026 [betalabs] Regression: 'Mark as read' for cross wiki bundled notifications is not persistent Needs Triage - invalid
#130585 Pywikibot Support for Thanks (GSoC Proposal) Needs Triage darthbhyrava declined
#130578 Incorrect order of elements in email subject when username is RTL Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#129942 Message notifications hanging in Chrome Needs Triage - invalid
#129925 read-only mode for Notifications/Flow does not display user-friendly message Needs Triage - open
#129920 [[MediaWiki:Flow-action-not-page/en]]: Missing preposition in "Page object is the wrong class" Needs Triage - resolved
#130491 Mark ping as unread if the page is visited Needs Triage - declined
#129878 ApiEchoMarkSeen and ApiEchoMarkRead should use the same API convention for sections Needs Triage - open
#131332 scroll or right clicking on flow-newtopic-container triggers click Needs Triage - declined
#132252 [[MediaWiki:Notification-header-flow-topic-renamed-user-talk/nb]] i18n issue Needs Triage - resolved
#132221 Please clutter up the notifications flyout to give me a direct link to the page history Needs Triage - open
#131234 Explore ways to adjust the badge prominence for cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#132214 [betalabs] In blocked user warning, 'Additional information' section does not resize gracefully when the board description is expanded. Needs Triage - open
#132211 [production] Regression: FF only- flow-menu-js-drop cannot be dismissed after pressing Cancel Needs Triage - open
#131210 Notify editors that a new Wikipedia Library database is available to them Needs Triage - open
#132198 [production] Regression: 'Welcome to Wikipedia' notification message has W icon misaligned Needs Triage - doing
#132195 [betalabs] Check mark for Resolved topics placed too low Needs Triage - open
#131178 EchoDiscussionParserTest fails sometimes when run with proposed new DB test infrastructure. Needs Triage - resolved
#132113 Shared commit hooks and related setup for Collaboration team extensions Needs Triage - open
#132084 Notify editors that they are now eligible for the Wikipedia Library program Needs Triage - doing
#131095 MobileFrontend editor and notifications sometimes take more than 5 seconds to load and cause browser tests to fail Needs Triage - declined
#132065 Flow should use getCategories from core Needs Triage - open
#131056 Notification panel layout not recalculated when expanding/collapsing cross-wiki notification bundle Needs Triage - resolved
#131044 Whitelist doesn't work with User:SineBot@enwp Needs Triage - open
#131038 Flow pages lacks help link Needs Triage - duplicate
#132027 Consider including a little more info in the Recent Changes and User Contributions entries when a user creates a new Flow topic or comments on a Flow topic Needs Triage - open
#130973 Failing test ApiRevThankTest::testValidRequest UsageException: Revision ID is not valid Needs Triage - resolved
#130969 Revert notifications for Flow edits Needs Triage - open
#131957 NewUserMessage should handle Flow properly; affects gomwiki/Konkani Wikipedia and kabwiki Needs Triage - open
#130943 Page Curation doesn't check for existing tags Needs Triage - open
#130933 "Could not format Special:Contribution row" when user edit on Flow page was deleted Needs Triage - open
#131788 Users should be notified when only two scratch tokens are left Needs Triage - open
#131738 Echo icons appear hidden in dropdown, without colours, in Timeless skin Needs Triage - resolved
#131733 Timestamps in flyout can differ from Special:Notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#131713 [betalabs] Regression: flowusertalk-new-topic does not send notification Needs Triage - duplicate
#131678 Links in echo notifications do not follow the mobile view, even though browsing in m.domain.tld Needs Triage - duplicate
#131658 When hovering a resolved topic on Flow, use cursor:pointer instead of cursor:text Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#131415 Check echo_notification for unnecessary indices Needs Triage - open
#131498 Secondary links overflow the width on mobile Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#132393 [iOS mobile] Notification overlay: the dotdotdot menu does not work properly Needs Triage - open
#132388 [betalabs] minor: no-js mode issues Needs Triage - open
#132384 Scrolling on the Echo survey's popup/tooltip Needs Triage - open
#130913 Create or gather interactive animations to illustrate how to use Flow features Needs Triage - open
#130859 [betalabs] Creating/updating Summary for Resolved topics does not trigger notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#132817 Flow boards should use paginated scrolling Needs Triage - open
#132805 Create notifications page structured search Needs Triage - open
#132804 Build interface for notifications search with autocomplete Needs Triage - open
#132537 "Mark as resolved" does nothing if board is protected Needs Triage - open
#132955 Enable specific talk pages to not use Flow Needs Triage - open
#133220 Sort out Notification categories to make them more logical for Preferences Needs Triage KMuthu resolved
#133213 [betalabs-Regression] 'Browse topics' "[FLOW] Rendered topic not found when attempting to scroll" Needs Triage - open
#133133 All moderated posts newer than showPostId should be shown Needs Triage - open
#133128 notifications incorrectly parse tl-wrapped templates Needs Triage - open
#133088 [betalabs] flow-topic-resolved notifications should have a summary excerpt Needs Triage - open
#133609 Watchlist gives gives extra/empty lines when expanding nested changes from topics on a flow board Needs Triage - open
#133571 Message Mediawiki:Flow-terms-of-use-edit on nowp is English Needs Triage - resolved
#133474 Flow adds nowiki tags to comments containing unicode control characters Needs Triage - open
#133451 Enabling the Echo Vagrant role doesn't work Needs Triage - open
#133437 Make notification settings for new users configurable Needs Triage - open
#133435 [betalabs] Links in Flow text excerpts displayed incorrectly Needs Triage - open
#133426 [betalabs] Echo notification flyout issues in Monobook Needs Triage - open
#133365 [mobile] Clicking on 'Mark as resolved' forces the dotdotdot menu to move down Needs Triage - open
#133341 Flow "mark as patrolled" links don't work (claims "Session failure") Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#133340 [betalabs] Non-relevant highlighting for multiple edits of the same post thread Needs Triage - open
#132977 Allow disabling a notification category from within the notifications popup Needs Triage - declined
#132975 Allow unwatching a Flow topic/board from a notification about that topic/board Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#132875 Moodbar logs doesn't show usernames Needs Triage - declined
#134545 Separate user input errors from other InvalidInputException, then make re-loggable Needs Triage - resolved
#134477 Pencil icon missing in Flow comment textarea Needs Triage - resolved
#134380 Flow shortcuts panel is not up-to-date Needs Triage - open
#134377 Allow RSS feeds to Flow history Needs Triage - open
#134347 Allow transcluding a talk page inside a wiki page (current error: "Discussions cannot be embedded yet.") Needs Triage - open
#134216 [betalabs] Notification about Mention on wikitext pages does not link to the section where Mention occurred if links, templates etc are present in section titles Needs Triage - resolved
#134209 [betalabs] Unnecessary highlighting for post when Mention happens only in the title Needs Triage - open
#134158 Templates calling Wikidata elements don't display the result in the user language on Flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#133996 [betalabs] minor: When topic is Reopened, the drop-down menu displayed overlapped by a topic title below Needs Triage - open
#134800 Notify welcomers about how many newbies they welcomed via NewUsersActions Needs Triage - open
#134762 Running from a symbolic link fails Needs Triage - open
#134679 "TypeError: cur is null" when pasting a string of text on a Flow page with VE enabled Needs Triage - stalled
#134992 "TypeError: surface is null" on Flow page Needs Triage - open
#134607 Fatal on Special:RecentChanges after installing flow Needs Triage - open
#134947 Flow boards and topic space should have help links Needs Triage - open
#133797 Fatal error: Call to undefined method ApiEchoNotifications::getNotifications() in NotificationsTest.php on line 27 Needs Triage - open
#133774 Echo phpunit tests fail together with other extensions Needs Triage - resolved
#134927 Disable edit areas/submit buttons when editing is blocked (e.g. protected board) on topic pages too Needs Triage - open
#134865 Can't search in Topic-namespace at nowiki Needs Triage - duplicate
#134862 Missing localization of Topic-namespace at nowiki Needs Triage - resolved
#134855 Make the notification highlights work better across wikis Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#133667 Weekly Reports for Pywikibot Support for Thanks Needs Triage darthbhyrava declined
#135462 Timestamps are in English on nowiki Needs Triage - resolved
#135409 Implement pywikibot support for adding thanks to normal revisions Needs Triage - resolved
#124108 Flow Thanks workflow= URLs are not redirected to the specific post in Safari Needs Triage - resolved
#134621 'Thanked' action does not persist in Flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#135292 Expandable cross-wiki bundle notification count does not get updated after some messages were marked as read Needs Triage - declined
#135237 Allow editing old version of Flow description Needs Triage - open
#135182 Allow the user to mark individual remote wikis as read inside a cross-wiki bundle Needs Triage - open
#135166 More accurate UI text when you start doing a disallowed undeletion (over a Flow board) Needs Triage - open
#135136 Email notification about "someone edited the description on Flow board" should point to the diff, not the page Needs Triage - open
#135652 Track whether content was imported? Needs Triage - open
#135574 Clarify meaning of secondary links in emails Needs Triage - open
#135538 Flow board redirects (tracking) Needs Triage - open
#135130 Send notifications data before an explicit request to make them available offline Needs Triage - open
#135717 Add mention failure notifications Needs Triage Lea_WMDE resolved
#135709 Mark a discussion as resolved shouldn't impact the "recent activities" list on a Flow board Needs Triage - open
#135708 Impossible to load "Browse topics" list and reach a topic on Flow Needs Triage Trizek-WMF resolved
#135852 Failed restore and data loss on ar_rev_id collisions Needs Triage - resolved
#135848 [betalabs] Reply text area is present on Resolved topics but replies cannot be saved Needs Triage - open
#135792 Scheduling Huggle user interviews Needs Triage SBecker resolved
#133666 Community bonding evaluation for Pywikibot Support for Thanks Needs Triage - resolved
#132824 [betalabs] Add bundling for page-linked notifications in case one-to-many Needs Triage - open
#132426 User don't receive email notifications concerning their Flow talk page when "Talk page message" is on, but "Flow" is off Needs Triage - open
#132410 Setting default global preferences for cross-wiki notifications somewhere at meta Needs Triage - duplicate
#130804 NewPagesFeed should say it does not work in IE <9 instead of IE <8 Needs Triage Anantprsd5 resolved
#130801 Cross-wiki notifications on mobile show separate alerts and messages bundles, but each bundle contains both alerts and messages Needs Triage - resolved
#136440 Keyboard shortcuts shouldn't open on Flow title input field Needs Triage - open
#136428 Add primary key to echo_notification table Needs Triage Marostegui resolved
#136427 Remove event_page_namespace and event_page_title Needs Triage - open
#136425 Remove orphaned echo_event rows Needs Triage - resolved
#136376 [betalabs] Deleting text/section on wikitext triggers message "a user left a message on your talk page" Needs Triage - open
#136373 Repeated notifications about the same event Needs Triage - open
#136372 Document how to create a new notification type Needs Triage - open
#136354 Email notification including a template quoting a template is not rendered correctly Needs Triage - duplicate
#136326 Send notification for easy-to-find failed mentions Needs Triage 3 WMDE-Fisch resolved
#137425 Set a max-width for Special:Notifications page Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#137208 "Thank"ing opens new page Needs Triage - declined
#137100 Temporary index for Echo backfillReadBundles.php? Needs Triage - declined
#136983 Improve warning to users who review deleted Flow pages via Special:Undelete Needs Triage - open
#137502 Display page-less notifications together with the user page Needs Triage - resolved
#137501 flow-topic-resolved should use board as event title, not topic Needs Triage - resolved
#137476 [production] On the first sign-up, cross-wiki notifications expands to blank placeholder Needs Triage - resolved
#136780 [betalabs] 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'model' of undefined' for non-persistent Comments in Flow posts Needs Triage - open
#136777 [betalabs] Creating empty replies should be prevented Needs Triage - open
#136770 Use quotes instead of bolding in email subjects Needs Triage - open
#137661 Flow: "This comment was hidden..." is not very clear Needs Triage - open
#137644 Have a toogle button to enable "enhanced" RC (instead of appending "enhanced=1" to the URL) Needs Triage - duplicate
#137629 Flow: compare-post-revisions page haven't link to full post page Needs Triage - open
#137771 "Echo isn't enabled on this wiki" from Cron <www-data@terbium> /usr/local/bin/foreachwiki extensions/Echo/maintenance/processEchoEmailBatch.php >/dev/null Needs Triage - resolved
#137755 Mention notifications anomalies Needs Triage - resolved
#137752 Notifications turn up again on other wikis Needs Triage - open
#137894 Flow: show an other page than the URL Needs Triage - duplicate
#137863 Keep pagination consistent when switching status filters on the Notification Page Needs Triage - open
#137862 Make Notification page filters bookmarkable Needs Triage - open
#137853 Flow causes fatal exception on [[Special:EditWatchlist]] Needs Triage - resolved
#137850 Work up a stat to characterize accuracy of ORES's good- and bad-faith predictions Needs Triage - doing
#136654 [betalabs] On Flow pages VE hangs when attempting to 'Save changes' after clearing links via Link inspector Needs Triage - open
#138356 Editing comments in flow on mw.org does not work in IE 11 Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#138342 Inside of notification window collapses horizontally on narrow screen Needs Triage - open
#138341 Consider replacing echo_unread_wikis table with a cache Needs Triage - open
#136614 Have a way to mark all notifications as read at once Needs Triage - duplicate
#138316 ALTER TABLE ... CHANGE ... syntax blocks installation or update on SQLite Needs Triage - declined
#138304 Midterm evaluation for "Pywikibot support for Thanks" Needs Triage - resolved
#137814 Explore ideas for Review Feeds Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#138303 Midterm evaluation for "Pywikibot support for Thanks" Needs Triage - doing
#137783 Explore design solutions for finding users to help reviewing Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#137897 Investigate case where no mention happens due to section mismatch Needs Triage 8 WMDE-Fisch resolved
#138236 Open flow link from notification popup doesn't affect watchlist Needs Triage - open
#138224 Revert notifications are not useful with autocomments Needs Triage - open
#138114 [production] ptwikibooks displays old error message when Notifications cannot be fetched. Needs Triage - resolved
#138734 Echo UI has blurry icons Needs Triage Volker_E doing
#138690 Determine source of notifications API change Needs Triage APerson resolved
#138613 [minor] Discrepancy in read/unread controls behavior between flyout panel and Special:Notifications Needs Triage - invalid
#138602 Share data with communities concerning how messages are perceived by new users Needs Triage - open
#138599 Hide username from a Flow board when that username has been masked on the history page Needs Triage - open
#138569 Global notifications still appearing as unread on other wikis even after reading them Needs Triage - duplicate
#138502 Make Echo notifications for users who caused edit conflicts Needs Triage - open
#139064 Explore ideas for entry points to Review Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#139041 "Mark group as read" should trigger removal of currently displayed notifications on Special:Notifications in "unread" mode Needs Triage - resolved
#139039 Allow users to find out what precise number of notifications they have Needs Triage - open
#139038 "Mark ALL notifications as read" button Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#139037 Allow lists longer than 50 notifications on Special:Notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#139025 User should not get a mention notification when linked to with a fragment Needs Triage - open
#138939 Explore ideas for Contribution review Needs Triage - open
#138935 Explore ideas for Contribution Filtering Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#138815 Explore ideas for newcomers asking for help Needs Triage - open
#138808 Explore ideas for Inviting to become a reviewer Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#138807 Make it easy to filter for Flow topics created by yourself Needs Triage - open
#139865 Buttons at Special:Notifications are not at the correct position Needs Triage - resolved
#139804 Feature request: text is auto-saved in flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#139721 Echo "Recent activity" window shows an empty "grey" highlight Needs Triage - open
#139720 PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of ApiEchoUnreadNotificationPages::getFromForeign should be compatible Needs Triage - resolved
#139708 Special:Notifications should allow for zooming and not create horizontal scrollbars Needs Triage - resolved
#139648 Notification page: Adjustment of blue dot alignment Needs Triage - open
#139646 Notification side panel: For current wiki with zero unread notifications the title should be greyed out Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#139642 Notification page side panel: sorting order of pages is incorrect Needs Triage - invalid
#139627 WikiToLearn: flow-new-post permissions does not seem to work Needs Triage cristianbaldi resolved
#139588 Flow spam filter should display warnings in yellow, not in red Needs Triage - open
#139525 Make mobile-friendly version of the Notifications page left nav Needs Triage KMuthu resolved
#139520 Change 'messages' to 'notices' everywhere (where 'messages' referred to a section name) Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#139503 [Regression] Unstyled mw-plusminus text on Flow history pages Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#139479 Timestamps in cross-wiki notifications are different Needs Triage - resolved
#140407 [betalabs] Horizontal scroll bar in Notifications flyout panel for cross-wiki notifications in CJK based wikis Needs Triage - duplicate
#140354 Notifications popup shows double border and occasionally extra margin Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#140349 Horizontal scrollbar when bundled notification timestamp is longer than 2 characters Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#140348 Have failed and successful mentions as opt-in feature for notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#140309 In some cases notifications that were marked read, reappear as unread again Needs Triage IKhitron resolved
#140214 Make e-mail notifications clearer and more precise on page renames Needs Triage - open
#140806 Remove use of wgResourceLoaderLESSImportPaths in Flow Needs Triage - resolved
#141172 Flow transaction implicit transaction warnings Needs Triage - open
#141168 [betalabs-Regression] FF only Special:Notifications: to match space between weekday label and date Needs Triage - declined
#141164 Use UTC and ISO 8601 everywhere on frontend Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#141141 Notifications page: remove mw-echo-special-header-link Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#141115 Change "seenTime" format to ISO 8601 in Notifications front-end Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#141092 Months in the notifications should be upper- or lowercase, as appropriate per each language Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#141047 "You have new messages" (OBOD) no longer automatically disappears/reappears when user talk notifs marked as read/unread Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#141034 Reconsider styling of excerpts within bundles in light of fact that they have no close quote Needs Triage - resolved
#141012 Flow: Put 'History' in title of Flow topic's history page Needs Triage - duplicate
#141915 [betalabs-Regression] Special:Notifications page displays wrong date format for messages Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#141894 Timeless + echo results in exception for logged in users Needs Triage - resolved
#141868 Allow users to specify, and filter by, language used in Flow post Needs Triage - open
#141834 No 'Mark as patrolled' links on Summary creation or revisions Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#141816 Cannot see or clear unread notifications at Beta Cluster Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#141788 Formatting problems with Special:Notifications on mobile Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#142981 Provide a single entry point for notification that anticipates the urgency of the notifications received Needs Triage - open
#170360 Moderation and protection feature parity (tracking) Needs Triage - open
#170347 [minor] Page curation: 'Marked as reviewed' message should be truncated when displayed on Special:Notifications Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#170330 Replace Flow DI (pimple) with MediaWikiServices Needs Triage - open
#170329 [betalabs-regression] Monobook does not display Namespace filter icon Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#170300 Warn users who edit a Flow element that there is a risk for them to lose their input when they edit another element Needs Triage - open
#170220 Enhanced (grouped) RecentChanges inconsistent for Flow header Needs Triage - open
#170214 Metrics: Get numbers for New Filters usage (and compare to baseline) Needs Triage - resolved
#170210 'Restore all default settings' starts the invite tour and highlight count on RC page Needs Triage - open
#170203 Special:Notifications - Pagination direction widget should scroll users to top of page Needs Triage - open
#170190 RC Legend - the highlight color is displayed over the Legend Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#170161 RCFilters shows 'no filters' message even when filters are shown in the menu Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#170086 external link does not work in topic title Needs Triage - open
#170085 Editing title discards change of the content Needs Triage - open
#170010 [betalabs-regression] Enhanced RC displays misaligned timestamps in a smaller font Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#169997 RecentChanges very slow on Wikidata when RCFilters beta is enabled Needs Triage - resolved
#169961 How to notify a user when adding a template for deleting? Needs Triage - invalid
#169924 Option to disable notifications about 1st, 10th, etc. edit ("You made your <milestone> edit!") Needs Triage - open
#169852 Occasionally not being alerted to pings (due to specific format of signature?) Needs Triage - invalid
#169835 Enhanced RC expand/collapse arrows are not shown when starting from a conflict state Needs Triage - resolved
#169799 [betalabs-regression] FF only - Delay in displaying highlight buttons Needs Triage - invalid
#169613 Introduce the New Filters to users upon beta graduation Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169589 Preferences -Recent changes option "Group changes by page in recent changes..." should be updated Needs Triage - duplicate
#169579 [betalabs-regression] Namespace filters do not work Needs Triage - resolved
#169567 Nominating page at AfD does account for previous nominations Needs Triage - duplicate
#169474 Page Curation toolbar doesn't add to PROD log Needs Triage - invalid
#169388 Fix "JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated" in PageTriage (jquery.waypoints) Needs Triage - resolved
#169387 Fix "JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.unbind() is deprecated" in WikiLove Needs Triage - resolved
#169386 Please do not send e-mail messages to tell me about "a new notification" that I read hours ago on-wiki Needs Triage - open
#169384 Blacklist UsersMultiselectWidget UI needs improvements Needs Triage - resolved
#169373 Error: invalid magic word 'invoke' when running rebuildLocalisationCache.php with Scribunto and Flow installed Needs Triage - open
#169271 [wmf.7] RC filers - the loudspeaker icon is missing in RTL wikis Needs Triage - resolved
#169214 Add pre-defined status for Flow threads Needs Triage - duplicate
#169191 Add GENDER variants to MediaWiki:Flow-dialog-cancelconfirm-message and MediaWiki:Flow-dialog-cancelconfirm-title Needs Triage - resolved
#169181 Edits to Flow are marked as Wikidata edits in enhanced RC Needs Triage - resolved
#169170 Re-evaluate whether email notification should be allowed for mention-failure and mention-success Needs Triage - open
#169167 Allow IP editors to edit their Flow posts within x minutes of saving Needs Triage - open
#169155 [minor] Echo notifications displays LaTeX markup Needs Triage - declined
#169131 Possibly confusing to show isolated unchecked checkbox, even though those edits are shown Needs Triage - open
#169120 Allow filtering by no citations in page curation Needs Triage - open
#169110 For some languages (here French), the label to save a set of filters is not aligned with the icons Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169107 [regression] Can't remove a saved filter Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169063 Make saved filters title more prominent when applied Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169055 Make the initial state of saved filters more actionable Needs Triage - declined
#169047 Allow to view only one "what's this" popup at a time on the filters panel Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169042 The dialog to save filters on Recent Changes needs adjustments to better communicate the initial status Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169037 RC filters broken on beta: Property "onPopupToggle" is not a function Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#169019 "Mark all as read" button appears misplaced in Notifications panel Needs Triage - resolved
#168907 autorefresh extension on beta RC altering window position Needs Triage - declined
#168895 Add ability to collapse diversions / side tracks in a Flow topic Needs Triage - open
#168887 Filter users' edits by status Needs Triage - open
#171085 [betalabs-regression] the Legend does not collapse/expand on RC page with 'New filters for edit review' beta feature enabled Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#171081 Trash can button (reset to defaults) resets days and limit in model but not UI Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#171078 Watchlist with 'Preferences-Recent changes -Enhanced recent changes' option enabled will display empty day titles Needs Triage - resolved
#171063 Tagging redirect for CSD or RfD with Twinkle no longer adds page to page triage list Needs Triage GeoffreyT2000 resolved
#171047 [[MediaWiki:Rcfilters-limit-shownum]] needs PLURAL support Needs Triage - resolved
#171019 [betalabs] Watchlist displays unnecessary bundling for Flow updates when 'Expand watchlist to show...' option not enabled Needs Triage - open
#170903 Notification overlay in mobile has a mysterious indent for heading Needs Triage Jdlrobson resolved
#170875 Improve highlighting display so it's compatible with 'Group results by page" preference Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#170848 [betalabs-regression] Watchlist setting ' Show only likely problem edits (and hide probably good edits)' does not propagate to Watchlist Needs Triage - invalid
#172544 Vagrant and WMF Beta Cluster cron job configuration for scheduled events Needs Triage - open
#172543 WMF production cron job configuration for scheduled events Needs Triage - open
#172542 Maintenance script to look for scheduled events and fire them Needs Triage - open
#172541 Method API for scheduled events Needs Triage - open
#172474 Consolidate preferences: new UX on Watchlist, but NOT RC page (option #4 ) Needs Triage - open
#172469 [betalabs-regression] Noticeable delay when a Flow post opens for edit Needs Triage - open
#172468 Consolidate preferences: Users who don’t have the new UX at all (option #3) Needs Triage - open
#172451 [wmf.12] plwiki RC page shows standalone 'Hide reviewed edits' link Needs Triage - duplicate
#172438 Multiple: undefined index in SpecialContributions.php on line 203 Needs Triage - resolved
#172427 [betalabs-regression] The names of Saved filters are not displayed Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#172369 Error when run maintenance/FlowSearchConfig.php Needs Triage - open
#172363 Changes in the legend expanded/collapsed status are not persistent while in Live Updates mode Needs Triage - resolved
#172350 Consolidate preferences for all 'Change Monitoring' pages Needs Triage - open
#172349 Consolidate Preferences: New UX on RC but NOT Watchlist (option #2) Needs Triage - open
#172339 Componentization-lite of Extension:ORES UI and API Needs Triage - doing
#172338 Hide ORES review letter from the change list legend. Needs Triage - doing
#172327 [wmf.12 - regression] RC page - Day selector displays decimals from "Days to show..." form Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#172263 rclistfromreset and rclistfrom are too close Needs Triage - invalid
#172240 Add 'Oldest first' option to the 'Number of changes selector' Needs Triage - open
#172237 [betalabs-regression] 'Other review tools' arrow placed too low Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#172213 Simplify the 'Previously viewed changes' marker on Live Update and View Newest Changes Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#172172 User rights change not notified in notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#172156 Make limit sticky adhere to preference limit value Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#172152 [monobook] rcfilters-tour-highlight-dot-container gets deattached Needs Triage - invalid
#172140 Recent changes min-height pushes content down unnecesarily Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#172138 Don't fetch results unnecessarily when actions don't warrant it Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#172093 Translate Topic: in Hindi Needs Triage - resolved
#172026 [wmf.11] "Number of edits to show in recent changes ..." form accepts invalid numbers Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#171982 Annual Plan 2017-2018, Audiences 5, Goal 3: Provide better workflow and communication experiences Needs Triage DannyH doing
#171981 Annual Plan 2017-2018, Audiences 5, Goal 2: Give better ways to monitor contributions Needs Triage DannyH doing
#171980 Annual Plan 2017-2018, Audiences 5, Goal 1: Recommend where new and tenured users can contribute Needs Triage DannyH doing
#171968 Number of results and time selector show their menus on the wrong side Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#171953 ORES and Enhanced Recent Changes: Background color gets stuck after patrolling Needs Triage - resolved
#174578 edit-analysis.wmflabs.org is broken concerning Flow activations Needs Triage - open
#174560 Enable ORES filters for svwiki Needs Triage - resolved
#174522 Update wmgEchoEmailFooterAddress after WMF office move (1st October) Needs Triage - duplicate
#174511 [wmf16] testwiki - Clicking on 'Restore default filters' will not display the name of saved default filter Needs Triage - duplicate
#174501 Add a pushpin icon to make the default filter status apparent in Active filter area Needs Triage - open
#174485 UsersMultiselectWidget should throw error if unselected text is present onSubmit Needs Triage - open
#174460 Contents from thread appear or disappear depending on 'Enter' click Needs Triage - open
#174454 [wmf.15] 'Save current filter settings' cancel button (X) is misaligned Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#174415 Make the Number of Edits and Number of Days settings sticky (and adjust the Preference pg. behavior appropriately) Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#174376 `echo-pref-notifications-blacklist` message should contain a link to a Special:MyLanguage page Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#174372 Store content as wikitext, not HTML Needs Triage - open
#174349 Have a way to exclude Tagged edits Needs Triage - doing
#174217 [wmf.15] RC - Saved filter name will not be displayed in 'Active filters' area unless RC page is reload Needs Triage - duplicate
#174193 The names of new Saved Filters don't appear as expected in the Active Filter area Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#174169 Too much left padding in Flow Needs Triage - open
#174165 When edited, Flow system message 'Flow-terms-of-use-edit' displays raw text. Needs Triage - open
#174144 Improve Flow input tools (toolbars, shortcuts...) Needs Triage - open
#174137 Rename Flow Needs Triage - resolved
#174111 [wmf.16-regression] Saved query names displayed shifted up Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#174100 Watchlist: watchlistactivity=seen does not display seen changes Needs Triage - duplicate
#174048 Autoload maintenance classes in Flow for addPostDatabaseUpdateMaintenance Needs Triage - open
#174020 Support namespace aliases Needs Triage - open
#173992 Hide saved filters from anonymous users Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#173972 Fix Flow BadImageRemover and support figure-inline Needs Triage - resolved
#173970 pt-notifications-alert > a has "Notices (0)" as text on first load, but changes to "0" on click Needs Triage - duplicate
#173855 mobile.notifications.overlay module should be ported to Minerva Needs Triage - open
#173850 Possible PHP7 compatibility issues in WMF-deployed extensions Needs Triage - resolved
#173807 [Regression] Pagination doesn't work (there's no automatic load of previous threads on scroll) Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#173785 Port remaining kinds of ChangesList filters and parameters to structured filters Needs Triage - open
#173614 Graduate Live Update out of beta Needs Triage - resolved
#173613 Make "live update" not download the entire RC page every 3 seconds Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#173588 Icons for Alerts and Your Notices not showing up on Special:Notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#177206 Make Active Filter display area collapsible on Watchlist and Recent Changes Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#177167 It is possible to convert a page to Structured Discussions even if that page is protected against moving Needs Triage - open
#177109 Structured Discussion - "This topic has been hidden" warning appears for posting in threaded comments Needs Triage - open
#177075 Clean the URL to get parameters back to default when the Filters for Watchlist Befa feature is disabled Needs Triage - declined
#177065 PageNotificationsOptionWidget has no padding Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#177037 Invalid CSRF token error when unreviewing Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#177028 [1.31.0-wmf.1] minor- Browser back button makes highlight-only filters do not display their highlight status in Filter menu Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#177026 [1.31.0-wmf.1] RC page - Fatal exception of type "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryTimeoutError" for a saved filter Needs Triage - duplicate
#177009 Only add highlight/toggle states conditionally to the saved queries Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#176992 Find a logical order for the list of namespace in dropdown menus Needs Triage - declined
#176990 Remove Media namespace from the list of filters Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#176971 Box to choose different numbers of changes to show in "new filters for edit review" overflows with custom number specified in URL Needs Triage - open
#176954 Close and open the dropdown filter menus when a user clicks on the Active Filter Area Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#176925 StructuredDiscussions: Spam Blacklist eats text Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#176887 Change font contrast for the New filters popover Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#176855 First character does not appear when typing but gets added in the wrong place after hitting enter Needs Triage - duplicate
#176851 Filter edit summaries hashtags Needs Triage - open
#176808 [testwiki-1.31.0-wmf.1] rcfilters-head is more than 250px Needs Triage - invalid
#176758 Send notification when redirect to article is created Needs Triage - open
#176730 Keep the list of active filters in the order they are defined (not in the one they are added) Needs Triage - open
#176695 [wmf.19] Saved as default highlight-only filters are not recognized as default filters Needs Triage - resolved
#176687 [minor] Legend expands and collapses when the page loads on RC page and Watchlist Needs Triage - resolved
#176684 Unwatch/watch links are not displayed for grouped Move log entries Needs Triage - open
#176661 Add a help link to the Tagged Edits menu Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#176555 In new filters add option to auto-expand the grouped changes Needs Triage - doing
#176531 Stop 'Latest revision' filter from including 'User creation log' and other logged entries not related to page actions Needs Triage - open
#176515 More flexible user experience for monitoring Wikidata changes from client, using new filters Needs Triage - open
#176474 'Live update' button animation draws attention to wrong place Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#176446 [wmf.19-regression] Watchlist: significant delay between clicking on 'Highlight results' and appearing highlight icons Needs Triage - resolved
#176415 There is no 'View newest changes' button on watchlist Needs Triage - duplicate
#176410 Highlight range of changes Needs Triage - duplicate
#176401 Floating TOC is not displayed in Timeless skin Needs Triage - open
#176385 Improve New Filters performance by changing DB query based on highlights? Needs Triage - open
#176384 RCFilters: Investigate using ServiceWorker for faster reload Needs Triage - invalid
#176377 [wmf.19]Namespace filters do not display some SD board actions Needs Triage - open
#176368 [minor-wmf.19] Watchlist 'Grouped by page' arrow should be aligned vertically Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#178334 Correct error in "Newcomers" filter description language. Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#178326 Remove padding from the List of Abbreviations box, so it stops squeezing results Needs Triage - open
#178293 "Related changes" can't work at zhwiki Needs Triage - resolved
#178246 Daily email notifications are sent in UTC Needs Triage - open
#178231 Flow / SD should detect ~~~~ on end of post and warn user that it's not needed Needs Triage - duplicate
#178205 Flow hours ago thingy lies about time lasted if PC TZ is different Needs Triage - duplicate
#178202 [wmf.3 - regression] Selecting Watchlist preference - 'Show only likely problem edits...' does not affect default filter selection Needs Triage - resolved
#178191 The filters on RecentChanges resets when the user clicks outside the drop down menu Needs Triage - duplicate
#178132 [wmf.12-minor] Adjust the width of boxes in Saved filters Renamed box Needs Triage - open
#178131 [betalabs-regression] RC Saved filters - the pin icon placement issues Needs Triage - resolved
#178127 [wmf.3 minor - regression] Rename Saved filter - when filter's name is entirely removed, the check icon is not displayed Needs Triage - resolved
#178120 RCFilters do not work on IE 11, Opera 12: "TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'endsWith'" Needs Triage - resolved
#178111 [1.31.0-wmf.3 - regression ] Guided tour- "guider_close" displayed as a triangle Needs Triage Volker_E resolved
#178098 RC - Preferences: "Highlight likely problem edits with colors..." option displayed only after opt-out from new filters Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#178080 Special:Recentchanges/hideliu is not working on Recent Changes Needs Triage - duplicate
#178074 Pings do not work Needs Triage - duplicate
#178069 Small change to main entry point text ("...start typing a filter name") Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#178042 Code hygiene/performance: Batch filter update operations when we update multiple items Needs Triage - open
#178027 Remove pre-AuthManager compability Needs Triage - resolved
#175217 Tweak UI for main filtering entry point Needs Triage - open
#177942 Provide an option to bulk hide threads Needs Triage - open
#177926 Interface adjustments: Make the "View newest changes" link more prominent and combine pagination and time period selectors Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#177917 Have Special:RecentChanges as URL without any options when user visits the default filters configuration Needs Triage - declined
#177884 [1.31.0-wmf.2 ]&hidenondamaging=0 is ignored when "Show only likely problem edits" preference is enabled Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#177845 Highlight is not visible when you share a URL including some highlights Needs Triage - duplicate
#179247 Facilitate feedback and editor interaction about corresponding articles in different languages and projects Needs Triage - open
#179220 Buttons on the curation toolbar stay blue Needs Triage - open
#179137 Special:Contributions/newbies should go to RC filters to provide more options Needs Triage - open
#179114 wikipage.content hook gets fired twice on RC update Needs Triage - invalid
#178975 [wmf.5] testwiki - Tag names are not correctly displayed Needs Triage - resolved
#183729 Allow the 'Live updates' feature to be turned on by default Needs Triage - open
#183721 Thank you Message in German too long for Window Needs Triage - duplicate
#183710 Echo double-encodes URI 'fragment' part when removing the 'markasread' parameter Needs Triage - resolved
#183606 [betalabs-ruwiki] Internal error - No model available for [goodfaith] Needs Triage - resolved
#183539 Notifications badge icon overlaps with other links Needs Triage JTannerWMF resolved
#183484 Related Changes page-name entry box does not show the entirety of long pagenames Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#183442 [betalabs] Drop-down filter menu becomes detached when the first filter item is selected Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#183438 [betalabs] Related changes result set is not updated when a new article title is entered. Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#183437 [wmf.12] Related changes without new filters - article title becomes sticky in Page name text box Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#183435 Secondary links broken in Echo in Monobook (possibly a MenuOptionWidget regression in Apex?) Needs Triage - resolved
#183382 Have a way to switch back from preview mode to wikitext mode in Structured discussions Needs Triage - open
#183360 Exception thrown when opening VE help dialog Needs Triage - resolved
#183339 Transclude special:relatedchanges on a subpage removes #contentSub Needs Triage - resolved
#183296 Echo popups should always open downwards Needs Triage - resolved
#183241 Add a time-range filter for comments done on a Structured discussions page Needs Triage - open
#183112 Avail associated page's permalink (OID) Needs Triage - open
#183076 Alerts are shown as "unseen" on mobile site when they have already been seen in the desktop Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#183056 Context menu for a comment is shown even when not hovering over the menu icon (3 dots) on smaller screens Needs Triage - open
#183030 'Number of edits to show...' option on Recent Changes preference page shows the wrong descriptive text Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#182952 Exception in module-execute in module mediawiki.rcfilters.filters.ui: TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined Needs Triage - resolved
#182942 Tests should have covered regression in T182936 Needs Triage - resolved
#182938 Undefined index: rc_logid in RecentChange.php on line 394 Needs Triage - resolved
#182911 [wmf.11-regression] Contributions page: "Hide probably good edits" option cannot be un-checked if "Show only likely problem edits ..." is enabled Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#182906 Create a graph about the number of opt-outs for New filters for Edit Review Needs Triage - resolved
#182872 Unable to see user contributions at pt.wiki Needs Triage - duplicate
#182845 Improve user warning messages for failed 'Thank' actions Needs Triage - open
#182788 Live update and View newest changes are broken in wmf/1.31.0-wmf.12 Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#182734 Related changes: the title of a subpage displayed cut off Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#182720 Clean up the synchronization and updating of menu items with the search input Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#182711 Recent changes: Filter menu opens upwards Needs Triage - resolved
#182686 When accessed from a page that have diacritics in its title, RecentChangesLinked is broken Needs Triage - duplicate
#182676 A change on the targeted category or portal on RecentChangesLinked doesn't loads new results Needs Triage - resolved
#182670 When switching groups of filters, search criteria sticks, but not applied Needs Triage - resolved
#182564 npm warnings when installing Kartotherian dependencies Needs Triage - declined
#182512 Reimplement Notifications support in BlueSky Needs Triage - open
#182471 [minor] RC/Watchlist: a decimal fraction for `Time period to search` instead of 1 hour Needs Triage - open
#182462 "Hide probably good edits" should not hide my own edits on Special:Contributions/Myself Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#182449 Have a way to clarify for the user which edit characteristics are hidden and which included Needs Triage - open
#182363 [wmf.11] enwiki: Slightly misplaced Legend on Recent Changes/ Watchlist without new filters Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#182358 Restore all default settings (in all sections)" will not opt-out of SD on User talk page Needs Triage - open
#182357 The current version of RC has the legend over first items Needs Triage - duplicate
#182297 Provide user-curated tags on watchlist to ease user triage Needs Triage - open
#182272 [wmf.11 - regression] "New filters for edit review" beta feature has no effect on Watchlist Needs Triage - duplicate
#182269 [wmf.11-regression] Recent changes legend overlaps "save current filter settings" dialog Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#182268 [wmf.11-regression] Saved filters titles are not displayed in Active Filter area Needs Triage - resolved
#182241 [minor] wmf.11-regression: changesLimitButtonWidget does not display "Number of edits to show by default: 1" Needs Triage - resolved
#182219 Have a way to exclude Tags with 0 edits from selection Needs Triage - open
#182204 Add icons to Notifications messages received by email Needs Triage - open
#182167 Mark * as read buttons' inner structure have flawed appearance in No-JS Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#182164 [wmf.11- regression] testwiki: Related changes - articles titles displayed incorrectly in 'Select a page' textbox Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#182149 Adjust and secure spacing between New Filters tools and results areas Needs Triage Petar.petkovic resolved
#182045 [minor] invert=1 added to url if Namespace 'Exclude selected' button is clicked Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#182025 Support set auto-close topic Needs Triage - open
#182024 Flow test failures locally with LQT enabled Needs Triage - open
#182012 Deploy ORES filters to Simple Wikipedia Needs Triage - resolved
#182010 Recent changes don't show any results when it should Needs Triage - resolved
#181994 Integration of Structured discussions and mailing lists Needs Triage - open
#181842 ChangesListSpecialPageTest uses many protected functions/members from ChangesListSpecialPage Needs Triage - open
#181753 Display whether Thanks has been given to a reply on Structured discussions Needs Triage - open
#186174 [betalabs-minor] SD pages display warning: "Your skin is incompatible with VisualEditor." Needs Triage - resolved
#186166 Sometimes "thank user for this edit" JS link is hidden by the right column in diff previews Needs Triage - duplicate
#186088 Broken section links in VE in StructuredDiscussions Needs Triage - invalid
#186034 Regression: Flow file usage isn't mentioned in the file's metadata page Needs Triage - open
#185966 StucturedDiscussions unable to edit description Needs Triage - duplicate
#185891 Clicking on 'Esc' key discards new discussion being created without user consent Needs Triage - open
#185856 Fatal exception of type "BadMethodCallException" when viewing deleted topic without action specified Needs Triage - duplicate
#185677 Define the Chinese translation of Topic namespace Needs Triage RazeSoldier declined
#185651 Option to hide deleted pages from Recent Changes Needs Triage - invalid
#185617 Call to a member function isHidden() on a non-object (null) Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#185608 Flow does not depend upon Echo in CI Needs Triage - resolved
#185558 List of abbreviations overlaps list of edits Needs Triage - duplicate
#185527 [betalabs] Cannot opt out from "Structured Discussions on user talk" beta feature Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#185405 Can't create page by creating description on mobile Needs Triage - duplicate
#185360 Minerva skin: the icon and the counter for seen Alerts/Notices will not be displayed. Needs Triage - open
#185293 Fix flow-conversion-archive-flow-page-name-format for backwards compatibility Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#185210 Invite new editors to participate in community discussions about topics they edited Needs Triage - open
#185205 Cannot create board description (but can edit an existing one) Needs Triage - resolved
#85195 Page Curation can report error of "$1" Needs Triage - open
#189428 Notifications: Preferences popup `z-index` issue Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#189269 Add new notification preference just for ping/mention in edit summary Needs Triage - declined
#189214 Unable to enter an edit summary when editing a board description Needs Triage - open
#189213 Undo of a history description diff over multiple edits does not work correctly Needs Triage - open
#189067 Allow disabling user pings in edit summary by prefixing with a colon Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#189049 Get kartotherian/tilerator@master working with its dependencies (kartotherian/*) @master Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#189048 Talk page mentions should not trigger edit summary pings Needs Triage - resolved
#189041 Add an API parameter to allow bot edits to trigger edit summary mention/ping notifications Needs Triage - declined
#188969 Update the browser warning at the top of the NewPagesFeed to IE11 Needs Triage GeoffreyT2000 resolved
#188954 FOUC on Flow deletion form in Firefox Needs Triage - duplicate
#188925 Add "block" to the notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#188908 Move the filter-removing "×" to the left Needs Triage - declined
#188907 Admins can't create Structured discussions boards Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#188903 The filters menu is closed when a filter colour is selected Needs Triage - invalid
#188889 [Echo/Notifications] automatically mark notification as read when user reads the relevant page Needs Triage - open
#188866 Wrong "contest this deletion" links on Page Curation Needs Triage - resolved
#188815 Flow made the wikitext page [[Topic:History]] unreadable on the ts.wikipedia Needs Triage - resolved
#188806 create a Flow uninstall script Needs Triage - open
#188779 Add ORES wikis to the beta cluster Needs Triage - declined
#188590 Specific user cannot get notifications Needs Triage - invalid
#188577 Add a config setting making all Flow boards read-only Needs Triage - resolved
#188459 [wmf.22] Clicking in highlight selection box de-attaches the box Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#188351 [minor] Changes to mapframe not displayed automatically upon saving edit in VE Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#187992 Convert MediaWiki extensions WikiLove and MassMessage to use OOUI Needs Triage - open
#187967 Unreachable code after return statement on Flow boards Needs Triage - duplicate
#187947 Accessing notifications in modern shrinks the whole menu Needs Triage - open
#187915 Rename or somehow deprecate 'Medha_Bansal_intern_at_WikiEduDashboard' tag filter Needs Triage - open
#187863 Flow shows unparsed wikilinks on edit summaries Needs Triage - open
#190644 No notification when linking a username in edit summary Needs Triage - duplicate
#190622 "View changes" link for bundled notices about board description editing should show all changes Needs Triage - open
#190563 Thanking messages don’t check gender on Special:History Needs Triage - resolved
#190561 Create project 'In-context-help-and-onboarding Needs Triage - resolved
#190491 Ping user in edit summary doesn't work when the username includes a & Needs Triage - invalid
#116762 Notifications in Echo on Wikidata should display label as well as Q id Needs Triage - open
#190481 Remove code for 'Try the redesigned Notifications page' Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#190466 Numbered external link not showing properly in Structured Discussion diff Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#190408 Update patrolled RCFilter to distinguish between unpatrolled, autopatrolled, manually patrolled Needs Triage - resolved
#190407 Add next (and previous) page links to the bottom of Recent Changes. Needs Triage - duplicate
#190392 Settings button uses the wrong icon Needs Triage - duplicate
#190261 Remove 'bot' and 'flow-bot' rights for Flow talk page manager on wikis where Flow was uninstalled Needs Triage - open
#190250 Provide a way to notify groups of users Needs Triage - doing
#191620 Add Mediawiki:Talkpageheader to Structured Discussions boards Needs Triage - open
#191611 Flow is using undeclared CirrusSearch\Maintenance\Validators\CacheWarmersValidator Needs Triage - open
#191608 markasread param doesn't work for log entry thanks Needs Triage 5 Samwilson resolved
#191582 Editing maps in VE - the marker area needs some adjustments Needs Triage Mooeypoo declined
#191579 [wmf.28-regression minor] monobook - "oo-ui-icon-checkAll" is missing Needs Triage - resolved
#191557 FilterMenuHeaderWidget: Back button `padding` wrongly applied to parent element Needs Triage Volker_E doing
#191547 Have a better "Thanked" indicator Needs Triage - invalid
#191534 Saved filters empty state needs adjustment Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#191530 Use the trash icon in the saved filters menu Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#191482 Add thanks for resolving StructuredDiscussions topics? Needs Triage Niharika resolved
#191442 'Send thanks' button fails on Flow thanks page: "The postid parameter must be set" Needs Triage Mh-3110 resolved
#191439 Help link on filter groups vertically misaligned Needs Triage - stalled
#191434 Adjust unbalanced spacing and broken scan line for elements in the filter menu Needs Triage Volker_E resolved
#191353 [WsPtmwpAIC0AAEdO4v4AAADU] 2018-04-03 21:09:47: Fatal exception of type "InvalidArgumentException" Needs Triage - duplicate
#191215 corrupted rev_content Needs Triage - resolved
#193020 Change RTL LiveUpdates icon Needs Triage - open
#192975 Map coordinates displayed in reverse order in the extended map panel Needs Triage - invalid
#192955 Add config setting for default map language Needs Triage - resolved
#192929 Test old vs. new tiles Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#192858 [klwiki] mw-changeslist-legend-newpage label shows $1 Needs Triage - declined
#192783 Add support for Inuktitut script on production server Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#192762 Better highlight a linked post on Structured discussions Needs Triage SBisson doing
#192711 PHP fatal error on Special:Notifications: Argument 1 passed to EchoEventPresentationModel::getTruncatedTitleText() must be an instance of Title, null given Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#192701 Create an optimized language-fallback system for Maps internationalization based on investigations Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#192700 Investigate an optimized language-fallback system for Maps internationalization Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#192662 name:<local name code> is not always available in OSM Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#192513 Icon misalignment in mobile Thanks button Needs Triage - duplicate
#192501 Deploy ORES advanced editquality models to cawiki Needs Triage - resolved
#192499 Deploy ORES advanced editquality models to lvwiki Needs Triage - resolved
#192498 Deploy ORES advanced editquality models to arwiki Needs Triage - resolved
#192496 Deploy ORES advanced editquality models to huwiki Needs Triage - resolved
#192486 Inserting a new map crashes the VE map editor Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#193756 Spacing for map expand button needs adjustment Needs Triage - duplicate
#193597 [wmf.2-regression] mapframe on Structured discussion - switching to VE produces error Needs Triage - invalid
#193589 [wmf.3 - minor] Structured discussion Reply to post button not displayed correctly Needs Triage Volker_E doing
#193583 [betalabs] mapframe without lang attribute not displayed in wiki lang Needs Triage - resolved
#193428 [wmf.1] Horizontal scrolling on full-map view panel Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#193426 Border line displayed incorrectly at some zoom levels Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#193791 Full-screen map button has weird padding Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#194264 Zoom level 16 tiles are not being updated Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#194231 [testwiki-wmf.3] Structured discussion - Uncaught Error: ve.dm.Document.getBranchNodeFromOffset Needs Triage - invalid
#194228 Mapframe: Leaflet.Draw action buttons are unreadable Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#194080 Cannot thank on mobile flow Needs Triage - duplicate
#194443 VE 'Edit layers' - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'lat' of null Needs Triage - duplicate
#195253 Special:Notifications gives a consistent PHP exception on load ("The trash icon is not registered") for users with OpenStackManager notifications Needs Triage - resolved
#195139 Flow extension is missing @covers tags Needs Triage - resolved
#195136 Echo extension is missing @covers tags Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#196227 User contribs, filtered by calendar period, contains edits on Flow pages outside of this period Needs Triage - open
#196143 Use "View newest changes" link on Watchlist don't update Notification badges Needs Triage - duplicate
#196112 Structured discussion - mapframe and maplink do not behave as expected Needs Triage - open
#196035 "InvalidArgumentException: The trash icon is not registered" for Special:Notifications on Wikitech Needs Triage - duplicate
#197618 Style of subtitle on new recent changes page does not match styles of subtitles in other areas Needs Triage - resolved
#197476 [wmf.8 - regression] Enabling "New filters for edit review" beta feature automatically enables "New wikitext mode" Needs Triage - invalid
#197234 Expected mass rollback of all peer transactions (DBO_TRX set) Needs Triage - open
#197199 [wmf.8-regression] IE11 - RC and Watchlist pages oo-ui-icon-history element not displayed Needs Triage - open
#197835 [betalabs-regression] Long filter names are not displayed with ellipsis Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#197833 Results "jump" after load in RCFilters in Watchlist Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#197827 Recent changes - reduce vertical space between filtering tools and first line of results Needs Triage - declined
#198771 Fatal exception of type Flow\Exception\InvalidDataException Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#198647 [wmf.10] Watchlist - no solid markers for unseen changes when a group has a mix of seen/unseen changes Needs Triage - declined
#198597 List entries in recent changes contain U+0E20 (or U+200E?) Needs Triage Formatierer invalid
#198587 Disabling new recent changes version results in extra newline displayed in IE Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#198556 Allow the option "Thank" for page creations. Needs Triage - duplicate
#198546 use name from signature Needs Triage - duplicate
#198497 Creations by autopatrolled users not marked as autopatrolled in Special:NewPagesFeed Needs Triage MusikAnimal resolved
#198496 [wmf.10-regression] Watchlist with filters does not display bullet points Needs Triage - duplicate
#198445 Markers not appearing Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#198364 PageTriage with AfC option: Options removed from NPP option are incorrectly saved when switching to AfC Needs Triage 3 Mooeypoo resolved
#198337 Have mw.libs.ve.addPlugin working on StructuredDiscussions Needs Triage - open
#198234 [wmf.8-minor] Page titles that start with '0' (zero) do not display collapsible icon mw-watchlink Needs Triage - duplicate
#198164 Missing use statement for ArticleCompileProcessor Needs Triage Samwilson resolved
#198155 PageTriage uses deprecated syntax Needs Triage - invalid
#198148 Recent changes get hidden after the page load in Wikimedia Incubator Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#197908 CheckMatrix is not future proof Needs Triage - open
#197904 [testwiki- wmf.9] - Watchlist ext-wpb-pagebanner-subtitle is present with beta feature filters enabled Needs Triage - open
#197686 A change on a talk page of an article listed on a category is not visible on Related changes Needs Triage - duplicate
#197168 Fix slow Watchlist load and interaction times Needs Triage - resolved
#197064 In mobile skins, Echo callout displays whitespace instead of notifications Needs Triage Evad37 resolved
#197053 [wmf.7 - regression] monobook - UI issues on RC and Watchlist filters Needs Triage - duplicate
#197040 Enable bswiki edit quality filters in RecentChanges Needs Triage - duplicate
#196967 Special:Notifications show ugly wfWikiId() instead of site name Needs Triage - duplicate
#196758 Thanks button icon doesn't appear well on mobile Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#196742 No JS: Unable to thank to a flow comment Needs Triage - duplicate
#196739 Experiment with in-page edit review tools for smaller wikis Needs Triage - declined
#196720 Move files from cron/ and tools/ directories to maintenance/ Needs Triage - open
#196678 Start a list of good examples of filter combinations Needs Triage - open
#196546 [iPad - Vector] Filters menu overlaps the list of results Needs Triage Mooeypoo doing
#195913 [wmf.5 -regression] leaflet-control-zoom-out is missing border-bottom line Needs Triage kostajh resolved
#195903 Reduce vertical space between Watchlist filtering tools and first line of results Needs Triage - resolved
#195902 Update rcfilters-filterlist-feedbacklink to reflect the current status of the filters Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#195870 Enable ORES filters on srwiki Needs Triage - doing
#195738 Add a filter for non-tagged edits Needs Triage - open
#195601 Have a Special page that lists all unresolved topics Needs Triage - open
#195533 Successful mentions show up as redlinks, sending the wrong message to users Needs Triage - open
#195510 Write very instructive Help doc for Category search. Needs Triage - open
#195503 Investigate how to warn users about the shortcomings of Category search (and categories) Needs Triage - open
#195481 Create entry points for the category filters Needs Triage - open
#195476 Unable to create source "v3"self._closeAsync is not a function error Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#195288 Local exception for notifications does not work Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#194963 Hide/restore links in Special:Contributions don't work the first time they're clicked Needs Triage - open
#194803 [testwiki-wmf.4] Maplink opened in a different tab shows double "mw-kartographer-buttonfoot" and "mw-kartographer-captionfoot" elements Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#194690 Incorrect encoding of id fields when runnign StructuredDiscussion on a Windows server Needs Triage - open
#194680 EchoDiscussionParserTests failing on patches Needs Triage - duplicate
#194629 Some messages can't be marked as read Needs Triage - invalid
#194570 Add en as a fallback language for pl maps Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#194527 Make Norwegian Bokmål (nb) and Nynorsk (nn) fall back to Norwegian (no) in maps Needs Triage - resolved
#194484 Bundled Echo notifications should be able to aggregate the parameters of the individual notifications Needs Triage - invalid
#194438 "mention" from summary does not notify the mentioner Needs Triage - duplicate
#194429 Remove the need to generate ParserOutput before PageContentSave hook is called Needs Triage - open
#194057 Add font for Aramaic (arc) Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#193940 "Publish changes" button not show translation text Needs Triage - invalid
#193866 Define english (en) as a fallback language for greek (el) for maps Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#193123 Edit title UI/UX issues Needs Triage - open
#193074 mwext-ruby-jessie fails on mediawiki/extensions/Echo Needs Triage - resolved
#192318 Flawed mentions in Flow and "wikitext" to "html" conversion exception Needs Triage - open
#192275 Fix "Tags" padding to have it less close to the edge Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#192251 Mapframes with a width of 100% fail to display on the mobile site unless "frameless" is used Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#192210 Loading animation is over text on Recent Changes Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#192187 Allow custom language in <mapframe> Needs Triage - resolved
#192170 [betalabs] "leaflet-control-layers-toggle" is missing on extended map view Needs Triage - invalid
#192130 wikipage.content fired twice on RecentChanges with live updates Needs Triage - invalid
#192058 Figure out when to convert brighmed and meddo to XML Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#192054 Textbox autogrows too far and entire paragraphs disappear while typing on mw:Project:Support_desk Needs Triage - declined
#192041 Logs 'Thank' notifications appear to bundle on different actions Needs Triage 3 - resolved
#192021 maps.wikimedia.org/osm-intl/ *.json format is not rendered Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#192007 Bad geojson - unknown type ExternalData Needs Triage - duplicate
#191946 Extension:StructuredDiscussions Request: Provide a "Subscription List" Needs Triage - invalid
#191932 Static map renderer rejects features without a "properties" key as invalid GeoJSON Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#191815 Menu icons misaligned in the menu Needs Triage - duplicate
#191807 tileshell fails with new tilerator/package repo Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#191739 Bundle Thanks extension with MediaWiki Needs Triage - open
#191738 Bundle Echo extension with MediaWiki Needs Triage - open
#191693 Restore toolbar border in SD+WMUI/Vector Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#191100 [betalabs] Maps do not load - 400 Bad Request Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#191038 Tags in Special:RecentChanges are misleading Needs Triage - open
#191015 Adjust the spacing of the advanced filters Needs Triage - open
#191014 Help icon is misplaced on the Tags panel Needs Triage - resolved
#190980 Improve RCFilters highlight circles CSS code output and align due to new base font-size Needs Triage - open
#190966 Improper stacking of dropdown menu on Special:Notification on MinervaNeue Needs Triage Etonkovidova resolved
#190952 Delete VPS project 'editor-engagement' on or after 2018-04-15 Needs Triage - resolved
#190892 Map preview is not loading in VE Needs Triage - resolved
#190764 GSoC 2018 Proposal:Convert MediaWiki extensions WikiLove, MultimediaViewer and MassMessage to use OOUI Needs Triage ssaluja16 declined
#190718 Tag filters' titles and descriptions should be bidi isolated Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#190714 GSoC proposal: Add 'Category' search filter to Recent Changes Filters Needs Triage Hagarshilo resolved
#190679 Make the layers panel useful for readers to explore the map content Needs Triage - declined
#190668 GSoC'18 Proposal : Convert MediaWiki extensions WikiLove, MultimediaViewer and MassMessage to use OOUI Needs Triage Gopavasanth declined
#190021 Add a "de-emphasis" color selection to filters Needs Triage - open
#189929 Add "previously deleted" as a possible issue (flagged in red) in the New Pages Feed/Page Curation Tool Needs Triage - open
#189883 Enable <mapframe> on kannada wikipedia Needs Triage Jayprakash12345 resolved
#189813 Rollback summaries should not send notifications to mentioned user Needs Triage