TCB Snapshot 2016-07-31 02:01:11

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total 28 (111 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#136326 Send notification for easy-to-find failed mentions Needs Triage 3 WMDE-Fisch Done
#138922 Investigate what we can do to solve Wish #2 - Show text changes when moving text blocks Needs Triage 21 - Doing
#138918 Update mention sending information Needs Triage 8 WMDE-leszek Doing
#139623 Create notification for successful mentions Needs Triage 5 WMDE-Fisch Review
#140224 Bundle mention notifications per save Needs Triage 13 WMDE-Fisch Doing
#141081 RevisionSlider: space missing before edit summary in popup Needs Triage 2 WMDE-leszek Done
#140875 Last minute found errors on RevisionSlider High 2 Addshore Done
#140397 RevisionSlider fails to load on MainPage diff High 2 Addshore Done
#138943 Deploy Revision Slider on test Wikipedia High 1 Addshore Done
#135005 [Task] Allow sliding to revisions beyond the loaded 500 Normal 5 WMDE-leszek Done
#135751 Workable CSV for Data need: Explore range of article revision comparisons Normal 5 Addshore Done
#134861 Data need: Explore range of article revision comparisons Normal 2 Addshore Done
#140368 Graph to show edit conflicts by sub type of subject pages Normal 2 Addshore Done
#140229 Basic tracking for beta features Normal 2 Addshore Done
#140226 Advanced tracking for beta features Normal 5 Addshore Done
#141296 RevisionSlider should not appear on "Special:ComparePages" Normal 2 Addshore Done
#141215 reexamine the use of <bdi> in RevisionSlider Normal 2 WMDE-leszek Review
#141171 Quotation marks are not displayed on the Revision Slider Normal 2 WMDE-leszek Done
#141093 RevisionSlider's tooltips are not entirely visible when viewing diffs of pages with hidden main section header Normal 2 WMDE-leszek Done
#141071 Long edit summaries are not displayed properly on the Revision Slider when in RTL mode Normal 2 WMDE-leszek Done
#140234 Include feature switch to new mention notifications for beta & test wiki deployment Normal 3 WMDE-Fisch Done
#140232 Deploy RevisionSlider BetaFeature on dewiki Normal 1 Addshore Done
#135613 [GTWL] Include hint about excluded tables when generating a PDF Normal 3 Addshore Review
#136367 [[MediaWiki:Revisionslider-label-username]] needs GENDER support Normal 2 WMDE-leszek Done
#138942 Add mention failure notification for multiple section edits Normal 5 WMDE-Fisch Review
#138938 Send mentions when content is changed but new username and signature are added Normal 5 Jakob_WMDE Review
#138080 Also send notifications to self Normal 3 Addshore Review
#140579 "MediaWiki:Revisionslider-loading-placeholder" should have an ellipsis Low 1 Addshore Done