Wikidata Snapshot 2016-08-30 02:01:16

Done 16 (16 story points)
Backlog 6 (6 story points)
Doing 4 (4 story points)
Proposed 3 (3 story points)
Review 9 (9 story points)
total 38 (38 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#122672 [Task] Enable allowDataAccessInUserLanguage on meta Needs Triage 1 hoo Done
#132628 Drop eu_touched Needs Triage 1 hoo Done
#141771 In other projects sidebar Needs Triage 1 Lucie Review
#144037 Value input for qualifiers doesn't get focused when clicking Needs Triage 1 hoo Review
#143818 Wikibase\SqlIdGenerator::generateNewId: Explicit commit of implicit transaction. Needs Triage 1 hoo Review
#143423 Change Wikibase entity access parser limit report Needs Triage 1 hoo Review
#143118 [Task] Introduce wbentityusage API Needs Triage 1 Ladsgroup Backlog
#143094 Return actual term language in mw.wikibase.label Needs Triage 1 hoo Done
#142906 Data access in user language doesn't obey the uselang get parameter Needs Triage 1 hoo Done
#136058 WDQS GUI menus and strings should be internationalized Needs Triage 1 - Done
#108929 [Task] only fallback to master in WikiPageEntityMetaDataLookup when explicitly requested High 1 hoo Review
#115269 [Story] When a Quantity is entered with no uncertainty/bounds given, do not guess uncertainty/bounds until needed. High 1 thiemowmde Done
#143389 [Bug] Scribunto_LuaSandboxTests repeatedly fails because it relies on code execution time High 1 thiemowmde Review
#142086 [Task] announce quantity changes High 1 Lydia_Pintscher Backlog
#142084 Document interface stability policy for Wikibase High 1 daniel Done
#141856 [Task] Handle title language properly as part of citoid support for Wikidata High 1 aude Doing
#141851 write out spec from discussion about federation High 1 Lydia_Pintscher Backlog
#142695 [Story] Cleanup after refactoring Add-/Remove-Toolbar High 1 - Proposed
#142694 [Story] Refactor Add-/Remove-Toolbar High 1 - Doing
#137933 Article placeholder has wrong link in "other languages" box in sidebar High 1 - Done
#134639 [Task] Implement statement order fetching from other Wikis Normal 1 hoo Review
#134473 Create MediaInfo / Linking multimedia files to their mediainfo entity (second prototype) Normal 1 daniel Done
#141878 Build a straw-man DB schema for Multi-Content-Revisions Normal 1 daniel Review
#141877 Update Multi-Content-Revision design document, and move it to Normal 1 daniel Doing
#142986 [Task] check for and fix breakage we introduced in Primary Sources Tool with recent refactoring Normal 1 - Backlog
#143148 Put entity usage data in action=info Normal 1 Ladsgroup Backlog
#143744 "The serialization "Q0" is not recognized by the configured id builders" Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#142987 [RfC] naming of parts of mediainfo entity Normal 1 - Proposed
#142820 [Task] Decide on quick fix for "Max length of reference label in russian" Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#142691 [Bug] Terms table truncates labels exceeding 255 bytes, possibly leaving invalid UTF-8 Normal 1 thiemowmde Backlog
#140760 [Task] Create mediainfo entity on demand when adding a statement the first time Normal 1 daniel Done
#138365 [Discuss-Storytime][Usability] Error message should help to solve problem when assigning a non well formed URL as value to an URL-restricted property results Normal 1 - Done
#129244 [Story] create gadget to try out global sort order Normal 1 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#115267 [Bug] Text field doesn't always load when trying to add a statement Normal 1 hoo Done
#103091 [Task] research how to surface usage tracking data for editors Normal 1 - Doing
#143645 Entity Suggester shows double information at certain moments Low 1 hoo Review
#142198 [Task] Make display of BCE dates in Wikidata Query Service identical to Wikidata Low 1 thiemowmde Done
#142749 Add 'nb' as alias for 'no' in the "add links" interface on Wikipedia Lowest 1 - Proposed