MobileApp-Android Sprint Overview

Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#118098 [Dev] Move Android instrumentation tests to a periodic job Needs Triage Niedzielski resolved
#120035 Tech Debt/Dev Chore: Make EditTaskTest less flaky Needs Triage 2 bearND resolved
#120400 Move certain overflow menu items to the Native toolbar below the lead image Needs Triage 3 Niedzielski resolved
#121471 [2.1.136-alpha-2015-12-14 ] Sliding footer for 'saved for offline reading' displays article title with underscores Needs Triage Dbrant resolved
#121236 Android production release 2.1.136 Needs Triage - resolved
#67496 Search results that redirect to specific sections of articles don't work Needs Triage Dbrant resolved
#120835 Crash: SQLiteDatabaseLockedException in SQLiteContentProvider.query() High Dbrant resolved
#120663 Crash: IllegalStateException in SavedPagePersistenceHelper.fromCursor() High Niedzielski resolved
#120392 Crash: NullPointerException in FeedbackUtil.showMessage() High Dbrant resolved
#120389 Crash: NullPointerException in LeadImagesHandler.beginLayout() High Niedzielski resolved
#120388 Crash: NullPointerException in NearbyFragment.checkLocationPermissionsToGoToUserLocation() High Niedzielski resolved
#114042 Map the system language "nb" to the corresponding wiki (nowiki) Normal bearND resolved
#116122 Turn Similar Pages / Page Issues into a native component. Normal 3 Niedzielski resolved
#114523 Add button to navigate to geo-location of the article. Normal 3 Niedzielski resolved
#111890 Changing search query quickly can cause mismatched results Normal Dbrant resolved