TCB Snapshot 2015-10-28 02:00:45

Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#115573 [AG] [Task] Deployment script should run composer update and create config file if needed Normal 5 Addshore Done
#115474 [AG] [Task] Implement public domain behavior of the dialog Normal 5 Jakob_WMDE Done
#115473 [AG] [Task] Implement "download picture" functionality Normal 3 Addshore Done
#115472 [AG] [Task] Error handling for main input field Normal 3 Addshore Done
#115471 [AG] [Task] Show image on starting page of dialog Normal 8 Jakob_WMDE Done
#115470 [AG] [Task] Get all thumbnails with fixed height and don't limit the width Normal 3 Jakob_WMDE Done
#115468 [AG] [Bug] Confirmation page broken for email form Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#115335 [AG] [Task] Move the WMDE logo to the menu bar and make it horizontal Normal 1 Jakob_WMDE Done
#113345 [GTWL] Write script to evaluate the survey High 5 Addshore Done
#112258 [AG] Pulling / checking out the current repo on Windows does not work Needs Triage 1 Addshore Done
#110340 [CatWatch] Add setting for disabling categorization recent changes & watching on a site (per wiki) Normal 3 Addshore Done
#110338 [CatWatch] [Task] Create special user that is recorded in RC and WL for category changes High 3 Addshore Done
#109700 [CatWatch] [Regression] Categorization event should honour bot flag (changes by bots shown if hidebots=1) High 5 Addshore Done
#109689 [CatWatch] Page ID for categorizations in API inconsistent Normal 5 Addshore Done
#109688 [CatWatch] Links to history are incorrect High 2 Addshore Done
#109604 [CatWatch] Use title text instead of URLencoded title for item name Low 1 Addshore Done