Wikidata Snapshot 2015-08-13 02:00:08

Done 49 (3 story points)
Backlog 3 (0 story points)
Doing 3 (0 story points)
Review 14 (1 story points)
total 69 (4 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#92268 Get rid of get[Formatter|Parser]Class methods in tests Normal 0 thiemowmde Backlog
#90405 SqlUsageTracker: Duplicate entry for key 'eu_entity_id' High 0 daniel Done
#90268 BadMethodCallException from line 244 of EntityViewPlaceholderExpander.php Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#90137 Fatal error: Class 'Wikibase\Utils' not found in PropertySuggester/GetSuggestions.php on line 153 High 0 - Done
#89903 Wikidata changes do not propagate to the local langlinks table, according to props=langlinks in the API Unbreak Now! 0 hoo Done
#89698 Non standard calandar model breaks JS UI Normal 0 Lydia_Pintscher Review
#89646 Notify existing Sprint Projects about new Sprint extension upgrade changes Unbreak Now! 0 Aklapper Done
#89354 JS error after removing qualifier, save greyed-out Unbreak Now! 0 thiemowmde Done
#89243 Remove time conversion logic from JavaScript code Normal 0 Snaterlicious Review
#89047 css margin for wb-language-fallback-indicator is inconsistent in rtl and ltr Needs Triage 0 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#88985 ConnectionManager should safeguard against slave lag. Needs Triage 0 daniel Done
#88984 Use master DB when checking entity usage during updates High 0 daniel Done
#88981 make Wikibase\PruneChanges::pruneChanges not cause too much db replication lag High 0 hoo Done
#88980 Investigate whether the Icinga check for the Wikidata dispatch lag works Needs Triage 0 JanZerebecki Done
#88695 Don't italicize text when entering aliases Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#88441 investigate how language fallbacks can be done in entity search Normal 0 daniel Review
#88438 spec of how timevalue works and is supposed to work Normal 0 thiemowmde Review
#88437 figure out and fix current state of time storage and display Normal 0 thiemowmde Review
#88417 keyboard selector hiding site id input Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#88358 entity usage is incorrectly updated when moving a page Normal 0 daniel Done
#88357 when i move a Wikibase client page, subscriptions are not updated High 0 daniel Done
#88029 Redirect loop on mobile diffs (wikidata) Needs Triage 0 MaxSem Done
#87858 Adjust AuthorityControl Gadget to snakview name changes Unbreak Now! 0 aude Done
#87855 autonym shown for language fallback Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#87763 Make language list injectable for entity terms in backend High 0 adrianheine Done
#87762 Make language list injectable for monolingual text in backend Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#87759 Allow simultaneous editing of mainsnak and references Normal 1 thiemowmde Review
#87578 new lines in description High 0 Snaterlicious Done
#87577 rename language list to more languages or similar Normal 0 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#87576 different styling for label/alias and description input Normal 0 Lydia_Pintscher Done
#87575 JS error when cancelling entity terms edit mode Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#87563 configure link is not consistently shown/hidden Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#87440 redirects to a host that does not exist Needs Triage 0 MaxSem Done
#87435 Remove reference to wbEntityId from WikibaseView Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#87434 Split entityViewInit into WikibaseRepo and WikibaseView part High 0 adrianheine Review
#87388 Remove Claim class Normal 0 JeroenDeDauw Review
#87333 SiteIDToInterwiki gadget does not work on diff pages Normal 0 Sjoerddebruin Done
#87242 Enable the CLDR extension for Wikibase Repo unit tests Normal 0 hoo Done
#87238 Implement an EntityPrefetcher that would take a list of entity ids and preload revision meta data about them Normal 0 hoo Review
#87183 document xml schema for sites definition Normal 0 daniel Done
#87178 Maintenance script for exporting site definitions. Normal 0 daniel Done
#87176 Maintenance script for importing site definitions. Normal 0 daniel Done
#87096 Diff of a qualifier shows the value of the new property instead of the old property Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#86694 Bump parser cache for wikibase content based on version High 3 aude Done
#86653 Make language list injectable throughout frontend Normal 0 adrianheine Done
#86530 Replace wb_terms table with more specialized mechanisms for terms (tracking) High 0 - Backlog
#86520 Apply sticky notifications to new header section Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#86193 Have possibility to expand/collapse entity-terms-view without clicking "edit" Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#86192 Have multi-line descriptions Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#86191 Give user indication how to influence preferred language selection Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#86176 Fix Job for running WBJSAPI QUnit tests on Jenkins Normal 0 JanZerebecki Review
#85799 mw-debug.log missing in Jenkins jobs (Failed to be created "Permission denied") Needs Triage 0 JanZerebecki Done
#85252 Edit buttons are getting cached, although their visibility depends on user rights Needs Triage 0 daniel Done
#84913 remove table of content bar High 0 Snaterlicious Done
#78526 Special:GoToLinkedPage should support redirects Normal 0 hoo Review
#78007 UI should get list of supported languages from the backend, via dedicated resource loader module Normal 0 adrianheine Review
#77994 File based caching: Script that generates files Normal 0 aude Doing
#77993 File based caching: Implement new interface based on pre-generated files Normal 0 aude Doing
#77991 File based caching: Decide on file format Normal 0 aude Doing
#77990 File based caching: Split of site lookup for readonly access Normal 0 aude Review
#76213 Lua: Create a mw.wikibase.renderSnak method for rendering arbitrary Snaks High 0 hoo Done
#75657 Adjust non JS view to new fingerprint/header widget Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#75656 Create new fingerprint-widget to replace header and current fingerprintlist widgets Normal 0 Snaterlicious Done
#74759 Wrong info on Special:Version Normal 0 aude Done
#74184 fix the qunit tests for wikidata: mwext-Wikibase-qunit Normal 0 Tobi_WMDE_SW Backlog
#72174 Create a SpecialPage that allows to edit label, description and aliases together Normal 0 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#70039 Hovercards don't show up with $wgUsePathInfo = false Normal 0 Prtksxna Done
#50139 Browsertests for new header section High 0 WMDE-Fisch Done
#35704 GeoData should pull coordinates from Wikidata on sites with the Wikibase Client High 0 MaxSem Review