MobileApp-Android Sprint Overview

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resolved 45 (41 story points)
total 48 (41 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#103716 EnableFlow broken (shows blank page) on Unbreak Now! Legoktm resolved
#103054 Escaping error in old URL format Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#103053 History of old topic is broken Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#102874 Using Special:EnableFlow on a French Wikiproject page has broken the page completely Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#102908 Load more button not displaying icon Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#103388 E11. Write maintenance script to populate page.page_content_model, revision.rev_content_*, archive.ar_content_* Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#103176 VE in Flow throws exception when pasting/typing URL into internal link field Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#103020 convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php corrupts non-ASCII characters in description templates Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#96890 B4. Update existing TOC to use OOJS-UI High 5 Mooeypoo resolved
#101890 D3. EnsureFlowRevision() is called when viewing an unconverted page in an occupied namespace High matthiasmullie resolved
#101738 Add "Undo" link to Flow diff pages High matthiasmullie resolved
#104087 E8. LQT conversion sends email notifications for every single topic I've got unread notifications for High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#103572 E4. Refactor the editor to be able to use it from ooui widgets High 5 Catrope resolved
#103776 Default content model of flow-board is applying to non-Flow pages on officewiki, making them inaccessible High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#103629 Exceptions when adding external link in Flow VE High Mattflaschen-WMF doing
#101979 D10. LQT signatures are ignored when converting topics to Flow, discarding the authorship of some comments High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#101540 D42. Flow talkpage conversion (LQT->Flow) should not send an email to users with enotifwatchlistpages about the page move or redirect creation High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#101425 D7. LQT->Flow import sometimes does not show all topics until action=purge is done High 3 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#101278 D9. Flow BoardDescriptionWidget High 5 Mooeypoo resolved
#99117 Turn Flow on for Catalan's Viquipèdia talk namespace High DannyH resolved
#98929 C1. "Mark as resolved" for Flow topics High 6 SBisson resolved
#98547 D11. Put marker in place of any content lost in data loss incident that could not be recovered High matthiasmullie resolved
#95870 E10. Have Flow use ExternalStore on MediaWiki-Vagrant High 2 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#95592 D5. Only take into account $wgFlowOccupyNamespaces, $wgFlowOccupyPages, and flow-create-board (allowCreation array) for non-existent pages (CA) High 2 Legoktm resolved
#94360 E9. Suppress the redundant "topic created" line in logs (watchlist, contributions, history, recent changes) High 2 SBisson resolved
#92303 Convert LQT pages on to Flow (tracking) High 2 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#90260 Summary actions show on board history, but not topic history High 2 matthiasmullie resolved
#86809 testImportDoesntCompletelyFail Flow test failing on Thanks changes High matthiasmullie resolved
#97457 Flow edit area should have a placeholder when in VE mode Normal Catrope resolved
#93028 Topic History pages should be full-width to match Board History Normal SBisson resolved
#84963 Editing Flow board header doesn't set keyboard focus and textarea is compressed Normal DannyH resolved
#76197 D6. Flow is not automatically enabled on all non-existent talk pages when namespace is occupied (CA) Normal 2 Legoktm resolved
#68307 D2. Flow: subst'd templates aren't subst'd (CA) Normal Catrope resolved
#102244 D8. Make it possible to figure out root-permissions of things we have yet to insert Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#104192 Always show topic history, also if there is no pagination. Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#102021 D4. Edit patrolling links in grouped RC (CA) Normal 1 SBisson resolved
#104279 Make non-existent subpages in Flow occupied namespaces Flow again Normal DannyH resolved
#104278 E7. Run populateContentModel.php for page on all WMF wikis Normal 1 Legoktm resolved
#104033 Populate rev_content_model and rev_content_format when saving Normal Legoktm doing
#103758 Legal text on Mark as resolved summary doesn't match the button Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#103978 Flow summary input area should have a placeholder in VE mode Normal 0 Catrope resolved
#102842 "Mark as resolved" browser tests Normal SBisson resolved
#102261 D1. Add to conversion process for Catalan: Don't convert talk subpages with {{discussió arxivada}} template Normal Catrope resolved
#99891 Remove the colon at the end of mentions in Flow Normal 1 matthiasmullie resolved
#99855 Browse topics and sorting choice is not aligned correctly in Firefox Normal SBisson resolved
#98367 B7. Refine deletedtext/deletedhistory Normal 2 matthiasmullie resolved
#104269 Flow\Search\Connection::getRevisionType() is referenced from FlowSearchConfig.php, but not defined Low matthiasmullie resolved
#98935 D12. Run recovery process on test2wiki Low matthiasmullie declined