WMDE-Fun-Team Snapshot 2017-06-21 02:01:54

Done 9 (19 story points)
Review 9 (15 story points)
total 18 (34 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#167302 Create Repo for Jenkins config Needs Triage 1 Pablo-WMDE Review
#167297 Prepare environment for payment provider integration Needs Triage 3 kai.nissen Done
#167289 Create Docker image for deployment of fundraising-infrastructure with Ansible Needs Triage 5 Pablo-WMDE Review
#162439 Track any links from donation page to wikimedia.de Needs Triage 1 - Done
#162353 Archive old fundraising application Needs Triage 5 kai.nissen Done
#162795 Add a "maintenance mode" Needs Triage 3 kai.nissen Done
#166222 Use static Diffie-Hellman parameters for servers Needs Triage 1 kai.nissen Done
#166143 Verify production code against no-dev-dependencies Needs Triage - Done
#166116 Remove output during automated tests Needs Triage 3 JeroenDeDauw Done
#168294 Fix page view tracking on wikipedia.de High 1 kai.nissen Review
#168284 Fix web server configuration for Piwik High 1 kai.nissen Done
#167103 Configure config backup Normal Pablo-WMDE Review
#167102 Configure Jenkins' SSL Normal Pablo-WMDE Review
#167100 Configure LDAP Normal Pablo-WMDE Review
#167099 Set up Jenkins plugins Normal Pablo-WMDE Review
#167097 Install Jenkins Normal Pablo-WMDE Review
#163918 Add tests for mail templates Low 8 JeroenDeDauw Review
#167296 Research micropayment back button configurability Low 2 kai.nissen Done