Testing-Sandbox Snapshot 2015-11-17 02:00:48

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Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#118194 Suggestion fails to show High 0 Nikerabbit doing
#117657 Update cxserver Puppet config for service-runner migration High 1 KartikMistry doing
#117649 ApiQueryContentTranslation does not respect from and to params if sourcetitle param not present Normal 1 santhosh doing
#117624 Visually separate personal collection and suggestions Normal 1 santhosh doing
#116908 Investigate CX saving/recovery failures High 1 Nikerabbit doing
#116400 Simple English doesn't appear in the ContentTranslation suggestions language selector Normal 1 Amire80 doing
#116357 Correct direction must be applied to the ContentTranslation language selector in the dashboard after selection Normal 1 Amire80 doing
#115008 Paginate suggestions with an option to refresh them Normal 1 santhosh doing
#114097 In RTL UI, language filter ULS is not aligned correctly on the ContentTranslation dashboard Low 1 Amire80 doing
#111905 Design the technical infrastructure for parallel corpora storage and api Normal 0 santhosh doing
#111028 Integrate the personalised algorithm for translation suggestions High 0 santhosh doing
#101272 Standardise CXServer deployment Normal 1 santhosh doing
#89844 Add Yandex support in Production High 1 KartikMistry doing