Wikidata Snapshot 2016-04-26 02:01:11

Done 21 (21 story points)
Backlog 22 (22 story points)
Doing 3 (3 story points)
Proposed 6 (6 story points)
Review 7 (7 story points)
total 59 (59 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#133000 Fatal BadMethodCallException: Call to a member function getText() on a non-object (null) in Wikidata/ArticlePlaceholder/SearchHookHandle Unbreak Now! 1 - Backlog
#131747 [Story] SPARQL textual representation Needs Triage 1 Jonas Done
#132669 [Bug] Query service map view grey/ world not visible Needs Triage 1 Jonas Done
#110533 [Bug] The ValueView CI does not run its own QUnit tests High 1 - Backlog
#110728 [Bug] Quantity field has bad data (\n) High 1 thiemowmde Review
#78298 [Task] Split Diff/Patching code to allow constructing other Differs/Patchers High 1 thiemowmde Review
#125838 Implement usage tracking without eu_touched High 1 hoo Done
#127292 [Task] Move DataTypes repository from Github to gerrit High 1 - Proposed
#125822 [Epic] Basic first prototype for structured data support for Commons High 1 - Proposed
#131144 smoke test Feature: Authority control gadget test fails High 1 - Proposed
#130105 [Task] Only create entity serializers and deserializers via global factory High 1 - Doing
#131920 DuplicateReferences doesn't show insert reference button High 1 adrianheine Done
#132645 [Bug] fatal error: Argument 1 passed to CachingEntityRevisionLookup::getEntityRevision() must be an instance of EntityId, null given High 1 - Backlog
#132964 Allow EntityFactory to work in Wikibase for more entity types High 1 - Backlog
#132843 MediaInfoViewTest::testPlaceholderIntegration fails in the Wikidata build High 1 adrianheine Done
#132442 [Task] Introduce differ for MediaInfo High 1 - Backlog
#129348 [Tracking] Inject entity services via callback definitions High 1 - Backlog
#129275 [Task] Create js widget for media info entity type High 1 adrianheine Review
#126597 [Task] Move WikibaseDataModel to Gerrit High 1 - Backlog
#118860 [RFC] Use Role Object Pattern to represent derived data in the data model High 1 daniel Proposed
#119067 Adjust rescoring config for Wikidata to consider sitelink count High 1 - Proposed
#78157 [Story] Implement entity search API module based on Elastic High 1 - Backlog
#93570 [Bug] deleting text of value and then clicking remove hangs UI Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#86488 [Bug] monolingual text input missing translation of string "Language (mandatory)" Normal 1 - Done
#72838 The message wikibase-propertyedittool-counter-entrieslabel needs to include the number itself Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#57961 the message that shows the number of sources for a statement seems to use PLURAL incorrectly Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#39459 [Task] Don't try to add labels in non-existing languages: restrict to Language::isKnownLanguageTag Normal 1 adrianheine Doing
#129033 Confusion between Wikidata rank and value switches Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#118727 [Task] Move Wikidata browsertests into Wikibase repository Normal 1 - Backlog
#124784 [Task] Make the JavaScript data model immutable Normal 1 thiemowmde Backlog
#124757 [Story] Improve the set of language codes available for monolingual text values Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#131985 Multiple images not handled properly Normal 1 - Backlog
#130017 [Task] Remove Wikidata performance-tests jobs Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#127055 [Task] Use ViewController for editing in statementview Normal 1 - Proposed
#132558 [Task] JS deserializers via entity type definitions Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#132555 Remove dependency from WikibaseView on Language Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#132554 [Task] Emit correct lang and dir attributes for missing terms messages in the termbox in PHP Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#132549 Don't bind to MediaWiki's PHP message system in WikibaseView for messages Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#132535 [Bug] Literal's language not shown in the GUI Normal 1 Jonas Done
#133436 [Task] Add common predicates to completion Normal 1 - Backlog
#133299 [Task] Replace bogus $ anchor in regular expressions with \z Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#133154 Introduce ULS and i18n Normal 1 Jonas Backlog
#132443 [Task] Discuss design of (De)Serializer interfaces Normal 1 - Backlog
#132756 [Story] Introduce basic language support Normal 1 Jonas Backlog
#132664 Remove dependency from WikibaseView on Title Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#132662 [Task] Do not use full deserialized entity for each PHP entity page view Normal 1 adrianheine Review
#132444 [Task] Create repository for WikibaseElastic Normal 1 aude Backlog
#132441 [Task] Move MonthNameProvider and depending classes to DataValues Time Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#130345 Remove dependency from WikibaseView on UserLanguageLookup in WikibaseLib Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#125635 [Task] Run identifier datatype conversion Normal 1 - Doing
#125500 Index Wikidata labels and descriptions as separate fields in ElasticSearch Normal 1 aude Backlog
#125066 [Task] Add already-requested language codes to set of language codes available for monolingual text values Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#109457 [Story] Simplify input for dates Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#109455 [Story] Simplify input for geocoordinates Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#101499 [Task] Setup a Jenkins job to run Wikidata browsertests on Normal 1 JanZerebecki Backlog
#101497 [Story] Run browsertests regularly on via Jenkins Normal 1 - Backlog
#75496 [Epic] Support new types of Entities in Wikibase Repository Normal 1 - Backlog
#126732 [[MediaWiki:Apihelp-query+pageterms-description/nb]] i18n issue Low 1 - Backlog
#133028 [Story] autogenerated Wikibase documentation Low 1 - Backlog