Wikidata Snapshot 2015-12-15 02:00:52

Done 23 (23 story points)
Backlog 16 (16 story points)
Doing 10 (10 story points)
Proposed 5 (5 story points)
Review 13 (13 story points)
total 67 (67 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#121433 [Task] Do not allow empty Terms to be added to Fingerprints Normal 1 Bene Doing
#121395 [Bug] Term constraints not working High 1 - Backlog
#121390 [Story] Create a cleaner and compact design Needs Triage 1 Jonas Review
#121382 Set the formatterUrlProperty config for Wikidata Normal 1 aude Done
#121274 Provide an RDF mapping for external identifiers Normal 1 - Review
#121083 Cannot find site jenkins_u3_mw Needs Triage 1 - Backlog
#121018 Can't add statements that have a value of the datatype property High 1 hoo Done
#120945 [Task] Add a parser for the property page Normal 1 Lucie Doing
#120935 Sometimes Wikibase items get cached during refreshlinks with no html High 1 hoo Done
#120887 missing cache invalidation for TemplateModule High 1 JanZerebecki Done
#120716 JSON dump creation failing Unbreak Now! 1 hoo Done
#120661 [Task] Create StatementGrouper based on config variable Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#120660 [Bug] API error message kills icon layout Needs Triage 1 Jonas Review
#120648 [Task] Add wikibase-statementgroup-identifiers message so that it gets translated before deploying Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#120643 Adjust WikibaseQuality external validation for changes in data type registration High 1 aude Done
#120521 [Task] Remove the word "Description:" from the generated page Normal 1 Lucie Done
#120372 [Story] Query Examples Dialog Needs Triage 1 Jonas Backlog
#120321 GUI shows "undefined" tooltip when item has no description Needs Triage 1 Jonas Done
#120241 [Bug] Cannot remove sitelinks (no trash can) Needs Triage 1 - Done
#120217 [Task] Add CirrusSearch and Elastica as dependencies of Wikibase on Jenkins High 1 - Done
#119950 Make Wikidata performance test again able to load Italy Needs Triage 1 - Backlog
#119946 [Task] Make JS view code independent of ordering and grouping of statements in HTML Normal 1 adrianheine Review
#119943 [Bug] Anonymous edit warning shown multiple times Needs Triage 1 Jonas Done
#119877 [Task] Remove formatter fallback from OutputFormatValueFormatterFactory Normal 1 daniel Doing
#119596 Use trivial StatementGrouper in StatementSectionsView Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#119402 [Task] Register formatter identfiers Normal 1 - Backlog
#119079 [Task] Add another item to browsertest that measures performance Normal 1 - Backlog
#119078 [Task] Move wbentity JSON to the end of the HTML High 1 - Proposed
#119066 Add sitelink count to search index for Wikidata High 1 aude Review
#118968 [Task] Investigate if removing of events improves loading times Normal 1 - Proposed
#118951 [Task] Implement ByMainSnakPropertyDataTypeStatementFilter Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#118950 [Task] Introduce StatementGrouper and StatementFilter Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#118860 [RFC] Use Role Object Pattern to represent derived data in the data model Needs Triage 1 daniel Review
#118694 [Story] Handling of identifier in the article placeholder Normal 1 Lucie Done
#118693 [Story] Put identifiers into separate section in the article placeholder Normal 1 Lucie Done
#118499 [Task] Define RDF mappings per value type Normal 1 daniel Backlog
#118284 create a Wikibase browser test job running against a fresh MediaWiki installation Normal 1 JanZerebecki Done
#117886 don't fail when running job mediawiki-extensions-qunit with Wikidata Normal 1 - Doing
#117862 [Task] Decide whether we want to use OOJS Needs Triage 1 - Done
#117681 [RfC] Ordering of statement groups in ArticlePlaceholder Normal 1 Lucie Doing
#117680 [Story] Sorting of statement groups for ArticlePlaceholder Normal 1 Lucie Doing
#117548 [Task] Spec out how to add extra Wikibase-specific fields in Cirrus / elastic search High 1 aude Review
#117457 Do not apply rounding when formatting Quantities (unless unit conversion was applied) High 1 - Backlog
#117421 [Story] Put identifiers into separate section in the UI Normal 1 - Doing
#116568 navigation timing stats specific to item? pages Normal 1 JanZerebecki Done
#116164 No test report files were found: job fails in jenkins but is shown as successful in raita Normal 1 zeljkofilipin Backlog
#115117 [RfC] PageTerms API module should work on entity pages and connected pages on a wiki with repo and client functionality enabled. Needs Triage 1 daniel Backlog
#114640 RFC: make Parser::getTargetLanguage aware of multilingual wikis Needs Triage 1 daniel Backlog
#113957 [Story] Set the image Property id in configurations Normal 1 Lucie Backlog
#112762 [Task] Introduce a lookup service for formatter URLs based on a given property ID Normal 1 daniel Doing
#112760 [Task] Implement snakformatter for identifiers Normal 1 - Review
#112756 [Task] Add property ID parameter to the wbformatvalue API Normal 1 - Backlog
#112755 [Task] Add support for SnakFormatter factory callbacks to DataTypeDefinitions Normal 1 daniel Review
#112754 [Task] Use DataTypeDefinitions in OutputFormatSnakFormatterFactory Normal 1 - Review
#110039 [Story] Unified API and SpecialPage for internal and external constraint violations High 1 - Proposed
#109780 [Task] Enable phase 2 for Wikinews, Wikispecies and Normal 1 aude Done
#109447 [Story] default display for article placeholder Normal 1 Lucie Done
#104750 [Bug] Low year numbers can be confused with days of the month Lowest 1 - Backlog
#96264 [Task] Add Wikidata to extension-gate in CI Normal 1 - Proposed
#95684 [Story] Format identifiers as Links Normal 1 - Backlog
#95403 [Task] Investigation: Find a good place where to put icons for violation indication Normal 1 - Proposed
#92759 [Story] allow editing of more languages in the in other languages box than the ones defined via babel boxes Normal 1 Bene Doing
#87757 [Story] Add icons to text in toolbars Normal 1 Jonas Done
#85368 [Story] Search for Wikidata should give meaningful results on mobile as well High 1 Bene Doing
#78006 [Story] Determine list of available languages in a uniform way High 1 - Backlog
#71166 [Story] Redirects - Ability to create a redirect over a deleted entity Normal 1 Addshore Review
#44289 [Task] Use rc_source for filtering Wikibase recent changes and watchlist entries in the client High 1 aude Review