WMDE-QWERTY Snapshot 2017-11-28 02:02:12

Done 11 (11 story points)
Doing 3 (3 story points)
Review 3 (3 story points)
Sprint Backlog 2 (2 story points)
total 19 (19 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#176871 Importing https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Labs_Tools_topology.png using FileImporter fails "Failed to commit operations." Needs Triage 1 - Sprint Backlog
#179469 Investigation: Rollback nicely if any part of the move fails Needs Triage 1 - Doing
#179277 Test moved paragraph behavior on test cluster Needs Triage 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#181383 Deploy FileImporter & FileExporter to beta sites Needs Triage 1 Addshore Sprint Backlog
#181280 Broken main search field when using AdvancedSearch Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#181222 AdvancedSearch: adjust links in beta section Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#181175 AdvancedSearch breaks usability of mobile search by pushing search results down page Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#181162 Improve keyboard navigation on AdvancedSearch Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Doing
#181066 Mark for translation: Help:AdvancedSearch and Extension:AdvancedSearch Needs Triage 1 Addshore Done
#180663 Timless skin: moved paragraph indicator show dots on hover Needs Triage 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#180491 Have extensive logging for the import process Needs Triage 1 Addshore Doing
#180043 Invalidate the diff cache if the engine producing the diff changes Needs Triage 1 Legoktm Done
#181106 Advanced search UI looks bad with Timeless skin High 1 WMDE-Fisch Done
#180602 Add placeholder for title tags to the moved indicators Normal 1 jkroll Done
#180147 Deploy AdvancedSearch extension to group0 Normal 1 Addshore Done
#180123 Define changes within wikidiff2 for mobile Normal 1 - Done
#173572 Add code for tracking the usage of keywords and the overall usage of the extension Normal 1 - Done
#160062 Allow setting the watchlist table to read-only on a per-wiki basis Normal 1 Addshore Review
#166882 Add tooltip to elements indicating a moved paragraph Normal 1 WMDE-Fisch Done