WMDE-QWERTY Snapshot 2018-01-09 02:02:14

Done 2 (2 story points)
Doing 2 (2 story points)
FileImporter 2 (2 story points)
Maintenance 4 (4 story points)
Review 8 (8 story points)
Sprint Backlog 1 (1 story points)
TwoColConflict prototype 2 (2 story points)
Wikidiff2 5 (5 story points)
total 26 (26 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#183500 Re Enable AdvancedSearch on deployment.wikimedia.beta Needs Triage 1 Addshore Doing
#183363 Show error message in prototype if not all versions have been selected Needs Triage 1 Hanna_Petruschat_WMDE TwoColConflict prototype
#183362 Change prototype's resolution page for MVP testing Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Doing
#183359 Add a version selection page to prototype Needs Triage 1 - TwoColConflict prototype
#183357 Check assumptions about current workflow Needs Triage 1 - Wikidiff2
#183353 Investigate other options for improving change detection Needs Triage 1 - Wikidiff2
#183352 Investigate if character runs are better than character counts for threshold Needs Triage 1 - Wikidiff2
#183346 Let expand arrow in namespace selection mirror state of the pane Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#183345 Align expand icon in namespace selection Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#183222 Try docker for one of the projects Needs Triage 1 - Maintenance
#182884 Estimate problem classes Needs Triage 1 - Review
#183914 RevisionStore::checkDatabaseWikiId is broken in some cases Needs Triage 1 Addshore Sprint Backlog
#181637 JS not always fully loaded on de-wiki Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#181233 Fix TwoColConf browser tests for new user pref design Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#180491 Have extensive logging for the import process Needs Triage 1 Addshore FileImporter
#180248 Port TwoColConflict Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js Needs Triage 1 - Maintenance
#180246 Port ElectronPdfService Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#181717 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined in mediawiki.Title.js High 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#183131 Create a (semi) automated testing environment Normal 1 - Wikidiff2
#181494 Investigate what the ideal change detection threshold would be Normal 1 jkroll Wikidiff2
#181404 Make change detection threshold configurable from php Normal 1 jkroll Review
#180430 RevisionSlider overwrites Twinkle shortcuts Normal 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#180247 Port RevisionSlider Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js Normal 1 - Maintenance
#173572 Add code for tracking the usage of keywords and the overall usage of the extension Normal 1 Addshore Review
#160062 Allow setting the watchlist table to read-only on a per-wiki basis Normal 1 Addshore Maintenance
#161012 Implement http-less file-copy functionality Normal 1 Addshore FileImporter