Community-Tech Snapshot 2015-12-31 02:00:52

Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#121124 ParserOutput::getExtensionData() requires knowing all the keys to retrieve the data High 1 kaldari Backlog
#121069 Have PageAssessments do all database writes via the Job Queue Normal 3 Niharika Backlog
#121068 Have PageAssessments store all the assessments in ExtensionData until the page is finished parsing Normal 3 Niharika Backlog
#120849 Write tests for page assessment tool Normal 5 - Backlog
#120659 Add documentation for article assessment on Normal 2 Niharika Backlog
#120407 Create a report interface for PageAssessments Normal 0 - Backlog
#120230 Get code review for PageAssessments extension done Normal 0 Niharika Backlog
#120221 Host PageAssessment extension on Gerrit Normal 3 Niharika Backlog
#120220 Get security reviews for PageAssessment extension done Normal 0 Niharika Backlog
#119997 API for WikiProject article assessment data Normal 5 Fhocutt Backlog
#117142 Create an extension for storing WikiProject article assessment metadata in a database table via a parser function Normal 13 Niharika Backlog
#117124 Investigation: Discussion module for WikiProjects that lists the most recent new topics on talk pages in that category Normal 0 - Backlog
#117122 Investigation: Related changes by category, including main and talk namespaces (for WikiProjects) Normal 0 - Backlog
#117116 Make life better for WikiProjects (tracking) Normal 0 - Backlog
#116092 Investigation: Creating a gadget/extension to make it easier for users to do article assessments for WikiProjects Normal 0 - Backlog
#113973 [Dev Conference] Facilitating WikiProjects: reports, bots, gadgets, templates, wizards, etc. Normal 0 Harej Backlog
#41025 Gadgets 2.0: "hidden" doesn't work Low 0 - Backlog