Wikidata Snapshot 2016-06-07 02:01:14

Done 13 (13 story points)
Backlog 10 (10 story points)
Doing 1 (1 story points)
Proposed 5 (5 story points)
Review 8 (8 story points)
total 37 (37 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#136543 [Bug] unable to edit in IE Unbreak Now! 1 JanZerebecki Done
#136294 [Task] Allow constructing all kinds of entity IDs from numbers Needs Triage 1 thiemowmde Review
#136619 [Bug] Grunt build breaks stuff on Needs Triage 1 Jonas Done
#136072 [Task] Exception Caught: Patching the provided types of entities is not supported Needs Triage 1 thiemowmde Done
#125822 [Epic] Basic first prototype for structured data support for Commons High 1 - Backlog
#134261 [Task] Transclude mediainfo entity in file-page High 1 - Proposed
#134259 [Task] Create mediainfo entity on demand when saving the first time High 1 - Proposed
#135035 [Task] Fix language fallback of properties High 1 hoo Backlog
#134756 [Task] Update demo-system to show mediainfo entity High 1 - Backlog
#136131 New WDQS GUI date formatting code produces bad results High 1 Jonas Done
#136598 Wikidata master database connection issue High 1 hoo Done
#133042 Quantity datatype precision (tracking) High 1 - Proposed
#132839 Property suggester suggests human properties for non-human items High 1 - Backlog
#118860 [RFC] Use Role Object Pattern to represent derived data in the data model High 1 daniel Proposed
#95685 Drop wb_entity_per_page table High 1 - Backlog
#93172 [Task] Adapt JS Serialization to new EntityIdValue serialization High 1 adrianheine Review
#115270 Allow QuantityValue objects to have empty/no bounds set Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#115792 [Bug] Language selector in [[Special:NewItem]] doesn't recognize certain languages Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#118727 [Task] Move Wikidata browsertests into Wikibase repository Normal 1 - Backlog
#134263 [Task] Improve performance of the SearchHookHandler Normal 1 - Backlog
#134258 [Task] Show empty mediainfo for mediainfo ids that correspond to existing file-pages Normal 1 - Proposed
#126585 Sitelink browser test sometimes fails with firefox because of rate limit? Normal 1 - Backlog
#135017 [Task] Fix the external ressources table Normal 1 - Done
#135139 [Task] Fix image description/qualifier Normal 1 Lucie Done
#135650 [Task] Migrate PropertySuggester away from assuming all entities are numeric Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#135222 Add Timeline display to visualize query results Normal 1 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#135149 Implement a SiteLookup based on a nested array structure. Normal 1 daniel Backlog
#135147 Make the domain model implemented by Site/SiteLookup/SiteStore more flexible Normal 1 daniel Backlog
#135714 [Bug] Terms sometimes not showing up, purge needed Normal 1 aude Done
#135618 [Task] Support autocomments formatting for all entities Normal 1 adrianheine Review
#135593 [Task] Add default permissions for MediaInfo Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#136303 [Task] Investigate why QUnit jobs time out randomly Normal 1 - Done
#132592 Array representation of EntityIdValue should be based on ID serialization. Normal 1 - Review
#125635 [Task] Run identifier datatype conversion Normal 1 hoo Doing
#125500 Index Wikidata labels and descriptions as separate fields in ElasticSearch Normal 1 aude Review
#124036 [Task] Add button to translate article Normal 1 Florian Review
#135956 Escape parentheses in WDQS URL Low 1 - Done