Testing-Sandbox Snapshot 2017-11-18 02:00:04

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invalid 2 (0 story points)
open 27 (6 story points)
resolved 35 (39 story points)
total 72 (50 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#89646 Notify existing Sprint Projects about new Sprint extension upgrade changes Unbreak Now! Aklapper resolved
#99867 make the a/b test widget return data Needs Triage cwdent doing
#94110 Add date picker to Totals Earned widget Needs Triage 1 Ejegg resolved
#93971 Confusion around widget saving Needs Triage - open
#93969 BUG: XxY widget is displaying very weird X axis Needs Triage - resolved
#93966 Display "add a widget" link on all boards Needs Triage - resolved
#120174 Add date filters to common filter component Needs Triage Ejegg doing
#120002 Dash widget to measure donations queue lag Needs Triage 2 Ejegg resolved
#120000 Use URL fragments to indicate which board you're on Needs Triage - open
#119924 Fix dash minification script Needs Triage 1 Ejegg resolved
#178001 dash should group <1% things under 'other' Needs Triage - open
#170697 Dash should run on a low port Needs Triage - open
#151820 Allow Big English widget to show last two days of November Needs Triage 2 - resolved
#151772 Use URL fragments to allow linking to specific boards or queries Needs Triage - invalid
#152028 Top days / top hours widget Needs Triage 2 Ejegg resolved
#152722 Dispose of knockout subscriptions when cleaning up widget Needs Triage - open
#162644 Fundraising dashboard vagrant role is broken Needs Triage - open
#153229 Dash not rendering for Megan or I - probably date format related Needs Triage 1 Ejegg resolved
#120997 Provide graph of banner impression count distribution Needs Triage - open
#120678 Add numeric filters to common filter component Needs Triage 1 Ejegg resolved
#120673 Allow user to create and add widgets to multiple boards Needs Triage 1 Ejegg resolved
#118048 [epic] make Dash useful for December fundraising campaign Needs Triage - resolved
#118046 X x Y widget doesn't seem to work Needs Triage atgo invalid
#87810 BUG: Fraud widget numbers don't seem right High 0 Ejegg resolved
#96318 Write Dash Documentation Normal 1 pizzzacat resolved
#93967 Remove word "default" from all mentions of board Normal 1 pizzzacat resolved
#93117 Rate Comparison Test Normal - open
#91581 Create Big English board Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#89990 "Get Test" in A/B testing header Normal 1 cwdent doing
#89984 Define start and end time for an A/B test Normal - open
#89982 Search and return results by Banner Name Normal - open
#89980 Search and return results for Campaign name Normal 2 cwdent doing
#89528 New Dash widget request: Rejections widget Normal - open
#89526 Add country filter to Fraud widget on Dash Normal 2 Ejegg resolved
#89298 Finish refactoring of each already existing widget Normal 2 Ejegg resolved
#88752 Main A/B data table Normal MeganHernandez_WMF doing
#88751 A/B Testing header Normal - open
#87812 Widgets property mysteriously refuses to update in board route Normal Ejegg resolved
#87809 Create sandbox site for Dash Normal 1 cwdent doing
#86848 Backend component to retrieve Failed Donations for X-by-Y chart Normal Ejegg doing
#86842 Parse filter data when response is returned Normal 2 pizzzacat resolved
#86841 Handle time ranges for chart data client-side Normal 2 - open
#86840 Make additional filters for X-by-Y chart Normal 4 Ejegg resolved
#86838 Library link leads to Library page Normal 1 pizzzacat resolved
#86837 Show default board when user logs in (Persistence) Normal 1 pizzzacat resolved
#86836 Save/Store X-by-Y widget (Persistence) Normal 2 pizzzacat resolved
#86835 "Saved Charts" button functionality, X-by-Y widget (Persistence) Normal 1 - open
#86095 Dash: Allow settings/filters to be saved for each user Normal 0 - open
#86094 Dash: breakdown bars Normal 2 Ejegg resolved
#77913 [epic] A/B Testing in Dash (Sahar reports replacement) Normal 0 - open
#99869 create vagrant role for fundraising dash Normal 2 cwdent resolved
#120001 Make major donation cutoff configurable Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#150789 Spike: create a donation funnel widget for the fr-tech dashboard Normal - open
#152138 dash does not respect the cutoff value Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#152031 Dash: change the "Totals Earned " widget cutoff to default to $999 Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#151908 add a widget to the dash that shows last year's day-by-day totals Normal - resolved
#153916 de-spaghettify component interaction Normal 2 - open
#121121 pageview vs. impressions widget Normal - open
#120169 Fraud gauge widget is over-reporting fraud rates. Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#118050 Update Big English widget to 2015 or make new one (to keep old version easy to reference) Normal 1 Ejegg resolved
#116998 Spike: What do we need to do to make the Dash useful for December? Normal atgo resolved
#101904 Generate fake data for Dash/CiviCRM Normal 1 cwdent resolved
#98927 Create "A/B testing" board in Dash Normal 1 cwdent doing
#120979 Add a favicon to the Dash Low 1 Ejegg resolved
#120149 Civi oauth screen confuses users Low - open
#119931 Collapse filters on XxY widget when not in use Low - open
#153802 Vagrant: insert test donation data Low - open
#118051 What is usefulness of Donations/Second? Low - open
#93975 Allow name of dash to stay on 1 line Low - open
#92430 Allow multiple instances of the same type of widget per board Low - open
#86839 User Profile page Low 1 - open
#120142 Make "Chart Loading" overlay non-modal Lowest - open