TCB Snapshot 2016-04-21 02:01:07

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Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#132576 [Task] Turn current RevisionSlider prototype into Mediawiki extension High 13 Jakob_WMDE Done
#132575 [Task] Request repo for RevisionSlider High 1 Jakob_WMDE Done
#132567 [Task] Write exciting story about watchlist code refactoring High 8 Addshore Review
#132568 [Task] Refactor Special:Recentchanges to use WatchedItemStore Normal 3 Addshore Done
#132566 [Task] Refactor ApiQueryWatchlistRaw to use WatchedItemStore Normal 5 WMDE-leszek Doing
#132565 [Task] Refactor ApiQueryWatchlist to use WatchedItemStore Normal 8 WMDE-leszek Review
#127944 [CatWatch] Categories with __HIDDENCAT__ should not be displayed on wiki change lists unless user has the "display hidden categories" preference turned on Normal 3 WMDE-Fisch Done
#126855 [CatWatch] does not reflect (un)categorizaction via transcluded templates Normal Addshore Done
#126139 [CatWatch] Summary doesn't respect noinclude or includeonly tags Normal 13 Addshore Done
#126407 [CatWatch] Ignore Lua-transcluded pages in summaries Low Addshore Done