WMDE-QWERTY Sprint Overview

Demo 1 (3 story points)
Done 6 (18 story points)
Doing 1 (8 story points)
Review 1 (3 story points)
total 9 (32 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#206770 Mixed newline chars irritate the TwoColConflictHelper Needs Triage 2 WMDE-Fisch Done
#205845 Trailing empty line gets lost when editing Needs Triage 5 WMDE-Fisch Done
#205687 Check translations of text merged during translatewiki problems Needs Triage 2 Lea_WMDE Done
#206753 Use new helpNotice icon on WMDE extensions Normal 1 Volker_E Done
#205431 Keep frames of text boxes also on Chrome Normal 3 jkroll Demo
#202053 Update headers of the conflicting versions Normal 3 Andrew-WMDE Review
#195724 Adapt Save-, Preview- and Cancel buttons to new version (No. 8) Normal 8 thiemowmde Doing
#195721 Support JS enhanced editing on the merge view (No. 7) Normal 3 Andrew-WMDE Done
#195714 Allow collapsing and uncollapsing not changed text blocks (js version) (No. 4) Normal 5 WMDE-Fisch Done