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Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#182097 Investigation: Whether it is better to skip permission checks for forms High 1 thiemowmde Done
#182082 [Bug] Uncatched UnsupportedObjectException in EntityContent::getNativeData High 1 thiemowmde Done
#181253 Make UI use wbsetclaim API for Form Statements (days: 1) High 1 WMDE-leszek Review
#180470 Adjust demo data of forms after statements on the form can be saved High 1 - Backlog
#180467 Make it possible to handle sub-entities in the storage layer of Wikibase (days: 1) High 1 thiemowmde Done
#180454 Sort out the mess that is the DataTypes extension / library / npm packages in order to kill the build High 1 WMDE-leszek Done
#179923 Track usage in generic Lua getters via __index [M] High 1 Ladsgroup Done
#177022 Add an API module for querying MediaInfo entities by file page title High 1 MarkTraceur Backlog
#163724 persistently addable/editable/removable statements on a Form via the UI (L) High 1 thiemowmde Backlog
#182110 Only update constraints table when constraint statements were edited Normal 1 Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE Done
#182106 Read constraint check results from cache and check freshness (days: 1) Normal 1 Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE Review
#182105 Store constraint check results and tracked entities in object cache Normal 1 Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE Done
#182104 Track entities to consider when checking whether cached constraint check result is valid Normal 1 Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE Done
#181807 [Bug] Diffs in wikibase show edit links Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#181080 Add cacheable layer between CheckConstraints and DelegatingConstraintChecker Normal 1 Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE Done
#161367 Re-label the "Save" links to be "Publish" in structured data inline edit links on Normal 1 Ladsgroup In Progress
#182137 Clean up backward compatibility of EntityDiffAspects in Wikibase Low 1 Ladsgroup Done
#182660 disable RDF support for Lexemes for first release (days: 1) Low 1 Ladsgroup Review
#176347 Grafana should be updated to reflect the new usage aspect C Low 1 Ladsgroup Done
#181371 should have anchors Lowest 1 matej_suchanek Done