TCB Snapshot 2015-08-26 02:00:04

Done 16 (55 story points)
Doing 2 (8 story points)
Review 4 (16 story points)
total 22 (79 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#109434 [DeepCat] Task: Generate, preserve and transmit random usage id for logging High 3 WMDE-Fisch Done
#109037 [Phragile] [Story] Restrict deleting snapshots to admins only High 3 Bene Done
#109035 [WLM] Add a hidden category for tracking to the redirect script High 2 - Review
#108823 [WLM] Deploy WLM tools on tool-labs Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Doing
#108821 [WLM] Add "image-exists" parameter to redirect script Normal 3 - Doing
#108676 [WLD] Adjust the explanation text what this tool does Normal 1 Andrew-WMDE Done
#108674 [WLD] Add a clarifying text example for the input box “Auszusortierende Benutzernamen" Normal 1 Andrew-WMDE Done
#108320 [WMDE Internal] [Bug] new data sets are not connecting to the parent category in data pump High 2 kai.nissen Done
#108295 [Phragile] [Story] Possibility to delete a sprint on Phragile High 5 Bene Done
#108294 [Phragile] [Story] Possibility to change sprint dates High 5 Bene Review
#108163 [WLM] Redirect script from Wikipedia to Commons High 1 gabriel-wmde Review
#107863 [Phragile] [Bug] Status "Declined", "Invalid" and "Duplicate" should be considered as done High 3 Bene Done
#107280 [WLM] Create bot that inserts the uploaded image into the monuments (backwards bot) Normal 8 - Review
#106800 [Phragile] [Story] Possibility to export data of snapshot Normal 1 Bene Done
#105899 [Phragile] [Bug] Do not change the sprint title after picking a sprint start date Normal 2 Bene Done
#105308 [Phragile] [Story] Show number of closed points per day on hover Normal 2 Bene Done
#105283 [WLM] Possibility to choose which of the uploaded images should be shown by default on the list High 8 kai.nissen Done
#105281 [WLM] Make UW button targets dynamically set High 3 kai.nissen Done
#104455 [Phragile] [Story] Show error page with the possibility to create a new sprint when calling a sprint-page that does not exist High 8 Jakob_WMDE Done
#103816 [WMDE internal] Fix the special characters conversion in the file names High 3 - Done
#100187 [Phragile] [Story] Make storypoints optional High 5 Jakob_WMDE Done
#9148 Watch edits which add or remove pages from a category Normal 5 kai.nissen Done