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#104689 Fatal error ThanksHooks::onBeforePageDisplay Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#105890 Missing database prefix for echo_event Unbreak Now! DannyH resolved
#107173 Fix broken FlowMention items on PT, CA and other affected wikis Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#106750 [Regression] Cannot view topic versions from 'View history' Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#106618 Flagged (progressive/destructive) mw-ui buttons in Flow become illegible on hover Unbreak Now! Prtksxna resolved
#109748 Regression on production: 'Cancel' for Nested Replies (>two levels) broken Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#109554 addurl CAPTCHA broken (HTML is rendered as text and CAPTCHA always fails you even if you fill in the form right) Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109544 "Redis::publish requires at least 2 parameters 2 given" Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109537 Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Flow\Formatter\RevisionFormatter::formatApi() must be an instance of Flow\Formatter\FormatterRow, bool given Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109349 Cannot create new board description Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#111494 BadMethodCallException on history of a Flow page Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#111285 Split seen timestamp for alerts and messages Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#110758 VE/Preview broken for simple image markup Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#113106 Call to a member function getUser() on a non-object (NULL) Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#112826 Echo notifications: Unread Messages not always display close icon (x) Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#117238 Cannot post a topic after Flow board was re-sorted Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#119773 [Regression pre-wmf.8] Insert a mention in any Flow editor (in VE mode) is broken (on master) Unbreak Now! 1 Catrope resolved
#116910 Unable to solve captcha on RTL languages due to bad element position Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#116835 Cannot reply to posts on mediawiki.org Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#116693 wgRelevantPageName is missing on Chinese Wikipedia Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#116582 Beta: Cannot reply to any topic Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#115525 [Regression wmf3] 'undo' for Board description edits is not functioning Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#124608 Deletion of flow post with title "{{Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents}}" results in transclusion Special:Log/delete Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#123011 [betalabs] Editing Flow board entries not possible in VE Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#122960 Users don't get notified for pagelinks to pages created by them Unbreak Now! Sjoerddebruin resolved
#122087 [betalabs] Persistent notifications - X mark as read does not work Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#121828 Fix Flow Nuke support for dedicated Flow DB Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#121813 Relative timestamps in notification panel are wrong Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#130153 [betalabs] Regression: 'Mark as read/unread' box is misplaced Unbreak Now! jmatazzoni resolved
#128432 'Mark as read' in dotdotdot menu does nothing Unbreak Now! - resolved
#128271 Double editcounter notifications Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#120324 XSS in Flow topic titles Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#119133 [betalabs] Flow\Exception\WikitextException on clicking deleted topic link from View history Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#118006 Editing post using nojs URL with JS enabled is broken Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#117698 Edit post and Summarize fail in firefox Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#115339 Impossible to edit Flow board description Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#115265 Browse topics fly-out does not work . Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#114853 Broken Echo notification popup widget in testwiki Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#114833 Log notification impressions and clicks again Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#114266 Opt-in is automatically enabling users who previously had the "Automatically enable all new beta features" checked Unbreak Now! SBisson resolved
#113497 ResourcesTest::testFileExistence failures for LiquidThreads Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#113387 MediaWiki.echo.overlay stats are wrong after lazy-load Unbreak Now! Legoktm resolved
#113382 Switching Flow's editor-mode from VE to wikitext whilst a link inspector is open, makes the edit area fully collapse Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#112401 Fivefold increase in render-blocking CSS size for logged-in users due to Echo loading OOUI on all page views Unbreak Now! Legoktm resolved
#112230 History pagination does not work properly Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#110485 Writing any posts through the mobile Flow interface is completely impossible Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#110393 VE error editing board description Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#110358 Editing an empty Flow board description (that has previously contained a category?) gives "Previous revision identifier is missing" Unbreak Now! Mooeypoo resolved
#109087 [beta] Editor widget is broken after open, cancel, open Unbreak Now! DannyH resolved
#109085 [beta] Cannot post new topic or reply when my default editor is wikitext Unbreak Now! DannyH resolved
#107835 Fix new topic notification on MediaWiki.org Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109024 [betalabs] Regression - editing & switch editor icons are missing Unbreak Now! Catrope resolved
#108972 InvalidDataException on support desk Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108639 [betlabs] switchEditor is missing Unbreak Now! DannyH resolved
#107204 Separate reference tables by wiki Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#105260 Moving wikitext page into Flow occupied namespace immediately breaks it due to default content model changing Unbreak Now! Legoktm resolved
#104421 Fix "PHP Fatal error: Argument 1 to setTitle() must be Title, null given" from View.php:455 in OutputPage.php:993 Unbreak Now! Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#89691 Fix "InvalidDataException from NotificationListener.php: Invalid metadata for revision" Unbreak Now! matthiasmullie resolved
#69104 Add role for GlobalBlocking Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#93961 ConfirmEdit shouldn't compute links added when just viewing the edit form Needs Triage Florian resolved
#111254 Run "patch-remove_unique_ref_indices.sql" and phase 1 of "Segregate Reference objects by source wiki." on officewiki Needs Triage jcrespo resolved
#110186 Add Collaboration-Team-Current to #wikimedia-collaboration Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#110146 Pressing ESC to close VE inspector also cancels your post Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#109982 flow-action-unsupported only content on en.wikipedia.beta.wmflabs.org/wiki/Talk:Flow_QA Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109816 Re-enable Flow on fawikibooks Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#109664 Missing preventDefault on 'preview the result' Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#109353 Cancel new topic keeps focus in topic title field Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#112224 The new Echo notification snaps back to English numbers Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#112188 'All notifications' and 'Preferences' buttons shoud fill their containers properly Needs Triage Esanders resolved
#112186 Echo waits to show you messages on second load Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#112019 Board description: VE icons are misplaced Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#111987 [Regression] Editing upper post in nested thread opens all nested Replies Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#116892 Remove unused text for primary link Needs Triage Catrope invalid
#116797 Exclude deleted topics/posts from flow-reportcard stats Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#116699 Stop falling back to PHP parser if a specific Parsoid call fails Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#116643 [betalabs] First invocation of a Link inspector displayed cut off on a Flow board Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#116095 Ensure users can not access topics from deleted boards via Varnish caching Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#115515 Make sure mw-vagrant Flow role creates users/groups required for Flow browser tests Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#115423 Implement expandable notification groups Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#115422 Implement compressed rendering of notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#115421 Allow secondary actions to have icons and subtitles/tooltips Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#115415 Adding Categories makes Board description unavailable for editing Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#115411 Categories flash and disappear on Flow pages Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#114448 Investigate the uses of the old editor system in Flow, and clean up the uses in handlebars Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#118542 Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to EchoDiscussionParser::getTextSnippet() must be an instance of Language, StubUserLang given Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#118481 [production/betalabs] Regression: 'toggleClass' of undefined - 'Read at fixed width/Read at full width' on Topic page does not work Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#118427 Inconsistent 'Cancel' button color for 'Edit title' and 'Edit post'/ 'Reply' Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#118058 Add accessor for current user to EchoEventPresentationModel Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#119377 Use the double speech bubble icon in the Messages panel Needs Triage MtDu resolved
#119999 Setup cross-wiki notifications in MediaWiki-Vagrant Needs Triage - resolved
#121486 patch-reference_wiki.sql patch does not handle database prefix Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#123320 [betalabs] No notification of Mention event Needs Triage - resolved
#123264 "Undefined is not a valid UUID" in Flow Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#122780 EnableFlow should fail gracefully (or, just work!) if the user tries to enable Flow on a page that doesn't exist Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#122646 Adjust layout for the new notification panel designs Needs Triage MtDu resolved
#124222 [betalabs] cross-wiki notification: Alerts - cannot mark as read Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#124025 Adjust the mark as read "X" icon size Needs Triage MtDu resolved
#124023 Unbalanced space in bundled cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#124803 Creating a new topic with a mention generates both events Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125130 Double escaping in Flow notifications Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#125120 Mentions in board description and topic summary don't generate flow-mention notifications Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125119 Should get notified for topic summary change on your own user talk Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125160 cross-wiki notifications: the secondary action links - User page and Flow board - do not work Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#125155 cross-wiki notification[betalabs]: 'Mark as read' appears in ellipsis's menu for bundled notificaitons Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#126073 Wikidata QUnit broken on branch REL1_25 causing other extensions to fail Needs Triage Paladox resolved
#125970 Use more compact timestamps for notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#125969 Action and timestamp position needs adjustment Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#125968 Increase separation between the content excerpt and the notification text Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#125964 Adjust contrast for notification text and content excerpts Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#125949 For items with more than 2 actions, hide the rest under the "..." menu Needs Triage Mooeypoo doing
#125909 [minor] Notification panel layout issues for multiline messages Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#125861 Remove unused Echo code Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125793 ext.guidedTour gives malformed uri sequence at nowiki Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#125654 Notify when a topic is marked as resolved or reopened Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125429 Create new notification type for when a board description changes Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125428 Make 'flow-mention' more important than other notifications Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125427 Generate flow-mention for create/edit of board desc, topic, post, summary Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#125426 When a Flow topic is renamed, notify all watchers of the topic Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#124687 Preferentially purge read notifications before unread Needs Triage matthiasmullie doing
#123847 Notifications about being mentioned don't point to the section of the mention anymore Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#126740 Adjust hover state for actions in the more menu ("...") of notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#126734 Items in the more actions menu of notifications are inconsistent Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#126701 Error in Flow page move Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#126686 'Mark as read' dots menu is misaligned Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#126617 Too long line for secondary actions results in adding a horizontal scroll bar Needs Triage Mooeypoo doing
#126603 Running Notifications/NotifiedUsersTest.php fails with "Flow\Exception\InvalidInputException: Unknown input to UUID class" Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#126587 Update.php Flow - Error: 1 index flow_wiki_ref_idx_v2 already exists with SQLITE Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#127027 cross-wiki notifications: after clicking 'View changes' - 'There are no notifications' is displayed. Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#126984 Notification for creating a summary Needs Triage matthiasmullie invalid
#127288 Bundle messages with imprecise amount of "other" not properly localizable Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127249 User-right notifications - provide log access Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#128288 Multiple "You just made your first edit, thank you and welcome!" notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#128444 Adjust contrast and hover behaviour for the secondary actions displayed directly on notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#128436 dotdotdot menu layout breaks on scroll / window resize Needs Triage - resolved
#128069 Adjust label layout inside cross-wiki notification bundles Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#128005 Check that Collaboration team projects don't use session state in load.php Needs Triage - resolved
#129077 Give a way for users to opt-out Cross-wiki Notifications Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#128855 Unformatted html within message about ip-block (for TOR users) Needs Triage - duplicate
#128746 Explore possibilities for inviting users to try cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage Pginer-WMF resolved
#130358 Rename "Collapse all" to just "Collapse" for cross-notification bundles Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#130298 Cross-wiki notifications bundle should list wikis in order of timestamp Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#129898 Clicking a marked-as-unread notification should mark it as read Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#131286 hhvmsh does not load extensions Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF doing
#131173 Please add user-agent header in your requests to Parsoid Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#131087 Raw HTML shown in revert notification Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#130880 [betalabs] Regression: Thank action failed (error code: $1). Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#130876 TorBlock role for MediaWiki-Vagrant Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#129727 Delete notifications that are disabled in preferences and maybe uninstalled/non-existent ones. Needs Triage matthiasmullie doing
#129686 Notification titles should differentiate subpages of the talk page Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#129531 Usernames invisible in Echo notification text Needs Triage jmatazzoni resolved
#129469 Notifications inside a cross-wiki bundle have different space in each side Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#129460 Allow to mark as read items and groups in the Notification Page Needs Triage - open
#129351 [[MediaWiki:Notification-links-flow-description-edited-view-page/qqq]] i18n issue Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#128694 Fix namespace movable hook Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#128629 Create Mark Bundle as Read Needs Triage Mooeypoo doing
#128621 [cross-wiki] 'Mark all as read' should not apply to bundled cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#128564 Adjust cross-wiki bundle when it is the only unread item Needs Triage - declined
#128562 Allow marking whole cross-wiki bundles as read Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#127785 Board moves in Flow not working Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127774 On protected Flow pages, remove/replace action links, and/or inform users without sufficient rights to use them Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF doing
#127759 Port mwrepl to MediaWiki-Vagrant Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127750 cross-wiki: Mention from non-main namespaces are not displayed Needs Triage - invalid
#127731 Don't hide messages badge when user has never had messages Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#127693 Flow board move requiring allowCreation fails on zh.wp Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127687 Echo makes too many round-trips to memcached Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#127576 Convert LQT->Flow on fiwikimedia Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#127422 Cross-wiki bundles should appear after local unread notifications in the panel Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#127416 Cross-wiki: click on mouse wheel, to open the notification in a new tab, collapses partially the cross-wiki notification bundle Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#127408 Cross-wiki notification bundle has "mark as read" action that marks all cross-wiki notifs as read; is that intended? Needs Triage - duplicate
#127407 User names and other content language-y things in notifications should be bidi-isolated Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#127331 Unread count in echo_unread_wikis cannot go back to zero Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#126484 Not all wikis are attached to the global username Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF invalid
#126480 localnames is not up to date because migratePass0 does not run Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#126389 Update move permission code Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#126378 cross-wiki notification on mediawiki-vagrant uses port 8080 for foreign wikis even when accessing the page with https on port 4430 Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#126345 Create a new topic with mentions in title and post sends 2 mention notifications Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#126126 cross-wiki notification: oo-ui-labelElement-label does not truncate user names and page names Needs Triage - resolved
#123843 Making a null edit triggers a new message notification although null edit is not recorded in page history Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#123797 "Could not retrieve notifications" error message should not contain raw "$1" Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#123762 Inconsistent distance between actions in cross-wiki notifications Needs Triage Pginer-WMF resolved
#123757 Use the globe icon for cross-wiki notification bundle Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#123756 Notifications with no primary link do not get the correct text color Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#123754 The action menu ("...") for bundled notifications cannot be closed by clicking on it again Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#123656 blurred talk icon echo notifications Needs Triage MtDu resolved
#122262 Improve Flow deletion/undeletion resilience Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#122261 Come up with scenarios for deletion/undeletion of Flow boards and figure out how to handle them Needs Triage matthiasmullie resolved
#122254 Notifications- Revert and Alerts -design updates Needs Triage Pginer-WMF resolved
#121994 Signpost notification displaying unwanted pre tags Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#121987 Flow VE: Link inspector displays 'Edit' and 'delete'(oo-ui-buttonElement-framed) in different sizes Needs Triage 0 Catrope resolved
#121016 Notification message for changed topic's title is incorrect Needs Triage - duplicate
#120934 "Thanks" alert in Echo: "Due to a technical error, this post could not be retrieved" instead of Flow discussion subject Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#120829 Enable the Flow user talk opt-in Beta Feature on cawiki Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#120725 [betalabs] Re-open a topic from History - JS error "Could not find .flow-board" Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#120468 Spread permission to move flow boards? Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#119522 Set up and enable cross-wiki Echo database backend on beta cluster Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#119491 Anonymous reply warning should be connected to the text area Needs Triage SBisson resolved
#117835 undo (coming from history) fails in Firefox Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#117112 Requests to the API should return CAPTCHA in the UI language Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#114184 [beta] RTL Echo notifications incorrect display Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#114144 Guided tour: clicking Back button displays an error in Console Needs Triage Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#114106 The notifications badge should close the notification panel when it is already open Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#113645 Notification: the counter for Messages that come from updates on User talk page in wikitext is not updated correctly. Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#113525 [betalabs] enwiki - ref_src_wiki column is missing from v2 index Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#111667 Everytime I click on Echo toolbar icon, a network request is generated, even while closing Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#108965 AnonWarningWidget box appears (empty) even when the user is logged in Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#111432 Split notifications: minor display issues Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#111115 Warn the user if they cancel an editor with data in it Needs Triage Mooeypoo resolved
#107796 [Regression] Switch to wikitext icon is missing Needs Triage Catrope resolved
#94427 Perform schema change to echo_target_page changing from a 1 to 1 mapping between pages and user/notification to a 1 to many. High jcrespo resolved
#100851 Error when trying to edit topic title in new tab / noJS mode High SBisson resolved
#104252 "You are not logged in..." warning is not displayed when a non-logged user edits a title High SBisson resolved
#106122 F12. Rename of user on MediaWiki.org is not fully reflected, causing LQT->Flow error High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#105997 F13. Parsoid crashes on __proto__ High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#59153 Allow links in Flow topic titles High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#105574 F3. End the occupation High 3 matthiasmullie resolved
#105484 F6. Posts edited by Flow talk page manager get the wrong timestamp on LQT->Flow conversion (conversion time, not edit time), which makes the "recently active topics" sort option wrong High 2 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#107614 Abuse filter on Polish WP not working for Flow High Catrope invalid
#108760 Move "left a message on your talk page" Echo notification from Alerts to Messages High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108719 OOjs UI reply widget High Mooeypoo resolved
#108266 Opt-in: Guided tour on user talk for first visit to new Flow board High Mooeypoo resolved
#108263 Reduce title font size and footprint of topic header High Catrope resolved
#108190 Split notifications into Alerts and Messages High Mooeypoo resolved
#109350 The editor steals the focus from new topic title High Catrope resolved
#109143 [betalabs] Regression: the last Reply link to a post is not clickable. High Catrope resolved
#109671 Run FlowUpdateRevContentModelFromOccupyPages.php in production High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109000 Use EditorWidget for edit post High SBisson resolved
#110390 Exception Caught: Row has null primary key High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#106302 Convert LQT->Flow on se.wikimedia.org High Catrope resolved
#109676 Add artificial primary key to flow_wiki_ref and flow_ext_ref High matthiasmullie resolved
#109931 Tweak importer to allow converting opt-out wikis (LQT->Flow) High SBisson resolved
#110945 Dates missing on Special:Notifications in many languages High Legoktm resolved
#110723 Search for localized {{#useliquidthreads}} as well in find/replace in LQT→Flow conversion High SBisson resolved
#110721 Switch Flow to use Parsoid v3 API with VirtualRESTService High cscott resolved
#112407 nojs/mw.echo.special.less styles should only be loaded on Special:Notifications High Legoktm resolved
#112218 Echo icons change size slightly during load High Mooeypoo resolved
#112037 Pre-fill broken High SBisson resolved
#113312 Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Flow\UrlGenerator::boardLink() must be an instance of Title, null given High SBisson resolved
#106033 "You have new messages" stuck (until page reload) after all messages are 'Mark as read' High Mooeypoo resolved
#111830 Fix toggling Flow to false in BetaFeatures (opt-out) High matthiasmullie resolved
#111783 [Regression] Clicking on Echo's "All notifications" does not work High Legoktm resolved
#111778 French needs a different translation for hide vs. suppress in Flow High Trizek-WMF resolved
#113081 Rewrite Echo browser tests for the new split notification change High Mooeypoo resolved
#111771 ResourcesTest::testFileExistence: File '/mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mediawiki-extensions-hhvm/src/extensions/Flow/modules/styles/flow/icons/ajax-loader.gif' referenced by 'ext.flow.ui' must exist. High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#111668 Javascript error while clicking on Echo alert icon in Special:CX High Mooeypoo resolved
#111628 Echo makes the border of h1#firstHeading too short High Mooeypoo resolved
#112477 Add 'target-page' for edit-user-talk High SBisson resolved
#112290 Echo notification icons should be properly themed in MonoBook High Esanders resolved
#111459 Flaky test "ext.flow: mediawiki.ui.enhance Forms with required fields" High Mooeypoo resolved
#112773 Echo notifications: "Your alerts" tooltip placed under Messages High Mooeypoo resolved
#113778 Run patch-reference_wiki-phase5.sql in production High - duplicate
#113701 Renaming an account doesn't move the Flow board on the user's talk page High - duplicate
#113668 'View and restore deleted pages' displays broken layout for deleted Flow pages High SBisson resolved
#113313 GettingStarted issue with less.php High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#113261 Marking a Flow topic as unresolved creates "cur" links that give Fatal exceptions High SBisson resolved
#113245 Set wgFlowMigrateReferenceWiki to false in production High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#113311 Exception when viewing https://es.wikiquote.org/wiki/Tema:Sobaaiky57zs7py7 High SBisson resolved
#114043 'View and restore deleted pages': posting a new topic, re-sorting, and Edit board actions on a page are present but don't work High SBisson resolved
#114541 Run FlowCreateTemplates.php on pt.wikibooks High Catrope resolved
#114326 Old editor system is used when replying to a topic that was loaded using infinite scroll High Mooeypoo resolved
#114277 Freeze LQT on se.wikimedia High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#114237 Present cross-wiki notifications as a beta feature to users High Mooeypoo resolved
#115100 Activate Flow as a beta feature on zh.wp High Catrope resolved
#116685 An error has occurred while processing HTML/wikitext conversion - Fatal exception of type "Flow\Exception\WikitextException" High - duplicate
#115887 Wrong AF variables computed for MassMessage account for edits on Flow topics High Legoktm resolved
#117514 Fix https://pt.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikilivros:Plant%C3%A3o_de_d%C3%BAvidas High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#118890 SubmissionHandler should expose real error messages, rather than coercing everything to "user is blocked" High SBisson resolved
#116211 Improve/investigate solutions for the Flow botspam High - resolved
#118567 Problems encountered when enabling Flow on Chinese Wikipedia High Catrope resolved
#123307 Create an help page for Cross-Wiki Notifications High Trizek-WMF resolved
#120158 Fix EventLogging for cross-wiki notifications High Mooeypoo resolved
#121829 Integrate cross-wiki notifications High matthiasmullie resolved
#121694 Notice: Undefined index in LinkNormalizer.php High matthiasmullie resolved
#121737 Add secondary link for the agent to some notification types High SBisson resolved
#121736 Add secondary link icon for "view changes" High Catrope resolved
#121455 Error with Flow beta feature at cawiki - InvalidInputException High Quiddity resolved
#123097 Notifications should treat topic titles as plain text High - duplicate
#125738 Cross-wiki notifications: Links for thanks notifications point to the local wiki High SBisson resolved
#127697 Cross-wiki notifications: Links for reverts notifications point to the local wiki High SBisson resolved
#128062 Keep notification excerpts compact and meaningful High SBisson resolved
#128293 Blank talk pages on Portuguese Wikibooks: Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelException High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127728 DomainException on Special:Notifications on mediawiki.org High SBisson resolved
#128937 Invite Users to Take Notifications Survey (Using Notifications Panel) High Mooeypoo doing
#130778 Special:EditWatchlist/raw gives Exception encountered, of type "Wikimedia\Assert\ParameterTypeException" High jmatazzoni resolved
#129726 Echo counts unread messages incorrectly High SBisson resolved
#129397 FlowHooks::onMessageCacheGet() may be called during load.php and depends on the session user language High Legoktm resolved
#128249 Multiple "You made your <milestone> edit!" notifications High - open
#125584 email notification format for User rights changed displays placeholder label High SBisson resolved
#125279 Removed group rights notification messages do not display group names High SBisson resolved
#125168 Thank does not work if nested replies are present. High SBisson resolved
#124372 If user only has foreign messages, the messages badge should not be suppressed High matthiasmullie resolved
#124188 Use same OOUI widgets for notifications popup on mobile and desktop High Mooeypoo resolved
#124003 Automatically congratulate users for reaching certain edit count milestones High Jdforrester-WMF resolved
#123657 Overflow on Notification panel with very long page names High Mooeypoo resolved
#121936 Display human-readable wiki names for cross-wiki notifications High Mooeypoo resolved
#122329 Flow\Exception\FlowException from line 159 of Flow/includes/Formatter/ChangesListQuery.php: Revision not found in revisionCache High matthiasmullie declined
#122111 ref_target should be NOT NULL High - resolved
#122025 Flow (or tests) broken in REL1_25 High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#121945 Instrument opening of cross-wiki notification GroupItems High Mooeypoo resolved
#121933 Timestamp in compressed notification appears in different places depending on its length High Mooeypoo resolved
#121930 Cross-wiki mark as read doesn't work High Mooeypoo resolved
#121929 Clicking a NotificationGroupItem should expand it High Mooeypoo resolved
#121928 Notification panel updates remote seentime too aggressively High Mooeypoo resolved
#121923 Show a useful error message when notification popup opens while the user is logged out High Mooeypoo resolved
#121137 [betalabs] Blocked user creating a new topic gets malformed error message High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#121859 Notifications excessive right padding makes text to wrap unnecesarily High Catrope resolved
#121067 Write email formatter that uses presentation models High SBisson doing
#119566 Add dry-run mode to Flow External Store migration script High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#119509 Cleanup ptwikibooks conversion High matthiasmullie doing
#117812 Fix en:Wikipedia_talk:Flow/Developer_test_page High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#119537 Links in Flow topic titles: html code displayed when page scrolls up High SBisson resolved
#119890 Add filtering for unread notifications only to meta=notifications API High matthiasmullie resolved
#113881 The messages panel cannot be closed anymore on iOS High Mooeypoo doing
#118108 Inconsistent state after AJAX board re-order High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#118002 Broken Special:Log output due to missing message logentry-lock-flow-lock-topic High SBisson resolved
#117938 Parsoid failures trying to save or preview posts with @ mentions on mw.org (curl error: 26) High Catrope resolved
#117787 Make ref_id of flow_wiki_ref and flow_ext_ref not null and PK (DBA phase 2) High jcrespo resolved
#117786 Run maintenance/FlowPopulateRefId.php on all production wikis High Catrope resolved
#117785 Deploy artificial primary key reference change to all production wikis simultaneously High Catrope resolved
#117783 Add ref_id to flow_wiki_ref and flow_ext_ref (DBA phase 1) High jcrespo resolved
#117138 sort() call in FeatureIndex caused non-deterministic behavior High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#116888 MentionPresentationModel fatals for notifications with no title High Legoktm resolved
#116856 Write presentation model for Newsletter High Mooeypoo resolved
#116852 Write presentation models for notifications in ContentTranslation High Mooeypoo resolved
#117991 Enable the Flow personal talk opt-in Beta Feature on bswiki High Jdforrester-WMF resolved
#117992 Enable the Flow personal talk opt-in Beta Feature on urwiki High Jdforrester-WMF resolved
#116853 Write presentation models for notifications in OpenStackManager High Mooeypoo resolved
#116851 Write presentation model for BounceHandler High matthiasmullie resolved
#116850 Write presentation models for notifications in EducationProgram High matthiasmullie resolved
#116849 Write presentation models for notifications in PageTriage High matthiasmullie resolved
#116848 Write presentation models for notifications in Gather High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#116847 Write presentation models for notifications in Thanks High Catrope resolved
#116845 Write presentation models for notifications in Flow High SBisson resolved
#116843 Write presentation models for notifications in Echo High SBisson resolved
#116834 Write presentation models for all notification types (tracking) High Catrope resolved
#116612 Document new Echo formatting system High Legoktm doing
#116485 Echo should not notify the user about his own linking activity High Legoktm resolved
#115695 Add Flow support to Nuke High SBisson resolved
#116226 Use a single-line text area, for Flow moderation reasons, and allow submit on Enter High CodingPower472 resolved
#116205 Echo is passing wrong type for eventId High Legoktm resolved
#116146 Flow Browser tests fail with "Error modules: ext.thanks.flowthank." on beta High SBisson resolved
#116058 Deleted topics deleted edits shouldn't appear in recent changes High matthiasmullie resolved
#115419 OOUI widgets for new notification design High Mooeypoo resolved
#115418 API should expose enough structured data about notifications that frontend can render them High matthiasmullie resolved
#115362 Board description: Switching to VE and clicking Save removes Categories High Catrope resolved
#115337 Resolve topic does not start summarize High SBisson resolved
#114540 Enable Flow on pt.wikibooks High Catrope resolved
#114550 Flow talk page on mediawiki.org takes 4 seconds to load High matthiasmullie resolved
#114080 css bugs in modern skin with the latest echo spilt notifications. High Mooeypoo resolved
#113664 Measure the notification types that are most abundantly received at 5 sample wikis High Neil_P._Quinn_WMF resolved
#112784 Link to archived wikitext page isn't added when opting in for 2nd time High matthiasmullie resolved
#112350 [Regression] In betalabs "Due to a technical error, this post could not be retrieved." for entries with triple curly brackets High Catrope resolved
#111267 update.php broken in Beta High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#111249 Flow's Parsoid usage broken in test beta labs High Catrope resolved
#111220 Flow opt in process takes long enough to process for the user to actually notice High matthiasmullie resolved
#111164 Adjust to removal of Connection::getSingleton in Cirrus High matthiasmullie resolved
#111119 Fix Flow Parsoid integration on MediaWiki-Vagrant High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#111084 Do backfill and final schema change for "Segregate Reference objects by source wiki." High jcrespo resolved
#111029 XSS possible in PageTriage toolbar High Catrope resolved
#110696 Can no longer view deleted board in Special:Undelete High SBisson resolved
#108609 "By saving changes" description legal message partially covered by page footer when the description is being edited High DannyH resolved
#108396 New flow topics not appearing in watchlist High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108313 Flow JS loading / deferred loading is very slow High Mooeypoo resolved
#107899 [betalabs] Browser crash - ve.init.target is null when attempting to switch to VE in Board description High Etonkovidova resolved
#107915 Transform the 'add new topic' section to an OOUI widget High Mooeypoo resolved
#107898 Disable LQT Special:NewMessages on wikis with frozen LQT High SBisson resolved
#107894 LiquidThreads allows you to reply when it's not a LQT talk page High SBisson resolved
#107823 Rewrite EchoNotificationFormatter High Legoktm resolved
#107068 Prevent people from creating new LQT pages on wikis that have converted LQT to Flow High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109679 Run subset of Echo browser tests on patch submission in Jenkins High Legoktm resolved
#106614 F9. Run LQT conversion script on mediawiki.org Project:Support desk High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108208 Measure the user responsiveness to notifications over time High matthiasmullie resolved
#106613 F8. Run LQT conversion script on mediawiki.org VE/Feedback High 0 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#106575 Template:FlowMention missing, new mentions of users are broken High matthiasmullie resolved
#106569 F7. Check for other missing users on MediaWiki.org in revision or LQT tables High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#106564 F10. Investigate Limn dashboard for Flow, make sure it's giving us the data that we think it is High 5 Catrope resolved
#103572 E4. Refactor the editor to be able to use it from ooui widgets High 5 Catrope resolved
#101278 D9. Flow BoardDescriptionWidget High 5 Mooeypoo resolved
#101316 Make the VE/source toggle more discoverable High Catrope resolved
#111098 Run FlowCreateTemplates.php on all Flow-enabled wikis in production High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#90075 Update and retest the convertToText script High matthiasmullie resolved
#98270 Opt-in for Flow on your own user talk page High SBisson resolved
#95870 E10. Have Flow use ExternalStore on MediaWiki-Vagrant High 2 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#94569 Old references are not removed properly when removing them from the content High 2 matthiasmullie resolved
#94340 Echo notification about renaming a topic title shows the new title twice and doesn't show the old title High - duplicate
#94029 Spike: Avoid use of merge() in Flow caches High 3 matthiasmullie resolved
#94028 DB master connections requested by Flow on GET/HEAD requests High matthiasmullie resolved
#93491 action=history should not redirect to Special:History for Flow boards High Florian resolved
#92303 Convert LQT pages on MediaWiki.org to Flow (tracking) High 2 Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#89398 Add Flow to database dumps High matthiasmullie doing
#86373 MediaWiki should not connect as root database user on MediaWiki-Vagrant High Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#78576 Don't send "Flow page manager" notification or email when a user talk page is converted to Flow High 2 SBisson resolved
#97371 F4. Add legal text to Flow side rail Normal 2 Catrope resolved
#97290 Keep input focus when switching from VE to wikitext editing Normal 1 Catrope resolved
#95871 Use External Store on Beta Cluster Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#93765 F2. All Flow edits are shown as new pages Normal 2 SBisson resolved
#93673 Remove Notifications about posts/topics that have been Moderated Normal SBisson doing
#92874 Display categories in Flow side rail Normal 2 Mooeypoo resolved
#86798 TOC: Newly created topics are not added to the top of the toc Normal Catrope resolved
#73564 Allow marking Echo notifications as unread Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#99893 Side rail description using VE asks about saving changes while nothing was changed Normal - resolved
#60975 Null edits should not be saved in posts, topic titles, descriptions, summaries Normal SBisson resolved
#56433 Notification messages for mentions assume article namespace, do not reflect other namespaces Normal SBisson resolved
#55564 IP addresses should link to Special:Contributions instead of userpage, e.g. on revert notification Normal D3r1ck01 resolved
#49662 Override Echo system notification icons for all Wikimedia projects Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#116890 wgUserLanguage in JS should be valid for API (Exception: Invalid language code "nl_nl") Normal Krinkle resolved
#101300 F5. SUL the flow talk page manager Normal Legoktm resolved
#105421 Script to update the database with all necessary new templates that Flow needs upon installation Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#118225 Remove old hardcoded tokens from patrol links in Flow Normal SBisson resolved
#116611 Enable the Flow personal talk opt-in Beta Feature on Wikidata.org Normal Jdforrester-WMF resolved
#119321 Incomplete GENDER support for notification-mention and related messages Normal SBisson resolved
#124109 cross-wiki notification: bundled notifications are not counted Normal SBisson resolved
#124422 Unusual dots displayed within a CX notification message Normal - invalid
#121739 Remove user names from some notification messages in favor of secondary link Normal MtDu resolved
#121735 Clarify notification icons Normal MtDu resolved
#121724 Make page titles bold in notifications Normal SBisson resolved
#121831 Put email subject in notification body of emailuser notifications Normal SBisson resolved
#121822 Truncate Page and Topic Names and Msg Excerpts in Notifications Fly-Outs and Page Normal SBisson resolved
#121817 Add snippet to mention notification Normal SBisson resolved
#121812 Tweak page-linked notification Normal SBisson resolved
#121808 Add excerpt of edit summary to reverted notification Normal SBisson resolved
#124796 Clicking "change title" does not give user feedback Normal SBisson resolved
#124794 Mention in topic title does not generate flow-mention notification Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#125253 Notification-header-flow-topic-renamed-user-talk and Notification-bundle-header-flow-post-edited-user-talk seem to have incorrect parameter documentation Normal SBisson resolved
#125251 notification-header-user-rights-* should have GENDER support for the current user Normal SBisson resolved
#130009 Enable Flow as a Beta feature on Polish Wikipedia Normal Trizek-WMF doing
#129641 BadMethodCallException in EditThresholdPresentationModel.php Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#129439 topic-title-plaintext content format to treat topic-title-wikitext as plain text Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#127098 Email's footer should not be partially displayed in Email Notifications for short email messages Normal SBisson resolved
#126277 'user-right' notifications: show 'reason' in body Normal SBisson resolved
#125785 Use updated trash icon on deletion-related notifications Normal MtDu resolved
#125693 Update PageTriage notifications to new language and format Normal SBisson resolved
#125692 Update EducationProgram notifications to new language and format Normal SBisson resolved
#125691 Update OpenStackManager notifications to new language and format Normal SBisson resolved
#125680 Update ContentTranslation notifications to new language and format Normal SBisson resolved
#124234 Roll out cross-wiki notifications beta feature Normal Catrope resolved
#124233 Populate echo_unread_wikis table on all wikis Normal Catrope resolved
#124232 Enable Echo tracking table on all wikis Normal Catrope resolved
#123934 Rephrase Echo 'edit-user-talk' notifications Normal SBisson resolved
#123691 Show all New Icons on Notification Spreadsheet Normal Pginer-WMF resolved
#123434 Create icons for Flowusertalk notifications Normal Pginer-WMF resolved
#121957 Add icons for secondary links in gather-hide notifications Normal Catrope resolved
#121955 Put more space between adjacent category links Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#121954 Add secondary link to Flow board for flow-thanks notifications Normal Catrope resolved
#121950 Rephrase Flow notifications, move content from body into header Normal SBisson resolved
#121935 Add "mark as read" as a deprioitized secondary action to every unread notification Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#121931 "Mark all as read" button completely ignores cross-wiki notification group item Normal - declined
#122961 Remove Flow from Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Breakfast on enwp Normal Catrope resolved
#121663 Create new notification category for talk pages: flowusertalk Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#121328 notification-bundle-header-edit-user-talk should say "messages" instead of "a message" Normal SBisson resolved
#121702 Flow errors with array_slice and array_filter Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#121661 Clean up lego message in user-rights notification Normal SBisson resolved
#121624 Clarify link and revert icons on notifications Normal MtDu resolved
#120329 Brackets appear in history when topic title that contains link is changed Normal SBisson resolved
#120291 wikitext in flow titles is parsed (HTML tags like <tt> and templates) on echo notifications Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#120160 Notifications are broken (not being sent) Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#119525 Create "echo_unread_wikis" table on wikishared database for Echo cross-wiki notifications Normal Catrope resolved
#119523 Write script to backfill echo_unread_wikis table Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#119351 Enable the Flow personal talk opt-in Beta Feature on cswiki Normal Catrope declined
#118059 Support easy use of standard $1+$2 values (agent and agent for gender) in getBodyMessage Normal SBisson resolved
#116077 Flow's action menu can be hidden behind page footer Normal SBisson resolved
#115551 Create a notification demo page Normal Mooeypoo doing
#114415 PageTriage's "patrolled" notifications are jargony and scary Normal Catrope resolved
#114703 Flow dump import Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#114012 Significant performance degradation in new (split) notifications Normal - open
#113641 Have 'flow-suppress' work on MediaWiki-Vagrant out of the box Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#114197 Beta features: "Discussion" link should go to Talk:Flow Normal SBisson resolved
#113764 Use new editor for undo pages Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#104591 Deleted wikitext Talk page cannot be restored after EnableFlow creates the same page Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#108348 Allow user to create new board at Special:EnableFlow without description Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#112281 Summary needs clear:both Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#112217 Mark as read 'x' button is very small Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#111984 Summarize: switching to wikitext mode displays old style icon Normal DannyH resolved
#110932 GENDER support in flow-error-edit-restricted Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#113555 Middle/ctrl-clicking on Echo badge does not always work Normal Catrope resolved
#113426 Opt-in: Copy templates above the first heading when enabling Flow on an existing wikitext page Normal SBisson resolved
#112957 Opt-out: Add template with a link to Flow Archive page Normal SBisson resolved
#112938 Opt-out: the opt-in guided tour displayed again when a user reverts 'Flow on user talk' option Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#112251 API problem in Echo may be showing empty notifications panel Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#112469 Fix unsanitized message in PageTriage Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#112338 Undo in Flow, mis-converts into VE-mode Normal SBisson resolved
#110553 Echo ignores hideuser for non-revision based notifications (e.g. thanks) Normal Legoktm resolved
#111590 Allow cross-wiki target for MediaWiki's feedback tool Normal Legoktm resolved
#108762 Notify users who are editing protected flow content Normal Mattflaschen-WMF doing
#110326 Run maintenance/FlowFixLinks.php Normal Catrope resolved
#109553 Update MediaWiki-Vagrant for removal of wgFlowOccupyPages and wgFlowOccupyNamespaces Normal SBisson resolved
#107301 Enable Flow on Polish Wikipedia and Commons Normal 1 Catrope resolved
#109365 Cancel keeps temporary text in editors Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#109154 [betalabs] Regression: 'Start a new topic' displays the text from previous topic post Normal Catrope resolved
#111261 clicking on Echo badge clears count in personal bar, doesn't open flyout Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#111110 Categories box is misaligned on Flow pages? Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#111138 Fatals and notices in FlowFixLinks.php Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#111102 Use EditorWidget for topic summary Normal SBisson resolved
#110851 Suppress Echo notifications during FlowFixLinks run Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#110706 Don't switch preference for VE/wikitext if your device doesn't support your preferred editor Normal Catrope resolved
#109784 Email notification: The new renamed topic title is displayed in place for the previous title Normal SBisson resolved
#110488 The icon for expanding and collapsing a Flow topic must be flipped for RTL Normal Catrope resolved
#110306 Increase number of mentions allowed in a single post Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#109814 Links from Flow topics to special pages are incorrectly included in link tables Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#109768 Board is first created with empty array, then with real JSON Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#110086 Style of new anon edit warning Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#110083 Move "Mark as resolved" up in the Flow dropdown menu Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#110082 Take out "This description has been modified" line in side rail legal text Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#110093 Editing posts: Keep input focus when switching from VE to wikitext editing Normal DannyH resolved
#109493 After clicking on 'Edit description', Board description is displayed empty while its content loads Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#109063 Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to FlowHooks::isTalkpageManagerUser() must be an instance of User, null given in /srv/mediawiki/php-1.26wmf18/extensions/Flow/Hooks.php on line 957 Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108464 Ctrl clicking on links in Flow summaries expands/collapses threads. Normal Catrope resolved
#108314 Make "recently active topics" the default? Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#108104 Remove wgFlowMigrateReferenceWiki Normal matthiasmullie resolved
#113629 Don't show "Mark all as read" for Alerts Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#112823 Echo notifications: when updating Alerts display red momentarily before switching to gray Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#107904 Run namespaceDupes Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#107897 Implement feature flag to disable LQT Special:NewMessages Normal SBisson resolved
#107655 When accessing talk page through echo, the yellow "new message" notification doesn't go away until the next page view Normal Legoktm resolved
#107143 Create Template:FlowMention for all Flow-enabled wikis Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#106741 Bidi-isolate username fields in Flow boards Normal Mooeypoo resolved
#106562 F1. Enable Flow on all public wikis Normal Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#105057 F11. Add posts to data model, and figure out a way to connect them Normal 5 Mooeypoo resolved
#103584 Add width-expanding toggle on Topic pages Normal 2 Mooeypoo resolved
#104278 E7. Run populateContentModel.php for page on all WMF wikis Normal 1 Legoktm resolved
#101189 Switching between source & VE in Flow entry field should keep the cursor focus in the entry field Normal 1 Mooeypoo resolved
#101187 Using Tab as keyboard shortcut in Flow entry fields should include the VE/source toggle in Firefox Normal 2 DannyH resolved
#101178 Press ESC to cancel a message Normal 1 Catrope resolved
#101198 Remove tooltips from dropdown menu in post and topic header Low Mooeypoo resolved
#117509 Allow welcome notification to optionally have a link target Low Legoktm resolved
#130793 Cross-wiki notifications are underlined when underline links preference is enabled Low Catrope resolved
#129833 Don't strip links when pasting HTML into Flow VisualEditor Low 1 Esanders resolved
#118873 Special:Notifications should use UserNotLoggedIn and auto-redirect to login page instead of custom error message Low Mhutti1 resolved
#112940 One account getting "Exception encountered, of type "Exception" " on certain pages from Echo and Flow at mediawiki.org Low - invalid
#109898 'Change title' does not update 'Reply to[title]' Low - resolved
#60726 Echo: refactor duplicate icon handling code into getNotificationIconUrl() Lowest Legoktm resolved
#126908 [[MediaWiki:Apihelp-echomarkseen-param-type/en]] i18n issue Lowest Mattflaschen-WMF resolved
#124135 [[MediaWiki:Notification-bundle-header-edit-user-talk-v2/en]] i18n issue Lowest SBisson resolved