Wikidata Snapshot 2015-12-01 02:00:54

Done 16 (16 story points)
Backlog 4 (4 story points)
Doing 3 (3 story points)
Review 17 (17 story points)
total 40 (40 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#119877 [Task] Remove formatter failback form OutputFormatValueFormatterFactory Normal 1 daniel Review
#119640 use rc_source instead of rc_type to filter out wikidata recent changes Needs Triage 1 - Done
#119596 Use trivial StatementGrouper in StatementSectionsView Normal 1 - Review
#119532 [Bug] Redirect for the path should point to an HTTPS URL Normal 1 JanZerebecki Review
#119077 [Task] Remove template comments when rendering template High 1 thiemowmde Done
#119066 Add sitelink count to search index for Wikidata High 1 aude Doing
#118951 [Task] Implement ByMainSnakPropertyDataTypeStatementFilter Normal 1 - Review
#118950 [Task] Introduce StatementGrouper and StatementFilter Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#118949 [Task] Introduce StatementSectionsView Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#118860 [RFC] Use Role Object Pattern to represent derived data in the data model Needs Triage 1 - Review
#118668 [Bug] Various functions in EntityRenderer can't handle "labelRenderer" returning nil High 1 Lucie Done
#118500 [Task] Split RDF mapping code into separate classes per type Normal 1 daniel Done
#118499 [Task] Define RDF mappings per value type Normal 1 daniel Review
#118459 Watchlist show/hide checkboxes don't work correctly for form options that hide something by default High 1 aude Done
#118322 [Story] Merging wizard shouldn't allow dissimilar items to be merged High 1 Bene Done
#118284 create a Wikibase browser test job running against a fresh MediaWiki installation Normal 1 JanZerebecki Review
#118162 Wikibase dispatchChanges.php runs slow, creates an absurd amount of database connections Unbreak Now! 1 jcrespo Done
#117886 don't fail when running job mediawiki-extensions-qunit with Wikidata Normal 1 - Backlog
#117685 [Task] Tests for SearchHookHandler Normal 1 Lucie Done
#117681 [RfC] Ordering of statement groups Normal 1 Lucie Backlog
#117548 [Task] Spec out how to add extra Wikibase-specific fields in Cirrus / elastic search High 1 aude Review
#117421 [Story] Put identifiers into separate section in the UI Normal 1 - Backlog
#116568 navigation timing stats specific to item? pages Normal 1 JanZerebecki Review
#113049 [Task] add CI to extension ArticlePlaceholder High 1 JanZerebecki Done
#112762 [Task] Introduce a lookup service for formatter URLs based on a given property ID Normal 1 daniel Review
#112755 [Task] Add support for SnakFormatter factory callbacks to DataTypeDefinitions Normal 1 daniel Review
#112754 [Task] Use DataTypeDefinitions in OutputFormatSnakFormatterFactory Normal 1 - Review
#112753 [Tracking] Create a mechanism for datatype specific Snak rendering (to allow formatting based on per-property information) Normal 1 - Done
#112550 [RFC] How to represent derived values in the data model, and allow for deferred deserialization High 1 daniel Done
#111209 [Task] Create custom mediawiki search api module Normal 1 Bene Done
#110902 [Bug] Table of content too large on mobile Wikidata Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#110214 [Task] Manage RDF mapping of data values based on central DataType registry Normal 1 daniel Done
#109447 [Story] default display for article placeholder Normal 1 Lucie Review
#107595 [RFC] Multi-Content Revisions Normal 1 daniel Doing
#95684 [Story] Format identifiers as Links Normal 1 - Backlog
#92759 [Story] allow editing of more languages in the in other languages box than the ones defined via babel boxes Normal 1 Bene Doing
#87757 [Story] Add icons to text in toolbars Normal 1 Jonas Review
#85368 [Story] Search for Wikidata should give meaningful results on mobile as well Normal 1 Bene Review
#64798 [Task] Consolidate watchlist and recent changes hook query code in Wikibase Client Normal 1 aude Done
#50047 client watchlist shows more than just the last change on the item Normal 1 daniel Done