Testing-Sandbox Sprint Overview

resolved 11 (11 story points)
total 11 (11 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#118194 Suggestion fails to show High 1 Nikerabbit resolved
#118033 Allow all language pairs that CX is offered in as part of article-recommender-1 campaign High 1 KartikMistry resolved
#117797 Translate extension should not depend on deprecated ApiTokens module High 1 Nikerabbit resolved
#89844 Add Yandex support in Production High 1 KartikMistry resolved
#111028 Integrate the personalised algorithm for translation suggestions High 1 santhosh resolved
#117649 ApiQueryContentTranslation does not respect from and to params if sourcetitle param not present Normal 1 santhosh resolved
#117624 Visually separate personal collection and suggestions Normal 1 santhosh resolved
#119504 Starred suggestions shows at bottom instead of top Normal 1 santhosh resolved
#119489 Avoid deleting the saved translation once translation published to wiki Normal 1 santhosh resolved
#118928 I would like to be added to language engineering team labs project. Normal 1 KartikMistry resolved
#115008 Paginate suggestions with an option to refresh them Normal 1 santhosh resolved