WMDE-TCC Snapshot 2015-08-09 02:00:05

declined 1 (1 story points)
doing 5 (5 story points)
resolved 12 (12 story points)
total 18 (18 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#108159 Go to Game Creators Meet up on 3rd of September to promote Game Jam Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde doing
#107854 GAME JAM EPIC Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde doing
#107744 [GameJam] Draft Telefon Script Sponsoring Unbreak Now! 1 johl resolved
#107139 [GameJam]Feedback Wording GameJam website & Brainstorm with Computerspielemuseum High 1 Juscwmde resolved
#107138 [GameJam] Next Iteration GameJam Design High 1 johl resolved
#107009 [GameJam] Strategy Plan for Sponsoring High 1 johl resolved
#106797 [Game Jam] Feedback to designer for Game Jam logo (e-mail) Normal 1 johl resolved
#106796 (game jam) eventbrite with daniela High 1 Juscwmde resolved
#106789 (game Jam) Arrange meeting with Andreas from CSM to brainstorm about game/free knowledge Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde resolved
#106788 (Game Jam) contact CSM about wording Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde resolved
#106514 [Game Jam]: Fill in October programm for Game Jam at Alte Feuerwache High 1 johl resolved
#105996 [GameJam]Translate and write content for Game Jam website High 1 Juscwmde resolved
#105778 [GameJam]: Collecting Feedback GameJam Logo Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde resolved
#105776 [GameJam]: Building Wiki site Needs Triage 1 Juscwmde resolved
#105673 [OpenDataMeetUp]: Follow Up Email Technologiestiftung Berlin Needs Triage 1 johl doing
#105672 [GameJam]: Budget Update GameJam High 1 johl doing
#105340 [GameJam] Decision Logo Design GameJam Normal 1 johl doing
#105339 [GameJam] MeetUp with Grants for Sponsoring Strategy Normal 1 johl declined