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#121263 iOS 9: related articles stop showing on subsequent pages if you click on one of them High 0 - open
#121152 use background-size:cover on related images Normal 0 - open
#121052 Release 2.1.0 of RelatedArticles High 0 Jdlrobson doing
#120735 RelatedArticles shows on editor High 0 Jdlrobson resolved
#120504 LOOT: Collect data on article composition Needs Triage 8 Jhernandez doing
#120443 RelatedArticles disappears during edit process when using VisualEditor Normal 0 Jdlrobson doing
#120292 MobileWebSectionUsage schema changes to measure impact of section collapsing High 2 bmansurov resolved
#120264 Spike [2 hours]: How can we keep on top of releases Normal 0 - open
#119867 Release a version of Cards and switch the default branch to 'dev' Needs Triage 0 bmansurov resolved
#119632 Spike [2 hours]: QuickSurveys deployment process High 0 - open
#119412 provide contribs link and prevent mobile user without user page from being dumped into blank screen when they click their username Needs Triage 8 Nirzar doing
#119367 Validate and handle a survey's platform High 0 - open
#118041 Spike: Analysis data in MobileWebSectionUsage High 0 - open
#116838 Only load related articles when the user has scrolled to halfway mark of article Normal 2 Sumit resolved
#116676 Deploy RelatedArticles to all wikipedias (but enabled only in beta) Needs Triage 2 Jdlrobson doing
#110501 redirectToFragment script (redirects to section headers) behaving unreliably High 0 jhobs doing
#109894 Viewing Special:Uploads requires login on mobile web Normal 0 Sumit resolved
#108655 Standardise on how to access/register JavaScript interfaces Normal 0 Krinkle doing
#94906 [EPIC] Read more related articles after end of current article Normal 0 - open
#85929 Kill SpecialUserProfile or Move MobileFrontend extension's Special:UserProfile.php and related code to a separate MediaWiki extension Normal 0 - open