Community-Tech Sprint Overview

Done 34 (48 story points)
Backlog 4 (3 story points)
Doing 6 (14 story points)
Pending Deployment 1 (1 story points)
Review 6 (10 story points)
total 51 (76 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#112926 Beta Cluster EventLogging data is disappearing? Unbreak Now! 0 - Done
#112020 [Mini epic] Activate Banner History! Unbreak Now! - Done
#109649 Implement Amazon payment notification listener Needs Triage 2 Ejegg Done
#112946 default to credit card (so it doesn't need to be in the url) - worldpay 1 hour test Needs Triage 1 cwdent Backlog
#112920 Backfill from Aug 25-Sept 17 PayPal audit outage Needs Triage 1 awight Done
#112590 Fix error for non-ECMA5 browsers in ext.centralNotice.display Needs Triage 1 AndyRussG Done
#112015 Version banner history log Needs Triage 1 Ejegg Done
#114192 Another spike in unsettled GC 600s Needs Triage 1 awight Done
#113813 Banner history: encode all hide reasons Needs Triage 1 awight Review
#113809 Close Amazon order reference asynchronously Needs Triage 2 Ejegg Done
#113563 Update WMF logo(s) in Amazon config Needs Triage 1 Ejegg Done
#113421 Banner history: always send a temporary log ID, and never send back two logs on the same pageview Needs Triage 1 AndyRussG Done
#113365 Sample XML for a GC USD credit card donation Needs Triage 1 awight Done
#111424 Comb Amazon out of our Mustache Needs Triage 1 Ejegg Done
#111385 Give KVStore items limited TTL Needs Triage 2 AndyRussG Done
#108406 Sprint T goal (End Q1 + code slush): amazon & worldpay 1-hour test ready, banner history being used by fr-online Needs Triage - Done
#107918 Log DonationInterface fatal errors to syslog High 2 awight Review
#107845 Spike: Lots of 21000050 errors for Globalcollect, since July High 1 Ejegg Doing
#108605 Freaky banner arguments cause redirect to (nonexistent) Worldpay form. High awight Review
#108123 Handle result of Amazon API calls High 2 Ejegg Done
#110367 GC error causing donors to create multiple recurring donations High 4 Ejegg Done
#110232 Deploy 2015 Lila thank you email + typo fix for br-pt High 1 awight Done
#109654 Nightly Amazon report download High 4 Ejegg Review
#112022 Associate banner history ID with contribution_tracking ID High 2 AndyRussG Doing
#113782 Fix Worldpay audit parsing High 2 awight Done
#113527 iFrame should be in French High 1 cwdent Done
#113503 Backfill missing associations between PayPal audited donations and contribution_tracking High 1 awight Done
#113323 Paypal IPN log is not replicated to log server? High 2 awight Done
#113304 Change "continue" button for credit card logos, suppress logos from within iframe High 2 cwdent Done
#113089 Amazon donation messages not setting gateway_transaction_id High 1 Ejegg Done
#113087 PayPal audit parser is not associating donations with the correct contribution_tracking record High 1 awight Done
#112989 Parse PayPal audit data from Aug 25-Aug 27 + Sep 16 gaps High 1 awight Done
#112986 Review banner history log data and confirm that it satisfies use cases High ellery Done
#112809 Style iframe contents more if necessary. (worldpay 1hour test) High 1 cwdent Doing
#112808 Queue messages should be consumable. (worldpay 1 hour test) High 2 - Done
#112807 Review audit parsing, review whether existing stuff is working. High 2 - Done
#101191 Set up import for Major Gifts events payment/invitation tool High 2 XenoRyet Done
#94763 CentralNotice: key-value storage for new campaign-associated mixins/banner history Normal 4 AndyRussG Done
#90918 Banner history mixins and data Normal 2 AndyRussG Done
#105918 Adding 1 Custom field to "primary fields" export list: Do Not Solicit Normal 1 awight Pending Deployment
#114198 Donate button on Amazon form should only show up when a card is selected Normal 1 Ejegg Review
#113624 'Continue' button should say 'Donate' when there are no further steps Normal 1 Ejegg Done
#111425 Parse new Amazon transaction reports and import into Civi Normal 2 Ejegg Doing
#112788 Promise returned from LogEvent should resolve when logging is complete Normal 1 Ejegg Done
#113013 Fix banners on IE8 and IE9 Normal 1 AndyRussG Backlog
#112924 Handle Amazon SDK client communication failures and any other error that bubbles up to the Mediawiki API Normal 2 Ejegg Done
#112314 Configure new CiviCRM staging instance for testing 4.6 upgrade Normal - Backlog
#112017 Write banner diet campaign mixin Normal 2 awight Review
#99837 Prepare CiviCRM 4.6 upstream and Giant Rabbit branches Normal Eileenmcnaughton Doing
#99836 Triage what to do with civi-core patches: extensions, upstream, or abandon Normal 8 Eileenmcnaughton Doing
#86720 Parse Amazon last name data differently (or: review the way we receive Amazon name data) Normal 1 - Backlog