Wikidata Snapshot 2015-08-13 02:00:18

Done 35 (35 story points)
Backlog 2 (2 story points)
Doing 9 (9 story points)
Review 4 (4 story points)
total 50 (50 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#103988 fix build by fixing PropertySuggestor Needs Triage 1 Addshore Done
#103796 Unable to create item when other users are flooding High 1 hoo Done
#103665 Introduce WikibaseChangeNotification hook Normal 1 daniel Done
#103626 MW_INSTALL_PATH incorrect for WikibaseQualityConstraints jenkins jobs Normal 1 Addshore Backlog
#103603 Editing a statement doesn't work after removing the only reference High 1 Bene Done
#103489 Cursor keeps jumping to the end in sitelink editing Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#102995 Remove langlink count from Special:UnconnectedPages until we can get it from page_props High 1 daniel Done
#102992 Review WikidataQuality DB schema High 1 - Review
#102854 Error in WikibaseClientTest::testGetLangLinkHandlerReturnType if the current site is not in the sites table. Normal 1 hoo Done
#102817 Sort by page ID on Special:UnconnectedPages Normal 1 daniel Done
#102791 Implement ExtendedPropertyValueSnak Normal 1 Addshore Doing
#102717 https switch changed wdata prefix to https: Normal 1 Smalyshev Done
#102685 Add basic style sheets to mobile Wikidata Normal 1 Bene Doing
#102681 Provide a convenient way to prefetch terms with a language fallback Normal 1 Bene Done
#102654 BadMethodCallException from line 52 of OtherProjectsSitesGenerator.php: Call to a member function getGroup() on a non-object (NULL) Needs Triage 1 aude Done
#102629 Request Gerrit repository for WikibaseDataModelServices High 1 JanZerebecki Review
#102628 Request Gerrit repositories for and WikimediaBadges High 1 JanZerebecki Done
#101836 Investigation how the repo edit-summary mechanism can be used on the client Normal 1 daniel Doing
#100993 General code-review of WikidataQualityExternalValidation extension High 1 daniel Done
#100992 General code-review of WikibaseQualityConstraints High 1 daniel Done
#100991 General code-review of WikidataQuality extension High 1 daniel Done
#100981 create new map of geocoordinates in Wikidata Normal 1 Addshore Done
#100899 Allow to render snaks filtered by property label Normal 1 - Doing
#100897 Allow formatting references by a callback in Wikibase's infobox functionality Normal 1 Bene Doing
#100886 Have Wikibase client extend Capiunto with an addStatement method Normal 1 Bene Doing
#100885 Add Wikidata json dumps to labs in /public/dumps Normal 1 Addshore Done
#100784 Deploy usage tracking to s3 wikis (part 2, maiwiki - zuwiki) + dewiki + ruwiki + cswiki Normal 1 aude Done
#99357 Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality-External-Validation on High 1 - Done
#99354 Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality-Constraints on High 1 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#99351 Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality on High 1 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#98471 Selecting value with keyboard is making wrong edits again Unbreak Now! 1 aude Done
#97528 Setup CI for WikidataQualityExternalValidation High 1 JanZerebecki Done
#97527 Setup CI for WikidataQualityConstraints High 1 JanZerebecki Done
#97423 (Re-)Naming our extension(s) Normal 1 JanZerebecki Done
#97014 Wikidata badges for Wikisource for validation status High 1 aude Doing
#96685 JS time widget: add option to let the backend choose the correct calendar High 1 thiemowmde Review
#96298 Entity pages should link to machine readable version using <link rel="alternate"> tags in the html head Normal 1 hoo Done
#95884 Fix table of contents on mobile Wikidata Normal 1 Bene Done
#95316 Comparison of the existing Wikidata RDF dumps High 1 - Done
#94588 property label doesn't scroll with viewport anymore High 1 thiemowmde Done
#92975 UI breaks on UnDeserializable value. High 1 aude Done
#92380 Implement (dumb) formatter for quantities with units based on URIs Normal 1 thiemowmde Done
#92249 Adjust browsertests for references High 1 WMDE-Fisch Review
#90692 Consolidate code backing the SearchEntities (wbsearchentities) module and the ItemDisambiguation special page. High 1 Addshore Done
#89661 Enforce uniqueness of property aliases High 1 daniel Done
#88258 Convert WikibaseClient, WikibaseLib and WikibaseRepository to use extension registration Normal 1 - Backlog
#87759 Allow simultaneous editing of mainsnak and references Normal 1 thiemowmde Doing
#74696 Database query error on [[Special:UnconnectedPages]] High 1 daniel Done
#59745 Automatically create redirects when merging items High 1 Lucie Doing
#59656 Special:ItemDisambiguation ranking Normal 1 Addshore Done