WMDE-Fun-Team Sprint Overview

Done 14 (39 story points)
Test 1 (0.5 story points)
Doing 1 (5 story points)
Review 2 (11 story points)
Todo 1 ( story points)
total 19 (55.5 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#170171 Make Credit Card Payment redirect-based Needs Triage 5 - Done
#172504 Banner test 04 (interval - sums) Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Done
#172499 Change piwik prod mysql password Needs Triage - Done
#172415 Banner Test 03 Needs Triage 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#172261 Export special Piwik page views as CSV Needs Triage 5 Pablo-WMDE Done
#172980 Move membership application confirmation page text into content Needs Triage Pablo-WMDE Done
#172979 Finish membership application phone number A/B test Needs Triage 0.5 - Test
#171843 Remove fields for category search and for prefix search Needs Triage 1 JeroenDeDauw Done
#171756 Have preview of search text in pills when form is collapsed Needs Triage 3 - Review
#171463 Investigate possible misbehavior when exporting/backing up/purging membership applications Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Todo
#168721 Add a hint for membership fee payments by PayPal Needs Triage 3 kai.nissen Done
#162438 Add texts for PPL for memberships High 2 kai.nissen Done
#169077 Create golden master tests for SpendenDumper High 5 Pablo-WMDE Done
#169882 Use updated Fundraising Store (with Sofortüberweisung) in Donation views of Fundraising Operations Center High 5 JeroenDeDauw Done
#172667 Create Credit Card Donation example data High - Done
#170431 Display Sofortüberweisung data in Fundraising Operations Center Reports High 8 kai.nissen Review
#167882 Sofortüberweisung HandlePayment Notification High 8 - Done
#169759 UI does not update after status changes to donations High kai.nissen Done
#165302 Autosuggest templates in advanced parameters form Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Doing