TCB-WMDE-Fundraising Sprint Overview

Done 147 (925.5 story points)
Backlog 21 (15 story points)
Doing 1 ( story points)
Feature-Parity 1 (20 story points)
total 170 (960.5 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#147785 Paypal notifications fail Unbreak Now! - Backlog
#155251 Membership export ignores --new flag Needs Triage kai.nissen Backlog
#150442 Type error in email validation Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Backlog
#149172 Log all Paypal instances where the Handler returns false Needs Triage JeroenDeDauw Backlog
#147931 Improve error handling response Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Backlog
#147782 Fix 404 errors Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Backlog
#147399 Add cache busting to JavaScript Needs Triage 5 gabriel-wmde Backlog
#147299 Donation to Membership transition does not recognize email Needs Triage gabriel-wmde Done
#144281 Redirect to GET after donation POST Needs Triage 1 - Done
#142970 Incorrect Postal code validation Needs Triage 1 - Done
#142969 Error messages and user flow are not consistent Needs Triage 3 - Done
#142968 Validation of upper and lower bounds does not work Needs Triage 3 - Done
#142967 No default payment method selected Needs Triage 1 - Done
#142611 Set umask for PHP-FPM Needs Triage 1 - Done
#142188 Make deployment atomic Needs Triage 5 - Done
#141998 Move old donation application to new server Needs Triage 5 - Done
#141519 Install new CMS Wiki Needs Triage 5 - Done
#141381 IBAN generation fails on membership application Needs Triage 1 - Done
#141276 Clear bank data error state when switching payment type Needs Triage 1 - Done
#139490 Switch production server to "live" mode Needs Triage 1 - Done
#139474 Change icons to proper representation of the underlying action Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139468 Cache template content from the CMS Wiki Needs Triage 2 - Done
#139091 Document and validate configuration Needs Triage 3 - Done
#138964 Cache word lists from wiki Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138566 Implement PRG for membership application confirmation Needs Triage Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138086 Trim form fields Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137709 Make Travis CI pass when 3rd parties submit tests Needs Triage 2 gabriel-wmde Done
#137703 Migrate old data Needs Triage 8 gabriel-wmde Done
#137697 Limit the amount of form submissions Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137695 Make sure confirmation page is not displayed in iframe after credit card donations Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137328 Allow external booking for deleted and moderated donations Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137322 Create "Access denied" page Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137308 Investigate behavior of old frontend/backend when comments need moderation and state changes Needs Triage 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#137307 Check if comment needs moderation Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#136843 Translate TODOs in validtations.de_DE.json Needs Triage 0.5 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#136605 [WMDE-Fundraising] Allow deleted donations to be booked via Paypal Needs Triage 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#136604 [WMDE-Fundraising] Validate field length Needs Triage 3 - Done
#136412 [WMDE-Fundraising] Allow Company memberships Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135608 [WMDE-Fundraising] Allow expired utoken in Paypal donation Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135526 [WMDE-Fundraising] Write to donation transaction log when Paypal child donation is created Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135524 [WMDE-Fundraising] Write to donation transaction log when canceling donation Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135522 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add donation transaction log Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135375 Add status support to DoctrineMembershipApplicationRepository Needs Triage 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135372 Verify correctness of $data field handling Needs Triage 3 kai.nissen Done
#135232 [WMDE-Fundraising] Crate new Paypal donation when it's already booked but has new transaction id Needs Triage 8 gabriel-wmde Done
#135135 [WMDE-Fundraising] Create logging mailer decorators Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135094 Use logging repository decorators Needs Triage 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#134864 [WMDE-Fundraising] Refactor Donation Validation Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#134391 [WMDE-Fundraising] Prefill form fields and switch to correct form page when coming from banner Needs Triage 13 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#134369 [WMDE-Fundraising] Move content images to repo Needs Triage 1 - Done
#134356 [WMDE-Fundraising] Warn users if JavaScript is disabled Needs Triage 1 gabriel-wmde Done
#134355 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add route for clearing template cache Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#134161 [WMDE-Fundraising] Make JavaScript compatible with IE < 11 Needs Triage 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#134152 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Piwik tracking to form pages Needs Triage 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#133161 [WMDE-Fundraising] Handle mailer exceptions when canceling membership applications Needs Triage 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#132238 Create list of events that need to be recorded Needs Triage 6 JeroenDeDauw Done
#132237 [RFC] Possibly extract DonationPayment out of Donation Needs Triage 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#132124 [RFC] Possibly make Euro construction more clear Needs Triage 1 JeroenDeDauw Done
#130190 [WMDE-Fundraising] Trigger other data changes when changing donation status Needs Triage 15 gabriel-wmde Done
#162380 Enable A/B test for all parts of the application High - Backlog
#147400 Paypal as Payment option for membership applications High - Backlog
#138320 Fix data export High Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#155016 Donation/Membership address form submit fails when button is clicked Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Backlog
#154786 Paypal notifications with negative transaction fee throw exceptions Normal gabriel-wmde Backlog
#148551 Create Ansible playbook for deployment setup Normal 3 - Backlog
#148503 Add webhook that updates deployment Normal 1 - Backlog
#148502 Send a notfication mail when deployment fails Normal 1 gabriel-wmde Backlog
#147941 Browser tests for notices Normal - Backlog
#147803 Catch login errors for Mediawiki API Normal - Backlog
#147318 Company name is not saved for memberships Normal gabriel-wmde Backlog
#147292 Check donation limits Normal gabriel-wmde Done
#143305 Consider different person types when disabling membership fee options Normal 3 - Done
#143109 Fix open graph definitions in base template Normal 1 - Done
#143107 Prevent our own bank data to be entered for direct debit payments Normal 1 - Done
#140603 Indicate invalid membership fee Normal 1 - Done
#140476 Do not mark bank data fields as invalid before any input Normal 1 - Done
#140413 Clear donation timestamp cookie when cancelling a donation Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#140126 Fix donation cancellation process Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#140120 Fix output on donation confirmation page Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139913 Reorganize code to reflect boundaries better Normal 11 - Done
#139472 Fix bug where browser locks up when server returns error Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#139063 Do not use the "custom amount" field for displaying an amount selected by a radio button Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139062 Fix displayed donation amount on page embedding the payment iframe Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139061 Fix name of embedded membership application form Normal 1 kai.nissen Done
#139060 Apply field validity indicators to donation form Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139059 Fix handling of company input field Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139058 Fix confirmation mail template retrieval Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139057 Set form error box to a fixed position above the form Normal 1 - Done
#139054 Provide a way for users to go back to the address form Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139053 Fix form field validation Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139049 Fix field validity bug on donation form Normal 2 - Done
#139048 Display form errors only after clicking the submit button Normal 3 - Done
#139045 Fix layout/content issues on donation forms Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#139040 Compare donation performance of old application and rewrite Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#138932 Fix randomly failing test regarding cancellation of donations Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138756 Store campaign and keyword data in data sets Normal 3 - Done
#138567 Fix membership application cancellation link Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138565 Make fields for date of birth and phone number optional in membership application validation Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138564 Move template files from repository to CMS Normal 5 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#138209 Store confirmation page tracking of membership applications in data field Normal 2 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137566 Get rid of redundancy in membership applications Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#137565 Investigate possible compatibility issues Normal 3 - Done
#137324 Insert author name in comments Normal 1 kai.nissen Done
#136107 [WMDE-Fundraising] Allow for per-country field validation Normal 5 kai.nissen Done
#135823 [WMDE-Fundraising] Show field validity indicator based on regex patterns Normal 10 kai.nissen Done
#135225 [WMDE-Fundraising] Handle recurring Paypal donations Normal 1 gabriel-wmde Done
#135140 [WMDE-Fundraising] Handle different paypal status parameters and transaction types Normal 15 - Done
#135138 [WMDE-Fundraising] Process all relevant PayPal payment statuses during IPN handling Normal 8 gabriel-wmde Done
#135110 [WMDE-Fundraising] Include Membership form on donation confirmation page Normal 7 - Done
#134691 Implement apply-for-membership route Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#134373 [WMDE-Fundraising] Confirm donations by e-mail during callback handling triggered by payment providers Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#134329 Add presentation stuff for "Apply for Membership" Normal - Done
#134328 Add $data support in the DoctrineMembership repo Normal 4 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#133549 Log repository exceptions Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#133376 [WMDE-Fundraising] Adjust membership template for twig Normal 2 - Done
#133353 Create membership request validator Normal 0 - Done
#133141 [WMDE-Fundraising] Set up deployment server Normal 2 - Done
#133140 [WMDE-Fundraising] Set up production server Normal 3 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#131239 [WMDE-Fundraising] Provide functionality to a/b-test confirmation pages Normal 15 kai.nissen Done
#130525 Correctly handle money amounts Normal 5 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130362 Rollback as appropriate on db failure in AddDonation Normal 5 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130360 Handle AddDonation error in framework/presentation Normal 5 kai.nissen Done
#130231 [WMDE-Fundraising] Show Donation Confirmation Normal 15 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130202 [WMDE-Fundraising] Validate membership application Normal 10 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130200 [WMDE-Fundraising] Convert old membership templates and JavaScript Normal 20 - Done
#130199 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add use case and services for Membership application Normal 20 JeroenDeDauw Done
#130191 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add route and use case for "Update credit card payment status" Normal 15 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130186 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add service to determine credit card expiration date Normal 25 - Done
#130185 [WMDE-Fundraising] Validate credit card data Normal 15 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130119 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Paypal donation Normal 30 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#130118 [WMDE-Fundraising] Update paypal donation status Normal 46 - Done
#130116 [WMDE-Fundraising] Persist tracking information in "Apply for Membership" Normal 7 - Done
#130111 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add donation log functionality to "Cancel Donation" use case Normal 5 - Done
#129991 [WMDE Fundraising] Add tracking information to donation and membership Normal - Done
#129227 [WMDE-Fundraising] Clone form page structure from old application into one page template Normal gabriel-wmde Done
#127001 [WMDE-Fundraising] Create validation endpoints for amount and personal info Normal gabriel-wmde Done
#126974 [WMDE-Fundraising] Allow for validated, templated, multi-step forms Normal 15 gabriel-wmde Done
#125958 Validate fields with blacklists and whitelists Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#124174 Set up CMS Wiki and create regular dumps Normal - Done
#123513 [WMDE-Fundraising] Provide content to rewritten application without touching the existing content Normal 2 kai.nissen Done
#123227 [WMDE-Fundraising] Provide a way for the fundraising team to easily change bad word filter lists Normal 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123120 [WMDE-Fundraising] Submit Contact Form Normal 10 kai.nissen Done
#123117 [WMDE-Fundraising] Cancel membership application Normal 15 - Done
#123065 [WMDE-Fundraising] Create way to configure the application Normal 10 JeroenDeDauw Done
#123058 [WMDE-Fundraising] Break down high-level tasks and estimate Normal 30 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123055 Investigate of old data must be migrated Normal 12 gabriel-wmde Done
#123054 [WMDE-Fundraising] URL compatibility of old stuff Normal 15 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123053 [WMDE-Fundraising] Browser tests for system-level tests Normal 20 - Feature-Parity
#123052 [WMDE-Fundraising] Logging services Normal 5 gabriel-wmde Done
#123051 [WMDE-Fundraising] Setup Frameworky stuff Normal 15 gabriel-wmde Done
#123050 [WMDE-Fundraising] Prepare server configuration and deployment scripts Normal 25 gabriel-wmde Done
#123049 [WMDE-Fundraising] Set up server for continuous deployment Normal - Doing
#123048 [WMDE-Fundraising] Update credit card payment status Normal Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123047 [WMDE-Fundraising] Handle Callback (PayPal Handler) Normal Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123046 [WMDE-Fundraising] Cancel Donation Normal 10 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123045 [WMDE-Fundraising] Confirm Subscription Request Normal 10 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123044 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Subscription Request Normal 30 gabriel-wmde Done
#123043 [WMDE-Fundraising] Apply for Membership Normal Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123042 [WMDE-Fundraising] List public donations and comments Normal 30 JeroenDeDauw Done
#123041 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Comment Normal 20 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123040 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Donation Normal 60 kai.nissen Done
#123039 [WMDE-Fundraising] Validate Bank Account Normal 20 kai.nissen Done
#123038 [WMDE-Fundraising] Validate Email Normal 10 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#123037 [WMDE-Fundraising] Display specific page from the CMS (includes WikiRip cleanup) Normal 30 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#150444 Mailing fails for international domains Low gabriel-wmde Backlog
#149173 Investigate purge-cache behavior Low gabriel-wmde Backlog
#148555 Retry failed deployments Low - Backlog
#148540 Remove debug logging Low gabriel-wmde Backlog
#126202 Add pagination for comment list HTML view Low 5 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done
#135528 [WMDE-Fundraising] Write to donation transaction log when external payment is booked Lowest 1 Tobi_WMDE_SW Done