Scap3 Sprint Overview

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doing 3 (0 story points)
duplicate 8 (0 story points)
invalid 9 (0 story points)
open 123 (1 story points)
resolved 244 (55 story points)
stalled 2 (0 story points)
total 410 (77 story points)
Title Priority Story Points Assignee Status
#125853 Move /srv/phab/repos to /srv/repos Unbreak Now! mmodell resolved
#147349 scap l10n-purge broken Unbreak Now! - resolved
#178884 Scap3 broken in Beta Unbreak Now! demon resolved
#109798 Merge scap scripts "mwscriptwikiset" and "foreachwikiindblist" into one Needs Triage - open
#116432 Scap3 targets should use a config file rather than `key:value` arguments Needs Triage - resolved
#117431 Regenerate scap documentation when using differential for code review Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#118691 scap creating directories owned by root on mira Needs Triage demon resolved
#118579 Figure out shared workspace situation on deploy master Needs Triage demon declined
#118477 Scap should be aware of security patches Needs Triage - resolved
#120157 Cleanup things we're not deploying anymore. Needs Triage Dzahn resolved
#121585 sync-wikiversions not syncing wikiversions.json with mira Needs Triage bd808 resolved
#125136 scap should handle EINTR gracefully Needs Triage demon resolved
#125108 sync-masters slow on mira Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#125413 Build debian package for Scap3 Needs Triage fgiunchedi resolved
#129155 Deploy sentry with scap3 Needs Triage - invalid
#129150 Deploy kartotherian with scap3 Needs Triage Yurik resolved
#129147 Deploy mobileapps/deploy with scap3 Needs Triage bearND resolved
#129146 Deploy tilerator with scap3 Needs Triage Yurik resolved
#129145 remove fluoride from the deployments directory Needs Triage ori resolved
#129144 Deploy wdqs with scap3 Needs Triage Smalyshev resolved
#129142 Deploy ocg with scap3 Needs Triage - declined
#129141 Deploy mediawiki-tools-codesniffer with scap3 Needs Triage - invalid
#129140 Deploy zotero/translation-server with scap3 Needs Triage mobrovac resolved
#129139 Deploy statsv with scap3 Needs Triage fgiunchedi resolved
#129134 Deploy scholarships with scap3 Needs Triage Niharika resolved
#130419 move scap3 keyholder configuration to hiera to avoid proliferation of more*::deployment::source classes Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#132267 deployment-((sca|aqs)01|ores-web) puppet failures due to scap3 errors Needs Triage Ladsgroup resolved
#131392 "/usr/bin/deploy-local --repo ores/deploy -D log_json:False" in targets run all checks regardless of group Needs Triage - open
#133572 Grab git-rev from config Needs Triage - resolved
#134338 Rebuild Scap Debian package Needs Triage fgiunchedi resolved
#133624 keyholder-auth.d broken on beta Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#136009 Add blacklist support to scap.tasks.check_valid_syntax linter Needs Triage Paladox resolved
#136883 Create canary deploy process for MediaWiki Needs Triage - open
#136773 Investigate why recent mobileapps prod deployment didn't restart services Needs Triage mobrovac resolved
#141913 More atomic directory operations Needs Triage - duplicate
#170186 Repeat SCAP errors due to some Extension:Scribunto error Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#170163 Add support for ssh in as one user but creating files as another file in scap Needs Triage - open
#170881 Cleanup /srv/deployment Needs Triage demon resolved
#170839 Migrate dropwizard/metrics to scap3 Needs Triage - invalid
#178039 scap should not pull in HHVM on stretch hosts using PHP7 Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#179336 ORES deploy submodule 504 Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#182912 scap deploy --service-restart doesn't affect ORES celery Needs Triage - open
#182713 'sql' script doesn't support multi-instance hosts Needs Triage Anomie resolved
#182643 cache_git_info (from e.g. scap sync-file) is way way too verbose Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#182498 Scap is unhappy about deploying from a branch other than master Needs Triage - invalid
#182258 ORES virtualenv deployment step fails intermittently Needs Triage - open
#186067 Scap sync-file: allow to sync multiple files in different directories Needs Triage - declined
#186065 Scap: on canary failure, report the list of failed hosts Needs Triage - open
#185351 foreachwikiindblist does not prefix error lines with wiki ID Needs Triage - open
#188914 scap fails on .eslintrc.json: invalid JSON Needs Triage - open
#188347 Provide a mechanism ('scap lock'?) to exclude an individual host from deploys Needs Triage - open
#188281 Investigate deployment concurrency limitations for ORES Needs Triage - open
#187815 RESTBase deployment fails in beta cluster Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#187733 Running smoke tests during deployment Needs Triage - open
#187195 beta cluster scap errors Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#187160 /srv/mediawiki-staging/scap/plugins/ had a live hack Needs Triage hashar resolved
#183952 Investigate deployment that caused high error-rate and was prevented from going past canaries by Scap Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#179987 Deployment fails with something gitty Needs Triage - duplicate
#179965 Scap deploying arbitrary revision, incorrectly reporting correct revision Needs Triage - open
#179869 scap deploy broken for Trusty targets Needs Triage - duplicate
#178922 Beta cluster scap deployment: TypeError: execv() arg 2 must contain only strings Needs Triage - duplicate
#168790 scap and resourceloader l10n Needs Triage - open
#167836 scap failing intermittently at git tag Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#167489 scap 3.5.8-1 not installable on trusty hosts? Needs Triage - open
#145194 Scap fails to force-deploy the config Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#149872 Considering adding a --no-touch flag to scap that stops automatic touch of InitialiseSettings.php Needs Triage - declined
#150342 Update scap to take care of -labs becoming -beta Needs Triage - open
#157743 Cleanup old cache dirs if still around Needs Triage - invalid
#157694 scap should handle changes to .gitmodules Needs Triage Halfak resolved
#161643 scap clean not removing staging dirs Needs Triage demon resolved
#165586 Upload the scap package to stretch-wikimedia Needs Triage fgiunchedi resolved
#163716 Include service and tmpfiles.d files into keyholder package Needs Triage - resolved
#162220 [scap] sync-file/sync-dir on a directory has no effect Needs Triage - resolved
#153500 Scap3 announces deploys even when it's just a restart Needs Triage demon resolved
#142590 make scap3 look in PWD to find local CLI extensions Needs Triage mmodell resolved
#142364 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for %: 'dict' and 'tuple' Needs Triage thcipriani resolved
#129436 Deploy portals outside of mediawiki-config Needs Triage - duplicate
#128670 Move to using scap3 for deployment for ORES service Needs Triage Ladsgroup resolved
#127400 Rebuilding cdb files on masters for every sync-* makes sync-* slow Needs Triage - duplicate
#127097 Custom command for service restarts during scap deploy Needs Triage Ottomata invalid
#105683 scap should be LCStore-agnostic High - open
#109515 Scap3 should support post-deploy checks High dduvall resolved
#114999 Deploy AQS with scap3 High 1 - resolved
#116208 default lock file for scap3 should be repo-dependent High mmodell resolved
#123013 Scap3 needs to be able to pull down deploy info High - resolved
#123366 scap-rebuild-cdbs failed: <AttributeError> 'bool' object has no attribute 'encode' High hashar resolved
#127215 scap::target should use scap's debian package instead of trebuchet High mmodell resolved
#128386 /srv/deployment/scap is no longer needed High thcipriani resolved
#131391 Let scap checks have their timeouts ability to change High dduvall resolved
#130948 Scap3 promote stage not working High mobrovac resolved
#130902 Update Debian Package for Scap3 v3.1.0 High mobrovac resolved
#132747 scap::target shouldn't allow users to redefine the user's key High mmodell resolved
#136253 Scap3 checks should not be random High Ladsgroup resolved
#135206 Scap scripts on mw1017 are incorrect High thcipriani resolved
#133908 Set up change-propagation in BetaCluster High mobrovac resolved
#137192 SSH key issue when deploying eventbus in Beta High Ottomata resolved
#118206 Need a way to see config diffs in Scap High mmodell resolved
#134156 Allow per-environment scap.cfg overrides High thcipriani resolved
#142990 Sequential execution should be per-deployment, not per-phase High dduvall resolved
#142792 Failed to rollback scap3 deployment High thcipriani resolved
#143692 Scap::server::sources is out of sync with the repositories actually present on tin/mira High Joe resolved
#145373 Local config deploys should use the target's current version High thcipriani resolved
#144595 Enable Scap config deploys for Change Propagation High mobrovac resolved
#147634 Enable Scap3 config deploys for CXServer High mobrovac resolved
#147551 The deploy-service can't SSH into target nodes in Beta High thcipriani resolved
#147940 Setup test environment for MediaWiki deployment High demon resolved
#149668 Smart-merge checks for different environments High - resolved
#149128 Limited deploy still wants to deploy to canaries High thcipriani resolved
#148407 Scap3 fails to restart the service on deploy High - resolved
#152005 /srv/mediawiki on tin not being updated when using scap sync-file High thcipriani resolved
#152390 scap sync-l10n AttributeError: 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'message' High thcipriani resolved
#147856 Scap deploy failed to sync git-fat artifacts High Ottomata resolved
#152424 ElectronPdfService mw extension l10n messages missing after full scap sync High demon resolved
#150897 Env vars being overwritten High - resolved
#157136 Error after "Finished deploy": <ValueError> xrange() arg 3 must not be zero High - resolved
#156851 scap wikiversions compile happening too late in scap sync High - resolved
#161832 Portals deployment failed High debt resolved
#162814 Ensure deployment_server is global High - open
#156687 Delay repooling trending service after a restart High - stalled
#154646 Include fatal log rate check in scap canary test High thcipriani resolved
#144542 Enable config deploys for service::node services High mobrovac resolved
#144033 handle logstash timeouts separately from spikes in errors reported by logstash High - open
#142880 Create `scap swat` command to automate patch merging & testing during a swat deployment High mmodell resolved
#129420 Support git-fat in scap3 deployment High dduvall resolved
#126660 rebuild scap debian package (we forgot to include refreshCdbJsonFiles) High fgiunchedi resolved
#126259 Parameterize git_server in ops/puppet for /etc/scap.cfg High mmodell resolved
#119443 Scap3 needs a way to handle large binary file transport High dduvall resolved
#114363 Deploy Phabricator with scap3 High 3 mmodell resolved
#112554 Add documentation of the new scap3 features to the scap docs High 1 mmodell resolved
#109861 Scap3 should break up remote deploy tasks High dduvall resolved
#170950 ORES deployment finish "successfully" even when uwsgi and celery fail to successfully start up High - open
#169141 Scap3 considers service restarts to be deploys High thcipriani resolved
#176184 Check 'depool' failed while deploying High Joe resolved
#175041 scap sync failed on i18n High - resolved
#182179 Scap fails to deploy in beta High - resolved
#181661 Connection timeout from tin to new ores servers High awight resolved
#181176 Need to make the number of cached revisions configurable High mmodell resolved
#179966 Scap glitch on beta tin: no attribute "git_version" High mmodell resolved
#183046 scap 3.7.4-2 is broken High akosiaris resolved
#182865 Source revision is in Phabricator, but can't be found by deployment tools High mmodell resolved
#184176 Scap not working in Beta High mmodell resolved
#182801 New, mysterious scap failure High - invalid
#186532 2018-02-05 MCS Beta Cluster deployment failed with error High thcipriani resolved
#184774 SCAP: Upload debian package version 3.7.5-1 High fgiunchedi resolved
#182623 Scap reports a check failure as an SSH connection failure High - open
#182347 SCAP: Upload debian package version 3.7.4-3 High akosiaris resolved
#171711 l10nupdate failing with "git pull of extensions failed" since July 19th High Reedy resolved
#171619 ORES should use a git large file plugin for storing serialized binaries High - open
#104826 [scap] Add support for syncing /srv/mediawiki-staging including fully working git data to warm spare deploy server Normal 2 demon resolved
#68302 [scap] Make the hostname of a failing host more prominent in the error messages Normal - open
#68053 [scap] Sync fewer files from old deploy branches Normal - open
#72477 [scap] Add a file recording deploy information to all scap/sync-* calls Normal - open
#67025 scap should log the names of the last N hosts Normal - open
#68049 [scap] Add a command line flag to replace DOLOGMSGNOLOG Normal demon resolved
#22085 [scap] Local sync script on any individual server should be atomic Normal - open
#76658 Don't allow servers to randomly sync across DC Normal - open
#78024 sync-wikiversions reporting success when all hosts failed Normal demon resolved
#86969 [scap] Log directly to logstash via syslog input Normal - open
#73313 Automatically clean up unused wmfXX versions Normal demon resolved
#72132 [scap] Syncing a dblist referencing a nonexistent DB should be prevented Normal - open
#69091 [scap] Report summary of file updated at end of scap/sync-* Normal - open
#127762 Update Debian Package for Scap3 Normal - open
#129148 Deploy jobrunner with scap3 (Trebuchet jobrunner/jobrunner) Normal thcipriani resolved
#130317 setup automatic deletion of old l10nupdate Normal demon resolved
#110793 scap shouldn't log completion (it should log fail!) Normal - open
#110791 Don't continue scap if sync to all proxies failed Normal - open
#116630 Remove apache dependency from scap3 deployment host Normal - declined
#129153 Deploy rcstream with scap3 Normal - declined
#121721 ssh as system users not allowed in labs Normal mmodell resolved
#109513 Scap3 should have idempotent deploys Normal 2 thcipriani resolved
#129149 Deploy discovery-analytics with scap3 Normal thcipriani resolved
#116640 Ensure that git handles `git-update-server-info` automatically Normal demon declined
#138452 Make scap3 config deployment awesome Normal mmodell declined
#116207 enforcing deployment from `/srv/deployment` is wrong Normal thcipriani resolved
#129311 Setup a proper deployment strategy for Kubernetes Normal - open
#116632 File ownership differences between Scap3 and Trebuchet Normal thcipriani resolved
#118738 End user tutorial docs for Scap Normal - open
#112509 scap3 should repack / pack-refs git repos under /srv/deployment Normal mmodell resolved
#131857 Deploy beta cluster services automatically via scap3 Normal - open
#131627 Make puppet runs of deploy-local more configurable Normal - open
#129152 Deploy servermon with scap3 Normal akosiaris resolved
#129136 Deploy libreNMS with scap3 Normal akosiaris resolved
#116638 Document Scap3 deploy-log Normal mmodell resolved
#119202 Switching to scap3, switching back to trebuchet, and then back to scap3 causes directory collisions Normal thcipriani resolved
#116636 Document Scap3 post-stage checks Normal mmodell resolved
#116634 Document Scap3 config-deploy Normal - open
#116606 Refactor `mediawiki::scap` to make sure Scap dependencies are not dependent on mediawiki Normal Joe resolved
#134001 scap to reload a service instead of restart Normal - resolved
#136258 Warning: rename(): Permission denied in /srv/mediawiki/wmf-config/CommonSettings.php on line 189 Normal bd808 resolved
#137371 Deploy cassandra metrics collector via scap3 Normal mobrovac resolved
#129151 Deploy analytics-refinery with scap3 Normal 13 elukey resolved
#130558 Scap3 checks.yaml should be environment specific Normal thcipriani resolved
#130361 Support multiple service restart by supporting one service_name per service group Normal - open
#136839 Create a script to run test requests for the MediaWiki service Normal mobrovac doing
#127741 Develop a CI Testing and Release pipeline for the SCAP package (and potentially other debian packages that we maintain) Normal mmodell resolved
#127733 [Spike] Benchmark built-in HTTP server options for scap3 fanout Normal 2 mmodell resolved
#130205 Scap3 should support virtualenv for deployment of python packages Normal - open
#129906 puppet should run`deploy-init` command once after cloning the deploy repo Normal - open
#157414 Deploy gerrit with scap3 Normal demon resolved
#174466 Include timestamp in `Failed to acquire lock` message Normal - open
#174369 Scap sync and sync-file are too similar looking yet do very different things Normal - open
#173146 Scap MediaWiki canaries should prompt to continue Normal - resolved
#172847 Improve phabricator's deployment process Normal - open
#179353 Scap: Standardize git version Normal - open
#179013 Scap failing to rewrite submodule urls in beta Normal mmodell resolved
#181855 scap support for git-lfs Normal - open
#181835 Add gitlab to proxies/whitelist for mirroring to phabricator Normal demon resolved
#187076 Deploy error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database .git/objects Normal - open
#189306 SCAP: Upload debian package version 3.7.7-1 Normal - open
#186064 Scap sync-file: report the file on IRC/SAL on canary error rate failure Normal - open
#185189 scap sudo violation on first puppet run Normal - open
#184628 Rethink beta scap deployment Normal mmodell doing
#184118 scap package installed by CI breaks apt and thus puppet Normal - open
#183999 Scap canary has a shifting baseline Normal thcipriani doing
#180627 Support git-lfs Normal - open
#179885 Port scap tests to pytest Normal Ladsgroup resolved
#180628 Install git-lfs client (at least on scap targets & masters) Normal - open
#172333 Scap: keyholder Too many authentication failures Normal thcipriani resolved
#171758 Support git-lfs files in gerrit Normal demon resolved
#171506 eventlogging-service-eventbus scap deployments should depool/pool during deployment Normal 5 elukey resolved
#150696 GPG Sign git tags Normal mmodell resolved
#143253 Ensure that scap3 from tin can access californium Normal bd808 resolved
#171925 Alert when l10update fails Normal - open
#144647 Automate beta scap3/keyholder setup Normal - open
#145819 Jobs invoking SiteConfiguration::getConfig cause HHVM to fail updating the bytecode cache due to being filesize limited to 512MBytes Normal tstarling resolved
#147546 Write "how to build scap plugins" developer documentation Normal mmodell resolved
#147481 Find better way for deploying /fonts/ in wmf-config (used for gd rendering / ploticus) Normal demon resolved
#147478 Flatten MediaWiki config, all MediaWiki versions, and extensions into a unified git repo Normal - resolved
#147477 Unify scap2 and scap3 Normal - open
#148992 Scap3 canonical target list Normal - open
#149618 sync-dir labs config change cached wrong version of InitialSettings.php Normal - open
#151231 scap3 repos permission errors after cloning by puppet in production. Normal thcipriani resolved
#151996 Deploy elasticsearch plugins with scap3 (Trebuchet elasticsearch/plugins) Normal - declined
#154612 Add DEPLOY_DIR env var to scap command checks Normal - open
#159991 If aborting a scap due to test canary error rate, output some errors for reference Normal - open
#157149 Support shallow clones Normal mmodell resolved
#156839 Saying yes (y) continues to all groups Normal dduvall resolved
#156079 autolog scap3 deployments in beta Normal - open
#155856 Package + deploy new version of git-fat Normal 3 Ottomata resolved
#163671 LocalisationUpdate not working since 2017-04-11 Normal demon resolved
#164981 scap should always announce when it halts a sync due to error rate Normal thcipriani resolved
#164793 Parsoid deploy failed Normal Joe resolved
#164754 scap did not catch `Notice: Undefined variable: wmgRelatedArticlesShowInSidebar in /srv/mediawiki/wmf-config/CommonSettings.php on line 2893` Normal thcipriani invalid
#167104 Figure out how to disable starting of jobrunner/jobchron in the non-active DC Normal thcipriani resolved
#167098 scap should allow restarting multiple services Normal thcipriani resolved
#166384 scap: Investigate scaps handling of InitialiseSettings.php Normal demon resolved
#165748 Deploy logstash/plugins with scap3 Normal thcipriani resolved
#164982 scap: investigate adding a per-deploy message ID to log messages Normal - open
#163565 Install conftool on deployment masters Normal Joe resolved
#163288 Decide on /var/lib vs /home as locations of homedir for l10nupdate Normal - open
#162208 sync-* scripts should have ability to limit target nodes Normal - open
#162974 Scap's canary check should stop us from deploying config changes that cause floods of "undefined variable" errors Normal thcipriani resolved
#159867 Add a delay configuration option to checks Normal - open
#159387 Check 'depool' exceeded 30.0s timeout Normal Arlolra resolved
#154482 scap3 allows plugins to declare dependencies we do not support Normal - open
#164980 scap should always announce when it starts changing the cluster state Normal - open
#151519 Rewrite as plugin Normal - open
#151387 scap plugin to export prometheus metrics Normal - open
#150267 scap rollback behavior problems Normal dduvall resolved
#147479 Clean up Contribution Tracking settings in main wmf config repo Normal 1 demon resolved
#149012 Scap rollback fails after promote completes Normal dduvall resolved
#147337 Break Kartotherian scap3 deployment into 2 groups Normal Gehel resolved
#147334 Unhandled(?) exceptions in scap3 Normal - open
#146656 remove hard-coded upstart commands Normal - resolved
#146386 Scap3 should announce all deploys Normal demon resolved
#145512 Allow failures for a percentage of targets Normal - resolved
#145510 Scap config management: Jinja2 fills templates with Pythonic values Normal thcipriani resolved
#145460 Rollback failed when target is down Normal - resolved
#145437 Scap3 config references to deployed directory Normal - open
#144755 Enable Scap3 config deploys for Mathoid Normal mobrovac resolved
#144602 Depool and repool SCB services during deploys Normal 0 mobrovac resolved
#144598 Enable Scap3 config deploys for MCS Normal mobrovac resolved
#144597 Enable Scap3 config deploys for Citoid Normal 0 mobrovac resolved
#144596 Enable Scap3 config deploys for Parsoid Normal mobrovac resolved
#144043 Make keyholder work with systemd Normal MoritzMuehlenhoff resolved
#141086 Allow Pchelolo to deploy services via Scap3 Normal Dzahn resolved
#135317 Scap subcommand bash completion Normal thcipriani resolved
#135609 Scap3 calls the checker script before restarting the service, not able to restart a service if it's down. Normal mobrovac resolved
#133913 Completely port l10nupdate to scap Normal - open
#138628 Add wdqs-admins to deploy-services group Normal Dzahn resolved
#142342 Improve scap canary check messages Normal - open
#136255 Scap hangs when a server isn't responsive Normal - open
#136157 Update l10nupdate to be compatible with scap3 Normal bd808 resolved
#133249 scap needs to be able to transfer updates to the l10n cache efficiently Normal - open
#133211 Automate the generation deployment keys (keyholder-managed ssh keys) Normal mmodell declined
#132666 Can't deploy Citoid in Beta Normal 0 mobrovac resolved
#129897 Scap3 Service Restart Permissions Normal thcipriani resolved
#131263 Stop using global python install for eventlogging deploy Normal 13 Ottomata resolved
#131120 Use scap3's canary deploys for MediaWiki Normal - open
#129290 [keyresult] Migrate remaining trebuchet deployed services Normal thcipriani resolved
#129143 Deploy zotero/translators with scap3 Normal 0 mobrovac resolved
#128892 Move scap3 service restart to it's own stage Normal mmodell resolved
#127828 scap3 upstream/debian versioning Normal thcipriani resolved
#127498 git/http operations in scap should be secure Normal - open
#126372 Give tasks clearer names Normal - open
#118745 Document Scap3's `--limit` flag Normal - open
#126489 deploy-local (TargetContext) should not default to utils.get_real_username() Normal dduvall resolved
#140927 Make git 2.2.0+ (preferably 2.8.x) available Normal fgiunchedi resolved
#125678 SCAP should not rely on extension-list, instead pass --extension-dir to mergeMessageFileList.php Normal - open
#121276 Bring co-master / fanout capabilities to scap3 deployments Normal - open
#124460 Merge `git_deploy_user` and `ssh_user` Normal dduvall resolved
#121884 Bug in scap3 git submodule url rewriting Normal thcipriani resolved
#121435 Move scap.cfg things out of scap and into puppet Normal - resolved
#111559 Unify deployment of integration/config.git changes using the official Wikimedia deployment system Normal - open
#120103 Deploy Parsoid with scap3 Normal mobrovac resolved
#120102 Deploy Graphoid with scap3 Normal thcipriani resolved
#120101 Deploy AQS with scap3 Normal - duplicate
#119643 create an environment object that centralizes the file and directory lookup logic for scap3 Normal dduvall resolved
#121705 scap environment-specific host file not working Normal thcipriani resolved
#118772 Use scap3 to deploy eventlogging/eventlogging Normal 21 Krinkle declined
#119200 scap3 dsh_target should check the scap directory of a repo as well as `/etc/dsh/groups` Normal - resolved
#118504 Write for scap Normal dduvall resolved
#118015 Debian Packaging for scap Normal dduvall resolved
#118305 Scap3 repo-cache should clean unused revs Normal thcipriani resolved
#117131 Include architectural overview in scap3 documentation Normal dduvall resolved
#116224 etcd/confd is not started on beta cluster Varnish caches Normal Krenair resolved
#116206 Set up AQS in Beta Normal - resolved
#116335 Deploy RESTBase with scap3 Normal mobrovac resolved
#116204 Scap3's checks.yaml file should be optional Normal dduvall resolved
#114045 Scap3: updates, upgrades, and challenges Normal thcipriani resolved
#115137 (Re)implement logging output for scap targets Normal 1 dduvall resolved
#114313 [EPIC] Migrate the MW weekly train deploy to scap3 Normal - open
#108132 [scap] New command to sync all of the files touched in a given commit Normal - declined
#114284 Implement nrpe config parser to easily hook into Puppet managed checks Normal mmodell resolved
#113779 Limit structured logging output for now Normal dduvall resolved
#109535 EPIC: Scap3 should implement the services team requirements Normal dduvall resolved
#119892 config-deploy needs configurable delimiters for jinja2 templates Normal thcipriani resolved
#113777 Fetch submodules from the deploy host Normal 1 thcipriani resolved
#109514 Scap3 should support rollback Normal dduvall resolved
#113107 Support smooth transitions from Trebuchet managed deploys Normal dduvall resolved
#113085 Support event logging propagation from target to deployment host Normal dduvall resolved
#113073 Canary deploy for scap3 Normal 1 thcipriani resolved
#104352 Make scap able to depool/repool servers via the conftool API Normal - open
#111062 Scap should abort early when Keyholder is not armed Normal - open
#108743 Instrument scap for "scap duration" KPI Normal mmodell declined
#125685 refreshCdbJsonFiles should be rewritten in python Normal thcipriani resolved
#118478 Scap should apply security patches Normal mmodell resolved
#121597 Implement MediaWiki pre-promote checks Normal - open
#125629 Depool proxies temporarily while scap is ongoing to avoid taxing those nodes Normal - resolved
#109512 Scap3 should be able to deploy/rollback service config as part of deploy Normal 2 thcipriani resolved
#119449 Need a way to restart services without deploying via scap Normal thcipriani resolved
#113072 Make puppet provider for scap3 Normal 2 mmodell resolved
#109926 [keyresult] Migrate all Service team owned services to scap Normal mobrovac resolved
#109862 Scap3 needs to be deployed on RESTBase boxes and needs a group on tin Normal thcipriani resolved
#109858 Improve scap's output Normal demon resolved
#116340 Deploy logstash logback encoder with scap3 Normal mobrovac resolved
#116338 Deploy Mathoid with scap3 Normal mobrovac resolved
#116337 Deploy Citoid with scap3 Normal 0 mobrovac resolved
#120104 Deploy CXServer with scap3 Normal KartikMistry resolved
#105195 [scap] Add support for a global mutex to keep multiple masters from clobbering each other Normal - open
#101023 EPIC: Future Deployment Tooling Normal dduvall resolved
#97140 scap eats underlying commands output (such as maintenance script stacktrace) Normal - open
#100777 expose hosts in maintenance state so we can prevent scap from running on them Normal - open
#78319 [scap] Suppress/de-emphasize errors from hosts marked has being under maintenance Normal - open
#66272 [scap] Compile HHVM bytecode cache as deployment step Normal - declined
#165486 Allow to choose different targets on where to scap to Normal - declined
#68857 [scap] Add a log appender to log to a local file Low - open
#67827 [scap] Consolidate scripts as sub-commands of `scap` Low - resolved
#122914 scap3 host restart batching should allow for delay between batches Low - open
#123419 create an app to audibilize logstash events Low mmodell declined
#122008 scap-purge-l10n-cache hanging Low - invalid
#125702 updateWikiversions: Don't assume that all versions being operated on +/- of each other Low - open
#129154 Deploy iegreview with scap3 Low thcipriani resolved
#124171 sync-* and scap should only lint changed files from last deploy Low - open
#131809 Create sync-config subcommand Low - open
#151470 Define a stable API for scap plugins Low - open
#153278 Trying to scap while l10nupdate is syncing shows unhelpful error Low thcipriani resolved
#155574 Add progress bar to linting stage of sync-* scripts Low - open
#163289 Refactor linters to make them extendable, configurable and reusable Low - open
#162209 Figure out how node limitation interacts with proxies Low - open
#161156 Unify co-master sync Low - open
#156197 Support using scap on localhost without needing ssh and self hosting puppet masters Low - open
#149008 Canary doesn't rollback if you don't continue Low - resolved
#147699 Consider using `pluginbase` for loading plugins Low mmodell declined
#147155 scap version flag Low mmodell resolved
#146226 Purge the hhvm fcgi and cli bytecache as part of deployment Low - open
#146062 DEPLOY_HEAD should be a symbolic ref Low - open
#146602 scap deploy-local should make fewer assumptions about server/directories Low - open
#145889 Make symlink-swapping optional in deploy promote Low - open
#140914 Tell user who currently has the lock file Low demon resolved
#129357 Migrate Zuul deployment of integration/config to scap deploy Low - open
#126805 Proof-of-concept: sync l10n cache with git-annex + zsync Low mmodell declined
#115899 Move scap target configuration to etcd Low - open
#119747 `scap clean` should delete /var/lib/l10nupdate/caches/cache-$wmgVersionNumber Low demon resolved
#122913 Allow scap3 to read target host list from stdin Low - open
#120684 Build a dependency graph resolver for deployment stages and tasks Low - stalled
#120410 scap3 configuration selection is confusing Low - open
#118760 create a scap3 command to bootstrap a new deployment repo Low - open
#116345 Special:Version on Wikimedia wikis shows outdated commit hashes for submodules Low - open
#114110 Investigate parallel-ssh library once paramiko supports hmac-256/hmac-512 Low - declined
#110068 Basic scap{2,3} canary deployment process & checks Low 2 - resolved
#114694 Deploy wikimedia/portals with scap3 Low 1 - open
#112841 Allow batch_size to be configured for each deploy stage Low dduvall resolved
#64340 Include commit hash in log message for every sync Low - open
#94239 Scap is lacking a license Low - resolved
#90798 cannot delete non-empty directory: php-1.25wmf14/cache/l10n Low demon resolved
#86971 Decide on /var/lib vs /home as locations of homedir for mwdeploy Low demon resolved
#179972 Audit dblists to see if they're all needed Low demon declined
#181320 Swap vagrant for Docker? Low - open
#185255 scap support for multiple services Low - open
#184882 Scap: TypeError: error: (not all arguments converted during string formatting); format string: (Passed unrecognized git_binary_manager {}); arguments: ((u'fat',)) Low - open
#179501 Use external dsh group to list pooled ORES nodes Low - open
#181171 scap logs sometimes have incorrect date Low - open
#38271 [scap] Recompute and sync git version cache when sync-* are used Lowest demon resolved
#130515 let scap have a test mode to create /etc/scap.cfg in targets Lowest - open
#172486 scap should provide a way to skip symlink-swapping in promote Lowest - duplicate
#142588 Deploy mediawiki release tools repo (rMREL) with scap3 Lowest - open
#186110 Replace scap.args with docopt Lowest - open
#170484 Play elevator music while scap is running Lowest - declined
#100575 scap only one version Lowest - open