Scap3 Snapshot 2015-10-13 02:00:43

doing 12 (18 story points)
open 6 (5 story points)
resolved 8 (0 story points)
stalled 1 (0 story points)
total 27 (23 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#115137 (Re)implement logging output for scap targets Normal 1 dduvall doing
#114999 Use Scap3 for deploying AQS High 1 - open
#114694 Create deployment for wikimedia/portals High 1 mmodell doing
#114363 Deploy phabricator with scap3 High 3 mmodell doing
#114313 Migrate the MW weekly train deploy to scap3 Normal 5 mmodell doing
#114284 Implement nrpe config parser to easily hook into Puppet managed checks Normal 0 mmodell resolved
#114110 Investigate parallel-ssh library once paramiko supports hmac-256/hmac-512 Low 0 - stalled
#113779 Limit structured logging output for now Normal 0 dduvall resolved
#113777 Fetch submodules from the deploy host Normal 1 thcipriani doing
#113107 Support smooth transitions from Trebuchet managed deploys Normal 0 - open
#113085 Support event logging propagation from target to deployment host Normal 0 dduvall resolved
#113073 Canary deploy for scap3 Normal 1 thcipriani doing
#113072 Make puppet trebuchet provider work with scap3 Normal 2 thcipriani doing
#112841 Allow batch_size to be configured for each deploy stage Low 0 dduvall resolved
#112554 Add documentation of the new scap3 features to the scap docs High 1 mmodell doing
#110068 Scap3 check to monitor logstash and detect changes in error frequency Normal 1 mmodell doing
#109862 Scap3 needs to be deployed on RESTBase boxes and needs a group on tin Normal 0 thcipriani doing
#109861 Scap3 should break up remote deploy tasks High 0 dduvall resolved
#109858 Improve scap's output Normal 0 demon resolved
#109535 Scap3 should implement the services team requirements Normal 0 - open
#109515 Scap3 should support post-deploy checks High 0 dduvall resolved
#109514 Scap3 should support rollback Normal 0 dduvall resolved
#109513 Scap3 should have idempotent deploys Needs Triage 2 - open
#109512 Scap3 should be able to deploy/rollback service config as part of deploy Normal 2 thcipriani doing
#108743 Instrument scap for "scap duration" KPI Normal 0 mmodell doing
#104826 [scap] Add support for syncing /srv/mediawiki-staging including fully working git data to warm spare deploy server Normal 2 - open
#101023 Future Deployment Tooling (tracking) Normal 0 - open