WMDE-QWERTY Snapshot 2018-06-19 10:22:28

Demo 7 (19 story points)
Done 5 (19 story points)
Doing 1 (2 story points)
Review 1 (5 story points)
total 14 (45 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#169061 Add links to info help pages in the mw.org Help namespace for FileExporter Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#196455 Upgrade PHP version on mwfileimport test server Needs Triage 5 WMDE-Fisch Demo
#196622 FileExporter: Rename button to "Export to Wikimedia Commons" High 1 thiemowmde Demo
#194282 Update extension manual to contain existing documentation Normal 1 WMDE-Fisch Demo
#196461 Make CommonsHelper2 source wiki address configurable Normal 2 thiemowmde Done
#195373 Remove bug that sometime a moved paragraph is indicated, but not visibly matched Normal 3 jkroll Demo
#195371 Create a test server for show changes in moved paragraphs on mobile Normal 5 jkroll Done
#195370 Deploy FileExporter and FileImporter to group0 Normal 8 WMDE-Fisch Done
#194502 Only allow moves of files that have one of the required templates Normal 3 Andrew-WMDE Demo
#196083 Make URL-input page of FileImporter inaccessible for users Normal 3 Andrew-WMDE Demo
#196976 Allow two- and one-path interwiki linking for user names Normal 5 WMDE-Fisch Review
#196621 Change text for beta feature section Normal 2 WMDE-Fisch Doing
#196161 Add support for unencoded Unicode URLs Normal 3 thiemowmde Demo
#193615 When a file move is started, find the correct config file for template and category mapping Normal 3 Andrew-WMDE Done