Discovery Snapshot 2015-09-29 02:00:05

Done 4 (25 story points)
Backlog 5 (10 story points)
In progress 1 (2 story points)
Needs review 2 (6 story points)
Resolved 107 (278 story points)
Stalled/Waiting 2 (10 story points)
total 121 (331 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#113832 Write scripts for fetching server-side usage statistics Normal 2 mpopov Needs review
#113653 Post search data guidelines to officewiki Normal 0 Ironholds Backlog
#113637 Add augmented clickthrough & LDN metrics to dashboard Needs Triage 4 mpopov Needs review
#113513 Build retrieval scripts for dwell-time data Needs Triage 4 Ironholds Done
#113299 Identify an appropriate outlier detection method for dwell times Needs Triage 1 mpopov Resolved
#113297 Create backend for speedily computing various ad-hoc user satisfaction KPIs High 10 Ironholds Done
#113292 Select an arbitrary dwell-time threshold High 5 Ironholds Done
#113240 Obtain qualitative user satisfaction data High 10 - Stalled/Waiting
#112976 Figure out how many unique tools are using the maps tileserver, and dashboard that correlated with traffic over time Normal 0 Tfinc Stalled/Waiting
#112945 Present results of analysis on TestSearchSatisfaction data to Discovery leads on Friday 18th Sep 2015 High 1 mpopov Resolved
#112846 Display automata and humans separately on zero results rate graph Normal 0 - Backlog
#112813 Verify that data from A/B test on suggester is coming through correctly (on or after 2015-09-17) redux High 1 mpopov Resolved
#112700 Package up common functions and files across the dashboards Normal 5 Ironholds Resolved
#112605 Analyze queries performed on Wikidata Query Service to identify what users are using it for, and produce report Normal 4 mpopov Backlog
#112337 Display maps server-side usage metrics on maps dashboard Normal 2 mpopov In progress
#112311 Create data retrieval scripts for maps KPIs Normal 4 Ironholds Resolved
#112295 Design and agree on an Avro schema for cirrus search request logging to hadoop High 2 Ironholds Resolved
#112269 Perform survival analysis on user satisfaction data Needs Triage 4 mpopov Resolved
#111961 Patch dashboard setup scripts to set locale Needs Triage 1 Ironholds Resolved
#111880 Fix metrics dashboard Unbreak Now! 2 EBernhardson Resolved
#111858 Analyze results of A/B test on suggester (on or after 2015-09-22) Normal 4 mpopov Backlog
#111857 Verify that data from A/B test on suggester is coming through correctly (on or after 2015-09-09) High 2 mpopov Resolved
#111856 Begin to quantify why people use Search Engines instead of Wikimedia search Needs Triage 3 Ironholds Resolved
#111790 Improve Phabricator link on Wikidata Query Service dashboard Normal 0 He7d3r Resolved
#111749 Backfill dashboard data Unbreak Now! 2 Ironholds Resolved
#111714 Some golden retriever scripts not being run on a daily basis Unbreak Now! 1 Ironholds Resolved
#111549 Fix WDQS scripts and update dashboard accordingly Unbreak Now! 2 mpopov Resolved
#111269 Dashboard: conflicting data (results pages opened vs result sets per day) High 3 Ironholds Resolved
#111260 Validate TestSearchSatisfaction2 data after one week's data has streamed in (i.e. on or after 2015-09-10) to verify that we're happy with it High 2 Ironholds Resolved
#111256 WDQS Dashboard: reposition and relabel the plots Normal 0 mpopov Resolved
#111242 Write EventLogging schemas on Meta-Wiki to capture data for Maps KPIs Normal 0 Tfinc Resolved
#110942 Move data acquisition/aggregation scripts to their own repo Normal 1 mpopov Resolved
#110703 Provide data dump for Tijmen van Dijl Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#110618 Make sense of why the zero results rate is still going up in spite of us having tackled prominent zero results generators High 10 Ironholds Resolved
#110482 Circulate X-Request-Purpose proposal internally Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#110080 Help requested from an R expert to help tweak phlogiston (burnup chart scripts) Normal 2 JAufrecht Backlog
#109762 Perform final analysis for the second A/B test, write report, and publish it to Meta High 4 mpopov Resolved
#109761 Analyse the initial results of the second A/B test Normal 4 mpopov Resolved
#109760 Report on the first A/B test Normal 4 Ironholds Resolved
#109758 Rewrite mysql_read to use the updated DBI version Unbreak Now! 0 Ironholds Resolved
#109744 Let user select date ranges (7/30/90 days) on the dashboard High 2 mpopov Resolved
#109648 Create consultant JD Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#109523 Create TestUserSatisfaction 2.0.0 schema Needs Triage 2 Ironholds Resolved
#109507 Coordinate data generation for maps KPIs Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#109479 Measure actual effect size from the first A/B test Needs Triage 2 mpopov Resolved
#109361 Create a Wikidata query service usage dashboard Normal 8 mpopov Resolved
#109360 Create a script to extract request logs for for dashboards Normal 4 mpopov Resolved
#109344 Perform a power analysis to figure out sample size for next A/B test High 2 mpopov Resolved
#108895 Get a fresh read on Google-referred traffic High 4 Ironholds Resolved
#108732 [Task] Train Wikidata people on how to add data/metrics to a Shiny dashboard for Wikidata Normal 2 mpopov Resolved
#108624 Add a new dashboard to to display maps KPIs Normal 6 Ironholds Resolved
#108389 Analyse the initial results of the A/B test data Normal 4 mpopov Resolved
#108239 Learn & doc how to access & work w/ queries and logs Normal 8 mpopov Resolved
#108230 Fix display bug with KPI dashboard Normal 1 Deskana Resolved
#108094 As a project lead, I'd like documentation on how to set up a Shiny dashboard so that I can visualise the project's key performance indicators Normal 4 mpopov Resolved
#107815 Write up a Request for Comment for a x_analytics field that distinguishes sources of automated traffic Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#107814 Coordinate with legal and security around data access guidelines for Search data Normal 6 Ironholds Done
#107781 Display when the date range for the data backing the KPI summary Normal 0 Deskana Resolved
#107780 Expand KPI dashboard to also include time series for each KPI Normal 2 mpopov Resolved
#107724 Contact entities responsible for zero-results queries Needs Triage 2 Ironholds Resolved
#107463 Make it possible to link to individual dashboards via a URL Normal 2 mpopov Resolved
#107211 [Spike 1 day] Find sources of high-volume zero-results queries and determine the intent of the query originator Normal 4 Ironholds Resolved
#107202 Dashboard feature: trend lines / smoothing Normal 2 mpopov Resolved
#107112 Create dashboard for Discovery KPIs for Search Normal 4 mpopov Resolved
#107057 Include contact information into each markdown file Normal 1 mpopov Resolved
#106400 Create idealised schema for moving Cirrus logs into HDFS Needs Triage 0 Ironholds Resolved
#106397 Write onboarding stuff for new Data Analyst High 3 Ironholds Resolved
#106395 Backfill Cirrus logs and notify users that the reporting system changed High 2 Ironholds Resolved
#105910 EPIC: expansion of data retrieved from the Cirrus search logs High 10 Ironholds Resolved
#105739 Update dashboards to handle new adjustments to 'did you mean' feature Needs Triage 0 EBernhardson Resolved
#105512 Analyse requests from Iran prior to and after the HTTPS switchover Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#105359 [Spike 4 hrs] Perform initial analysis of the TestSearchSatisfaction data so that we know whether we can trust it or not Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#105355 [Spike 1 day] Perform initial analysis of the TestSearchSatisfaction data to validate that the theory works Normal 5 mpopov Resolved
#105193 Modify dashboard's zero results rate tab to also show rate of change of zero results rate over time, to track progress we're making to reduce it Normal 2 Deskana Resolved
#103596 Summarize what we know about the "zero results" queries Unbreak Now! 0 - Resolved
#103591 Migrate dashboards to gerrit Normal 2 mpopov Resolved
#102999 EPIC: Architectural hardening of the Discovery dashboards Normal 0 Ironholds Resolved
#102998 Distinguish iOS and Android app traffic Needs Triage 1 Ironholds Resolved
#102879 Fix immediate crash due to EL switchover and rebuilt basic dashboards to be resistant to such crashes Needs Triage 4 Ironholds Resolved
#102329 Figure out better approach for SI prefixes in dashboards Low 1 - Resolved
#102328 Remove mean from load time dashboard Normal 0 - Resolved
#102323 gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file in search failures script Needs Triage 2 Ironholds Resolved
#102249 Provide Dan with a list of "top n" search strings that returned 0 results Needs Triage 0 Ironholds Resolved
#102247 Run a manual job to backfill more of the zero results rate data in the search dashboards Normal 0 Ironholds Resolved
#102040 In the zero results stream it'd be nice to know if the user was given a search suggestion Needs Triage 3 - Resolved
#102038 In the zero results stream it'd be nice to be able to filter on whether the request was a prefix search or a full text search Needs Triage 2 - Resolved
#101902 Run a manual job to backfill more of the API data in the search dashboards Needs Triage 1 Ironholds Resolved
#101883 Create dashboards for the API statistics Needs Triage 4 Ironholds Resolved
#101774 Add counts of queries that are generating 0 results to Needs Triage 4 Deskana Resolved
#101515 Write an Oozie job to gather API-based metrics High 0 Ironholds Resolved
#101389 As a product manager, I'd like to know who is using our search API and how they're using it, so I can figure out how to prioritise tasks. (part 2) Normal 8 Ironholds Resolved
#101384 Add submit-form action to the desktop search dashboard at Needs Triage 0 Jdouglas Resolved
#101277 Summarise our hypothesis for "User satisfaction" measurement Unbreak Now! 3 Ironholds Resolved
#101273 Include sampling rate in dashboards Needs Triage 0 Ironholds Resolved
#101174 Estimate actual requirements for S&D analytics Normal 0 Ironholds Resolved
#100715 Use the Cirrus server side logs to get some elasticsearch time took metrics Normal 0 Deskana Resolved
#100674 Implement an isSearch UDF for Hadoop Needs Triage 0 Ironholds Resolved
#100672 Figure out some hypothetical formula for measuring the user perceived accuracy of full text search and create a plan to implement that including phabricator tasks Normal 4 Ironholds Resolved
#100669 Create initial stab at KPIs Normal 0 Deskana Resolved
#100668 Rework so it can handle multiple dashboards (starting with the web portal) Needs Triage 0 Deskana Resolved
#100449 Note the bug around clock times on the Apps page Needs Triage 1 Deskana Resolved
#100446 Fix dashboarding bug that's causing a claim of 6 events Needs Triage 2 Ironholds Resolved
#100056 Work out why mobile web dashboard entries abruptly terminate Needs Triage 0 Ironholds Resolved
#100055 Make clear that the search dashboards are grabbed from sampled logs Needs Triage 1 Ironholds Resolved
#100050 Stop using scientific notation in dashboards Needs Triage 1 Ironholds Resolved
#100049 "Events" should read "Load times" Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#99578 Add legend to search dashboards Normal 1 - Resolved
#99087 Technical task for the Data Analyst for R&D High 0 Ironholds Resolved
#99013 As a product manager, I'd like to know who is using our search API and how they're using it, so I can figure out how to prioritise tasks. Normal 0 Ironholds Resolved
#98569 Create EventLogging schema for initial data collection around the Wikipedia portal Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#98568 Spin up Labs instances for data vis High 3 Ironholds Resolved
#98383 Create rsync connector to fluorine Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#98366 Build search log parser High 5 Ironholds Resolved
#98212 Set up data visualisation platform High 10 Ironholds Resolved
#98078 What does the distribution of user agents/devices look like for the portal? Normal 2 Ironholds Resolved
#98076 Does portal traffic come from zero? Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#98071 Find search logs Normal 1 Ironholds Resolved
#98070 Document initial EventLogging needs Needs Triage 2 Ironholds Resolved
#98069 Data Analysis JDs Normal 5 Ironholds Resolved
#98068 NSA data support High 40 Ironholds Resolved
#94637 How many active editors are using VisualEditor at large Wikipedias? High 2 - Resolved