Wikidata Snapshot 2016-02-17 11:24:17

Done 25 (25 story points)
Backlog 14 (14 story points)
Doing 7 (7 story points)
Proposed 2 (2 story points)
Review 9 (9 story points)
total 57 (57 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#127044 [Task] Update dependencies to Wikibase DataModel 5.0 Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#126932 [Task] Support serialization of additional entities Normal 1 Bene Doing
#126779 [Task] Refactor EntityContent to not depend on Entity Normal 1 Bene Review
#126775 [Task] Use EntityDocument in api modules Normal 1 Bene Doing
#126773 [Task] Use EntityDocument in special pages Normal 1 Bene Done
#126771 [Task] Use EntityDocument in ChangeOps Normal 1 Bene Done
#126769 [Tracking] Don't typehint against Entity Normal 1 Bene Review
#126609 [Task] Display performance statistic notification Normal 1 Jonas Review
#126512 flaky qunit test wikibase.getLanguageNameByCode wikibase.getLanguageNameByCode() High 1 adrianheine Done
#126441 Support PHP 5.5 in CI for Wikidata stuff Needs Triage 1 JanZerebecki Backlog
#126355 Extensions should be able to provide a custom URI for wikibase data-types they define Needs Triage 1 daniel Doing
#126152 [RFC] Design of provider/holder interfaces in Wikibase's data model Normal 1 - Review
#126088 [Bug] Can't remove just the unit from a quantity value (after saving, the precision changes and the unit is not removed) Normal 1 Lydia_Pintscher Backlog
#125901 Enable ArticlePlaceholder on test.wikipedia, test2.wikipedia and testwikidata Normal 1 JanZerebecki Done
#125813 [bug] Editing terms in languages other than the interface language is broken Unbreak Now! 1 - Done
#125658 [Story] Performance stats Normal 1 - Backlog
#125648 [Task] Summarize consequences for users related to math datatype deployment High 1 daniel Done
#125647 [Task] Summarize consequences for users related to identifier datatype deployment High 1 daniel Done
#125643 [Task] Remove useless drawSnakTypeSelector call in snakview::_create Normal 1 - Done
#125642 [Task] Remove slow $().closest call from snakview Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#125636 [Task] Release Wikibase DataModel 5.0 High 1 thiemowmde Done
#125634 [Task] Enable identifier section on Normal 1 aude Backlog
#125633 [Task] Enable identifier datatype on Normal 1 aude Backlog
#125523 [Bug] Fix order of additional languages Normal 1 Bene Done
#125521 [Task] Refactor how formatters are passed to valueview Normal 1 adrianheine Done
#125516 [Task] Investigation: Find solutions for broken term contraints checking High 1 daniel Done
#125503 [Story] Reduce initialization time of Statementview High 1 - Review
#125502 [Task] Investigate time spent for initialization of individual widgets High 1 adrianheine Done
#125500 Index Wikidata labels as separate fields in ElasticSearch Normal 1 aude Doing
#125396 Config: Enable wbsearch for mobile frontend search on High 1 aude Done
#125392 [Task] figure out the ratio of page views by logged-in vs. logged-out users High 1 Addshore Done
#125391 [Task] Investigation: Remove wbentity blob on mobile Normal 1 daniel Done
#125359 Scribunto_LuaWikibaseEntityLibrary should respect allowDataAccessInUserLanguage Normal 1 hoo Done
#125358 The property parser function should respect allowDataAccessInUserLanguage Normal 1 hoo Done
#125064 [Task] Define and document process for requesting language codes for monolingual text values Normal 1 - Review
#125063 [Task] Remove universally bad language codes from the set of language codes available for monolingual text values Normal 1 - Done
#124931 Enable data type Mathematical expression on Normal 1 Llyrian Done
#124918 [Task] Support external identifier datatype in javascript ui Normal 1 Bene Backlog
#124784 [Task] Make the JavaScript data model immutable Normal 1 thiemowmde Proposed
#124783 [Task] Investigate how to improve loading time of individual widgets Normal 1 - Proposed
#124758 [Story] Show all available languages in monolingual text value's suggester Normal 1 - Backlog
#124757 [Story] Improve the set of language codes available for monolingual text values Normal 1 - Backlog
#124061 PropertySuggester builds fail on travis for php 5.3 and 5.4 Normal 1 aude Done
#124042 [Task] Adapt UI to use new wbformatvalue parameter Normal 1 Bene Backlog
#124036 [Task] Add button to translate article Normal 1 Lucie Doing
#123112 [Task] Add initial configuration for an "Identifiers" statement section Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#121433 [Task] Do not allow empty Terms to be added to Fingerprints Normal 1 Bene Review
#121395 [Bug] Term constraints not working High 1 daniel Done
#120945 [Task] Add a parser for the property page Normal 1 Lucie Doing
#117965 Review and deploy of the ArticlePlaceholder extension Normal 1 Lucie Backlog
#117680 [Story] Sorting of statement groups for ArticlePlaceholder Normal 1 Lucie Backlog
#111173 [Task] Move WikidataBuildResources to gerrit Normal 1 aude Done
#103102 [Story] Take in other projects sidebar out of beta features Normal 1 aude Backlog
#85368 [Story] Search for Wikidata should give meaningful results on mobile as well High 1 Bene Done
#78149 [Task] Prevent events from bubbling up the whole DOM unnecessarily Normal 1 - Backlog
#76021 [Task] Create extension mechanism for Wikibase Repository High 1 Bene Doing
#62341 [Task] Load widgets on demand Low 1 - Backlog