WMDE-QWERTY Snapshot 2018-12-18 02:02:24

Demo 2 (7 story points)
Done 3 (5 story points)
Doing 1 (3 story points)
Review 1 (5 story points)
Sprint Backlog 1 (8 story points)
total 8 (28 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#210501 Edits on the left (other) side get lost when using preview/diff High 5 - Demo
#204519 cloudvps: mwfileimport project trusty deprecation Normal 2 Andrew Done
#210755 Create upload log entries for all imported file revisions Normal 8 - Sprint Backlog
#211576 Cite silently ignores all parameters in <ref> with more than two parameters Normal - Done
#198324 Set a tag so that files imported with FileImporter can be filtered in Recent Changes Normal 3 thiemowmde Doing
#199108 Block all imports if no configuration file for a source wiki exists Normal 2 WMDE-Fisch Demo
#210758 Add browser test for preview functionality to MediaWiki core Low 3 thiemowmde Done
#200259 Investigate wrong entry order in the user contributions list Low 5 thiemowmde Review