WMDE-QWERTY Snapshot 2018-04-17 14:40:24

Demo 1 (5 story points)
Done 9 (16 story points)
Doing 1 ( story points)
Review 1 (5 story points)
total 12 (26 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#188250 document the $1 and $2 parameters in fileimporter-textrevisions and fileimporter-filerevisions Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#191283 Describe control + data flow of extensions in readme Needs Triage 5 thiemowmde Demo
#191026 Internal error: Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given. Needs Triage 5 WMDE-Fisch Done
#189199 Adapt successpage to new design Normal 1 Andrew-WMDE Done
#189439 Error situations (wrong file format, abuse filter failure...) lead to an error page Normal 5 Andrew-WMDE Review
#190170 Check if FileImporter respects TitleBlacklist extension Normal 2 WMDE-Fisch Done
#191313 Create a first patch for "show changes in moved paragraphs for mobile" Normal jkroll Doing
#191311 Set up test server for testing the mobile view of "show changes in moved paragraphs" Normal - Done
#190821 Improve code coverage of APIDetailRetriever Normal 2 Andrew-WMDE Done
#190176 Write a summary of how we improved Wikidiff2 Normal 3 WMDE-Fisch Done
#168406 On WMF wikis, call the FileExporter link "Import to Commons" Normal 1 Andrew-WMDE Done
#192294 Missleading Error message: maximum file size Low 1 thiemowmde Done