Community-Tech Snapshot 2015-11-09 02:00:48

Done 14 (31 story points)
In Development 5 (21 story points)
Needs Review/Feedback 1 (0 story points)
total 20 (52 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#117758 Fix AvertissementImage gadget on French Wikipedia Normal 2 kaldari Done
#117590 Investigation: Broken gadgets on French Wikipedia Normal 2 kaldari Done
#117120 Special:GadgetUsage does not filter out non-existent/removed gadgets Low 1 Niharika Done
#116894 Add recently active users count to Special:GadgetUsage Needs Triage 3 (Optimistic estimate) Niharika In Development
#116708 [Citation bot] Modify Citation bot's gadget to get expanded text/edit summary through API call [AOI] Low 5 Niharika In Development
#116698 [Citation bot] Create a web API for Citation bot that returns expanded wikitext [AOI] Normal 5 Fhocutt In Development
#115769 Build Community Wishlist infographic and make it easily translatable High 0 kaldari Done
#115732 Exclude anonymous IP users from Low 0.5 Niharika Done
#115694 Reftoolbar: Display both WikiText preview and parsed preview by default Normal 2 kaldari Done
#115661 Exclude users in bot user group from Low 0.5 - Done
#115152 Create a Special:GadgetUsage QueryPage to show Gadget usage stats per wiki Normal 5 Niharika Done
#115141 Tooltips should be shown while dragging handle in RevisionSlider prototype Normal 1 Niharika Done
#114172 User test the slider prototype for RevisionJumper [AOI] Normal 0 Niharika In Development
#113577 Make "Forgotten Articles" report available on German Wikipedia Normal 2 Niharika Done
#112569 Investigation: Add mobile pageview stats to Mr.Z-bot's popular pages reports [AOI] Low 0 Niharika Done
#110743 Make plagiabot API output report id, matching urls, % match, and number of words as separate data [AOI] Normal 5 Fhocutt Done
#110144 Integrate Turnitin (as used in Plagiabot) into Copyvio Detector tool [AOI] Normal 8 Fhocutt In Development
#108513 [1.26-wmf17 Regression] Dismissed site notice flashes briefly on page load High 5 kaldari Done
#106177 Implement Gadget and Gadget definition namespaces plus their content models Normal 0 - Needs Review/Feedback
#103285 HotCat doesn't load after saving a page in VisualEditor (must refresh/reload first) [AOI] Low 5 kaldari Done