Wikidata-Turtles Snapshot 2018-03-28 02:02:20

Done 7 (1 story points)
Doing 1 (13 story points)
Peer Review 2 (3 story points)
Test (Product Review) 4 (9 story points)
total 14 (26 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#189677 Set up the "Hello World" JS browser test High - Done
#189676 Rename wblexemeaddform and wblexemeeditformelements to wbl-prefixed High Addshore Done
#189675 Add remove button to UI which performs removal (makes API call and updates the UI after the change) High - Done
#189673 Ensure wbeditentity allows removing a form and uses the same business logic as wblremoveform High - Peer Review
#189672 Create "remove form" API action High - Test (Product Review)
#173332 [Story] remove a Form High 13 - Doing
#187215 [Bug] Undo of an edit on a form silently fails Normal 3 Addshore Test (Product Review)
#189679 Use the correct formatter when visualizing the language difference in the lexeme diff Normal Addshore Done
#189678 Use the correct formatter when visualizing the lexical category difference in the lexeme diff Normal WMDE-leszek Done
#189580 Investigate: Undoing and restore edit on a form does not work Normal Addshore Done
#189187 Label not shown for lexical category and/or language edit diff of a Lexeme Normal 5 - Test (Product Review)
#189186 label not shown for grammatical feature in diff of a Form Normal 3 Jakob_WMDE Peer Review
#189143 "Grammatical features" string on a Form of a Lexeme is not translatable Low 1 Jakob_WMDE Done
#189142 wrong translations of wikibaselexeme-header-forms Low 1 Addshore Test (Product Review)