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#109247 Hotfix phabricator robots.txt to exclude /multimeter/ Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#123139 Disable Phab accounts with invalid e-mails that bounce Unbreak Now! demon resolved
#125853 Move /srv/phab/repos to /srv/repos Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#127837 change in status column field order breaks Phlogiston Unbreak Now! JAufrecht resolved
#127756 Change in transaction field order breaks Phlogiston import Unbreak Now! JAufrecht resolved
#127300 Report a problem link on dashboard returns 404 Unbreak Now! Aklapper resolved
#127290 "You must choose a space for this object" notification when attempting to save changes to a Task Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#136816 phabricator is not allowing you to be logged out to view phabricator Unbreak Now! Aklapper resolved
#133920 Phabricator dump didn't run Apr 27, 2016 Unbreak Now! 0 chasemp resolved
#152959 Security: "Other confidential issue" does not do anything Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#141243 gerritbot is broken after gerrit 2.12 migration Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#141241 @gerritbot not active anymore in Phabricator since Gerrit 2.12 upgrade Unbreak Now! demon resolved
#139236 Phabricator needs update: Security issue Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#139234 Phabricator XSS vulnerability Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#103961 shows an UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#102142 Odd error whilst navigating to Unbreak Now! 3 - resolved
#97996 Change "Edit Blocking Tasks" to choose eigther a task blocker or blocked (both ways) Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#88514 Search on phabricator is utterly broken and unusable Unbreak Now! - duplicate
#78223 Attempt to login into Phabricator fails with a 503 Service Unavailable error Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#75854 Fix provided search results in Wikimedia Phabricator Unbreak Now! Aklapper resolved
#101038 Missing data in Phab reporting dump Needs Triage chasemp invalid
#100941 Changes to projects can't be marked read? Needs Triage - duplicate
#100846 Add Story points (from Sprint Extension) to the phabricator data dump Needs Triage chasemp resolved
#100620 'Not in project' field is needed back on the advanced query/filter Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#100384 Add a preview button when submitting a new task Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#100276 Phabricator has no edit conflict warning or resolution Needs Triage - duplicate
#100245 Create a page on Office Wiki about Phabricator? Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#99949 workboard and other project pages: hamburger has wrong menu items when browser narrow (and left sidebar hidden) Needs Triage 3 Christopher resolved
#98697 As subscriber I do not have access to a task Needs Triage Krenair resolved
#1273 Create "Repository-Admins" group Needs Triage demon resolved
#1179 Batch task modification is not available from Search>Queries only Maniphest>Queries Needs Triage Qgil declined
#1155 Phabricator boards should live update Needs Triage - duplicate
#1143 Testing T1077 Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#1137 Workboards don't update live when other users move tasks around Needs Triage - duplicate
#1094 Move tasks on a workboard without them being assigned Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#1052 Link to task should appear before message in phabricator emails Needs Triage - duplicate
#1048 Searching for tasks where you are mentioned does not seem to be possible Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#979 Dashboard module type Tab Panel ignores display limits for task queries Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#973 On task creation from "Create new project" should not be shown to users who do not have this permission Needs Triage - duplicate
#966 Test task Needs Triage valhallasw invalid
#945 Testing whether authors not CCed receive notifications (and 2) Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#944 Testing whether authors not CCed receive notifications Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#928 Search in Phabricator does not work Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#908 Phabricator doesn't prompt for duplicate tasks when creating a task Needs Triage - duplicate
#907 Phabricator IRC notification for adding a comment is wrong Needs Triage - duplicate
#905 Phabricator default user preference for e-mail needs reconsideration Needs Triage - duplicate
#904 Phabricator user profiles can't be viewed when logged out Needs Triage - duplicate
#886 Task creation doesn't suggest possible duplicate tasks Needs Triage - duplicate
#871 Make Real Name optional or change to Display Name Needs Triage - duplicate
#751 Can't figure out how to create a Phabricator query Needs Triage Qgil resolved
#670 uses JavaScript from external domain Needs Triage Nemo_bis declined
#662 References to tasks within were broken Needs Triage Qgil declined
#657 Other Authentication Methods for Additional External Accounts? Needs Triage Aklapper doing
#636 Don't duplicate the list of lists Needs Triage Qgil declined
#633 Applications have no mention of "upload" or "attach" Needs Triage Qgil resolved
#626 Herald is not linked from preferences Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#622 "Nemo_bis changed Security from none to none." Needs Triage - duplicate
#619 Can't set a project for this task Needs Triage Qgil doing
#580 Unpriv user ticket Needs Triage chasemp invalid
#575 phabricator users creating tasks in this project fail late with 'Access Denied: Application Maniphest" Needs Triage - duplicate
#509 Get ipv6 working for Needs Triage Dzahn resolved
#377 Cannot paste screenshots in description field Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#237 Search results among revisions obscure tasks Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#98088 Phabricator should search for similar tasks when filing a new task Needs Triage - duplicate
#97964 Duplicate Email Addresses Unsupported Across Accounts Needs Triage Niedzielski declined
#97653 Give Mark Holmquist security task access Needs Triage csteipp resolved
#97548 Create herald rule to add CentralAuth project whenever GlobalRename is added Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#97240 Report a (Phabricator?) Problem Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#96554 Cannot view T96548 Needs Triage Legoktm resolved
#96534 When quick-editing a task while commenting, and choosing "Change Status" action, "Status" dropdown should default to "Resolved" and not "Declined" Needs Triage - duplicate
#96110 Can I change my username here? Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#96083 Project autocomplete is limited to 6 results, but Visualeditor has like dozens of subprojects Needs Triage - duplicate
#95643 Allocate one public IP to the Phabricator project Needs Triage yuvipanda resolved
#95265 Prove that old-bugzilla is 100 % superseded Needs Triage JohnLewis declined
#94217 Phabricator security policy open up port 222 for regular ssh with git on port 22 Needs Triage Negative24 resolved
#93947 Add the Team Practices Group staff to the Triagers project in Phabricator Needs Triage greg resolved
#93916 Change priority value for Needs Triage Needs Triage Negative24 declined
#93852 Restricted Application added a project: notice. · View Herald Transcript Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#93477 Phabricator's phd can't sudo to user phd Needs Triage chasemp resolved
#92733 Get a proper project overview in Phabricator Needs Triage - duplicate
#92593 gerritbot on phabricator should remove "Patch-For-Review" tag from issue when there's actually no patch is in for review. Needs Triage - duplicate
#92509 Cannot change workboard columns on my mobile phone Needs Triage - duplicate
#92392 Ability to move card/task via edit task interface Needs Triage - duplicate
#91945 The advanced search fails to find my tasks and its form fails to find me in some fields Needs Triage chasemp declined
#91881 The projects are lost when the user comes back to the task creation form Needs Triage - duplicate
#91774 "Associate projects" should be "Edit projects" Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#91381 Comments lost in phabricator ticket T18691 Needs Triage - duplicate
#90846 When opening a workboard, filter should be set to "Open Tasks" Needs Triage - duplicate
#90797 Not possible to drag cards to columns outside of viewport Needs Triage - duplicate
#90793 Workboard defaults to all tasks Needs Triage - duplicate
#90792 Phabricator personal home page should be customizable Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#90596 Revert change of default landing page for projects Needs Triage - duplicate
#90348 Add feature to show similar tasks when trying to type a title for new task Needs Triage - duplicate
#90347 Restricted Application added a project: Documentation. · View Herald Transcript Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#90333 Default tag view blocks navigation Needs Triage - duplicate
#89854 test mailinglists Needs Triage chasemp invalid
#89835 test !projects syntax Needs Triage chasemp invalid
#89832 test ops-request post 2/18 update direct to rt Needs Triage chasemp invalid
#89791 Update migration information on Phabricator front page Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#87650 Search for duplicates after a bug title is typed in Needs Triage - duplicate
#87560 Some imported bugzilla tasks have no component Needs Triage valhallasw invalid
#87549 Task/Job 7092771 (PhabricatorRepositoryCommitHeraldWorker) has over 1600 failures (Importing revision) Needs Triage Se4598 resolved
#89580 Uploading on mobile Needs Triage - duplicate
#87436 One touch assign button on phabricator Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#89369 Insufficient error message when search character limit is hit Needs Triage - resolved
#89209 Project search issue Needs Triage - duplicate
#87100 T87062 contains a centralauth token and other interesting cookie information allowing to steal session Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#88888 Blank Phabricator spam task descriptions Needs Triage chasemp declined
#86998 Phabricator feed broken Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#88472 Maniphest advanced search doesn't work most of the time Needs Triage - duplicate
#86606 Phabricator 504 timeout when loading big sprint board Needs Triage - duplicate
#88362 Add Philippe-WMF to Security Group on Phabricator Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#88330 Drop 3 empty repos Needs Triage chasemp resolved
#86293 Local translations Needs Triage valhallasw invalid
#86290 There should not be a "View Wiki" link on project pages Needs Triage - duplicate
#88109 Links to alternative tags give 404 Needs Triage - duplicate
#86161 Project association requires autocompletion and autocompletion has failed sorting algorythm Needs Triage - duplicate
#85702 Phabricator doesn't have edict conflict detection Needs Triage - duplicate
#85532 the "projects" field suggestions should be presented in another other Needs Triage - duplicate
#85099 projects suggestion dropdown should show exact matches first Needs Triage - duplicate
#85006 Cannot send comments in via email for restricted tasks I receive updates for via email Needs Triage Qgil declined
#84924 Searching for mobile in projects brings up a bad set of matches Needs Triage - duplicate
#78751 Provide puppet deploy tag for synchronization of phabricator upstream version deployed on main with phabricator development instances in labs Needs Triage - resolved
#78747 Obsolete attachments were not migrated from bugzilla Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#78627 Two Mediawiki accounts linked to Phabricator Needs Triage - duplicate
#78612 Do something about change conflicts Needs Triage - duplicate
#78603 Phabricator should let me "reopen" tasks by putting them back into the "needs triage" queue. Needs Triage Krenair invalid
#78581 CI board causes Phabricator to timeout Needs Triage - duplicate
#78382 Unhandled Exception ("AphrontCountQueryException"): More than 1 result from loadOneWhere()! Needs Triage - duplicate
#78365 Edits/comments on my own task get me sent an email about my own edit/comment on that specific task Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#78255 List of #phabricator pseudo-sub-projects outdated Needs Triage Qgil resolved
#78249 access denied to own commit Needs Triage - duplicate
#78217 Timeout errors loading boards Needs Triage - duplicate
#78193 Links in the task description are not searchable Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#78191 Impossible to find Phabricator task from Mingle card Needs Triage Tgr invalid
#78185 Phabricator spam commit notification I cant access Needs Triage - duplicate
#78181 Access Denied to Diffusion commit Needs Triage - duplicate
#78142 Phabricator has weird style issues on ends of lines, using tags, and when selecting text Needs Triage - duplicate
#78139 User name to nowhere Needs Triage - duplicate
#77976 phabricator - don't run as root Needs Triage chasemp resolved
#76691 broken links to duplicates in bugzilla-imported bugs Needs Triage - duplicate
#76360 Editor should have a link to upload form Needs Triage - duplicate
#76941 "MediaWiki" autocompletes to "DataType" Needs Triage - duplicate
#76922 Convert Bugzilla URLs in Tasks into Phabricator {links} Needs Triage - duplicate
#76242 Reference line of e-mails sent shows e.g. only [Maniphest] Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#76227 Wikilinks for phabricator Needs Triage - duplicate
#76118 Phabricator saves text in boxes when even when after window is closed Needs Triage - duplicate
#76117 User Name from Wikipedia can't be used to login to phabricator Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#76080 unable to attach files on mobile device Needs Triage - duplicate
#75984 Projects-tasks-and-teams-have-uneccesary-hyphens-between-the-words-in-their-names Needs Triage - duplicate
#75937 Is it possible to create field in all Analytics projects? Needs Triage Qgil declined
#75927 Phabricator sends too much email by default Needs Triage - duplicate
#75889 don't show "from none to none" in newly created tasks Needs Triage - duplicate
#75855 Can't view a security task though I get emails for changes to it Needs Triage - duplicate
#75850 Phabricator does not recognize wiki markup Needs Triage - duplicate
#75843 "Reference" should state that additional information may be available on old-bugzilla Needs Triage Nemo_bis declined
#75842 Link old-bugzilla equivalent from imported phabricator tasks Needs Triage - duplicate
#75805 gerritbot did not report merges during BZ conversion Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#75803 gerritbot doesn't handle non-ASCII characters like "ń" Needs Triage - duplicate
#75793 Notification "flame" menu shows unread count even when no unread notifications exist Needs Triage - duplicate
#75772 Excel export not configured on phabricator Needs Triage - duplicate
#75755 Format of date is hardcoded Needs Triage - duplicate
#75745 Allow to mark multiple notifications as read Needs Triage Qgil declined
#75718 Phabricator buttons don't have alt or title attributes Needs Triage - duplicate
#75709 When logged out user clicks on actions which require login (subscribe) login for is displayed in error state Needs Triage - invalid
#75682 48 hours of migration, pleased to be taking the nap now thanks Needs Triage Qgil invalid
#101347 need 'spaces' database for phabricator Needs Triage Springle resolved
#102731 Unable to get rid of the notification icon on Phabricator Needs Triage - duplicate
#102526 Add a preview option when "Creating" a new task Needs Triage - invalid
#102525 Add an option to Status for Duplicate Needs Triage - invalid
#102473 Visibility policies for objects in private Spaces can include 'Public' and be very misleading Needs Triage - resolved
#106100 Remove Phabricator user "Alakzi" - can't access account due to incorrect email address Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#105702 Typing error in phabricator Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#105529 Changing priority to "Needs Triage" should not say that priority has been raised Needs Triage - duplicate
#105298 Public Calendar events require users to log in Needs Triage Aklapper resolved
#105266 Unhandled Exception ("PhutilBootloaderException") Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#105210 iridium (phab server) - Could not find dependency Package[php5] Needs Triage Dzahn resolved
#105172 A way to see "new" notifications Needs Triage Aklapper invalid
#105044 has wrong IP data (only internal IPs) Needs Triage - duplicate
#104827 Create puppet role for Phabricator hosted repo testing Needs Triage - stalled
#104732 Unhandled Exception ("RuntimeException") when trying to view rSVN Needs Triage - resolved
#104731 Unhandled Exception ("AphrontCountQueryException") when trying to view a particular user profile Needs Triage - duplicate
#104007 Projects not following colour/icon guidelines Needs Triage - resolved
#103913 Upgrade phabricator to test the redesign for 2015 Needs Triage mmodell declined
#106330 Archive "verified" projects Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#107330 Cannot disable rooms sidebar in phabricator (workaround: Press \ key) Needs Triage - invalid
#107229 Unable to load Needs Triage - duplicate
#107197 Sprint extension doesn't scale to thousands of tasks in a single sprint: burndown page exceeds max execution timeout on visual editor project Needs Triage 2 - declined
#107154 Herald rule for WMDE-Tech-Community-Communication Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#107062 Email notifications for reassigning/claim should be consistent with web interface Needs Triage scfc invalid
#107050 Cannot see unread notifications Needs Triage - duplicate
#110513 #MediaWiki-General-or-Unknown and #Wikimedia-General-or-Unknown Are Missing Needs Triage Glaisher invalid
#110222 Using # character in a search on phabricator usually gives a 503 error page Needs Triage Aklapper declined
#110089 Tasks in #compact-personal-bar-(beta) should probably all be declined? Needs Triage Aklapper declined