Labs Snapshot 2015-08-05 02:00:06

Backlog 13 (13 story points)
Code Review / Blocked 1 (1 story points)
total 14 (14 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#107782 Investigate the cause of puppet failures on Tools Needs Triage 1 coren Backlog
#107657 /srv on tools-static-01 running out of inodes High 1 - Backlog
#107576 Set up cron job on labstore to rsync data from stat* boxes into labs. Normal 1 Ottomata Backlog
#107574 Reinstall labstore1001 and make sure everything is puppet-ready High 1 coren Backlog
#107058 Have checkpoint checks for all labs services (Tracking) Needs Triage 1 coren Backlog
#107038 Switch NFS server back to labstore1001 Needs Triage 1 coren Backlog
#106476 Setup monitoring and reporting for disk space usage of each project on NFS Needs Triage 1 coren Backlog
#106475 Evaluate a 'cluster solution' for use on Tool Labs Needs Triage 1 - Backlog
#106474 Make continuous backups of NFS data to codfw Needs Triage 1 coren Code Review / Blocked
#104857 Archive NFS data for projects that no longer have NFS Needs Triage 1 Andrew Backlog
#104194 Simple method to have a per-project debian repository Needs Triage 1 - Backlog
#99738 Investigate kernel issues on labvirt** hosts Needs Triage 1 - Backlog
#99701 Setup/Install/Deploy labnet1002 Normal 1 Andrew Backlog
#96924 allow routing between labs instances and public labs ips (done, document) Needs Triage 1 - Backlog