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#119707 XSS: MobileFrontend fails to apply escaping to page titles and wikibase labels when using them as fallback for displaytitle Unbreak Now! daniel resolved
#119416 ----Below this line, not in sprint----- Needs Triage - invalid
#113667 Watchlist shouldn't re-render High bmansurov resolved
#114038 remove beta invite insert from mobile web in December 2015 High Jdlrobson resolved
#116677 Security review of Cards extension and fix any bugs that come out of it High 2 phuedx resolved
#118879 Loot: Service worker caching High Jhernandez resolved
#118877 Loot: Add search High phuedx resolved
#118767 Certain wikipedia pages are not auto-collapsing sections on iOS 9 High Jdlrobson resolved
#119152 Spike: [2 hours] QuickSurvey schema did not create a table in log database from first survey High bmansurov resolved
#119926 Regression: wgRelatedArticlesShowReadMore defaults to false on wikivoyage High phuedx resolved
#119563 create talk page for Schema:QuickSurveysResponses High bmansurov resolved
#116433 Third QuickSurvey for reader segmentation research - run multiple choice survey Normal 1 jhobs resolved
#119146 fix schema MobileWebSectionUsage Normal bd808 resolved
#120048 Search styles incorporating Wikidata descriptions are not to designers spec Normal Jdlrobson resolved
#119749 Release RelatedArticles Normal 1 bmansurov resolved
#114916 Migrate gettingstartedgetpages API to RelatedArticles Normal phuedx resolved
#113248 Ensure related articles and link previews does not impact December Fundraising Normal Jdlrobson resolved