Wikidata-Turtles Snapshot 2018-04-12 02:02:21

Done 1 ( story points)
Doing 3 (8 story points)
Peer Review 2 (5 story points)
To Do 13 (21 story points)
total 19 (34 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#190930 Forms via wbeditentity: Discuss constraint strategy Needs Triage - Done
#190928 Forms via wbeditentity: Edit Needs Triage Pablo-WMDE Doing
#190927 Forms via wbeditentity: Add Needs Triage - To Do
#190906 Add & Edit Forms via wbeditentity Needs Triage 5 - Doing
#191976 Change the datatypes IDs of datatypes for referencing forms and senses High - To Do
#191975 Change the i18n messages of datatypes for referencing forms and senses High - To Do
#191872 Lexeme header widget should handle API errors High 2 - Peer Review
#191166 change name of data types for Form and Sense High 3 - To Do
#187215 [Bug] Undo of an edit on a form silently fails Normal 3 WMDE-leszek Doing
#187198 Disable Senses in the API for the initial version of the WikibaseLexeme extension Normal 3 - To Do
#189479 Enforce permission checks on Special:NewLexeme Normal 3 - Peer Review
#192002 Adjust definition of the wikibase-form datatype Normal - To Do
#192000 Create formatters for displaying a form as a statement value Normal - To Do
#191986 Create an Expert for the form datatype Normal - To Do
#191981 Enable finding forms using wbsearchentities API Normal - To Do
#191974 Create tests ensuring that sense-related input to APIs is ignored Normal - To Do
#191973 Response of getentities API should not contain "senses" property Normal - To Do
#165579 New data type to allow linking to Forms Normal 13 - To Do
#188899 [Task] Remove hard-coded demo data from Lexeme code base Low 2 - To Do